Saturday, October 22, 2016

6 months

You turned 6 months old on Wednesday! You had to get 3 shots, so that always stinks, but you are doing so awesome! You are wearing size 3 diapers and 12 month clothes. You weigh 17.2 pounds and are 25.75 inches tall. Your sleep has been a little hit or miss this month. Waking up once in the night here and there, but it will be for a handful of nights and then a stretch of all night again. I think you are either teething some more or having a growth spurt. 

You love to be in everyone's business :) If you are eating or laying in any way and someone does or says something you pop up your head as fast as you can to see what is going on. You sit up great on your own and get up on all fours just rocking back and forth wanting to crawl. You love your solids and have wanted more of everything we have introduced minus the peas. 

It will be fun to enjoy all of your "firsts" coming up these next several months. First Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! You have been such a blessing and such a happy baby. Anyone that talks to you, gets a big smile. You are trying to talk more these days too. I have a feeling life is going to get really busy with you these next few months ♥ We love you so much!! ♥ 

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