Tuesday, October 11, 2016

fall fun

Hey! We've had a couple really good weeks/weekends lately. The weeks are going good, just on the go all the time makes it go so fast. Last weekend, my uncle from Colorado was in town, so we all met up at the beach for dinner. The weather has been awesome and we have taken full advantage of it when we can. 
Last weekend we also went to the peanut festival. Easton is having a blast so far this year with all of the activities he is able to do...and Emerson is all about watching him. :) 

Be still my heart. ♥ This picture just reminds me how thankful I am that we have our 2 babies. I remember being so nervous at the thought of having 2 kids, but oh my goodness what a blessing it is to have them both. I wouldn't trade my life for anything. The days are long but the years are short ♥ 

I could just eat her up!

This past weekend, we did our yearly trip to sweet season farms. Another great day making memories. 

Once we got back, Easton hung outside with some of his friends. Barefoot eating snow cones :) 
I can't believe it is already mid-October?! I will continue to do my best soaking in the days with my family, because time sure isn't slowing down! Have a good week!

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