Saturday, October 29, 2016

Happy Saturday! I wanted to throw on pictures from the past week before I get too far behind. Everything is going great! The weather has been awesome and we have stayed busy. Life feels as hectic as can be just trying to keep up with everything. Two kids, work, soccer, having fun, photo shoots, trying to keep up with laundry and the house. It's just a busy season in our lives and I guess it will just be a constant battle to prioritize and realize you can't do it all. 

Last weekend we went to the fair. We let Easton get a wristband for the first time and I'm so glad we did! He would still be there if he had the choice. He loved everything!

First time solo on the big slide :) Just a little scared...then got to the bottom and wanted to head right back up, over and over! 
Emerson was a trooper like usual. Just hung out, drank a bottle and took a nap before up and looking at everything again. 

First fair prize ♥ He threw the darts at the balloons.
Don't forget about my oldest child :) 

We've continued to practice twice a week for soccer and this has definitely been my favorite season of Easton's sporting events so far. We are just on a good team, good kids and Eatson loves going. 
Enjoying an evening walk waiting for daddy to get home from work...
 On the way to daycare/school/work. None of us are into leaving the house before the sun is up! :( 
 My sweet boy's pre-k picture. I started cracking up right away. Every year he has had this awkward smirk. I asked why he didn't smile and he said, " I was too late" 
Emerson got a bike helmet so we can start riding our bikes! 
6 month check up...
Have a good weekend! 

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