Sunday, November 13, 2016

From Costumes to Christmas

First post of November, mid-way through the month. So let's see...we have been very blessed this fall with great weather almost every weekend, allowing us to be out and about a lot! To end October, we had Jonah's birthday party. It was a lot of fun. Easton had a blast running around playing, and Joe dug a huge hole and put their trampoline in it, so the kids thought that was pretty awesome! Emerson loves being outside, so she was good to go! 

Then we had Halloween! The handmade attempt at super sonic ended up turning out good {enough} Easton was sprinting from house to house and having a blast! 

The next week seemed like a long one. I think between Halloween, festivals, soccer, birthday parties...Easton's little body needed a break. He ended up having double pink eye and got stung by something at school, which ended up getting an infection :( 
Doctor visits and milk shakes pretty much go hand in hand right?! :) 
 Once Easton was all healthy again, we enjoyed going to a football game, some bounce houses, Easton had his first field trip of the year, he is continuing to love soccer, we actually only have one week left, I am bummed. But, then we will start our first season of basketball in January! 
And we just posted Halloween pics, and now onto Christmas! haha I know it's early, but Santa came last week and I am all about going when there is NO line! Easton chewed his nails and whispered a few times until Santa finally could hear him. He wants pj mask and blaze toys this year...oh and Emerson would like a baby doll he said. 
 I know the time between now and Christmas is going to go so fast! We are having my family over for Thanksgiving, I am excited. The house is currently in project mode, so our new floors are almost done being put in which means Emerson's crib is in the living room, her changing table in the hallway, in order to use the guest bathroom you have to step over paint cans and a tool box. Ugh! But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it will be so worth it! Loving our new farm house decor we have going in. 

ONE more week of work and then we are off for Fall Break!! Drake convinced me to take off Wednesday too...we are taking a personal day together. Dropping the kids off and just enjoying each other for the day ♥ It's weird to take a day just because, I am used to saving up my leave for maternity leave! So off Wednesday, Field Day for the kids Friday and done! Have a great week! 

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