Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas time

Happy December! 14 days until Christmas! We haven't done as much as I would have liked so far this month, but we have a couple things coming up I am looking forward to. {The in-laws are coming in town this week, we plan to visit Sowell farms and I want to finish my shopping and wrap some presents}We did the little parade that comes by our house, but last night for the big downtown parade, I was shooting a wedding and Emerson was sick, so Easton was able to go with my parents but I hate that we all missed it this year. 

I continue to try my best with this crazy, messy, beautiful life. Some days I just feel so stinkin tired and I hate it. I'm up at 5 to try and get the 3 of us out the door on time, work a full day with other kids and then want to come home and be the best mom and wife possible, and some days I just feel like I'm failing at my goal. My hair is 90% dry shampoo most days, I have bags under my eyes and apparently the morning of this picture I decided one earring would be a good look! haha I just hate the feeling of treading water and feeling like I can never get ahead in anything, but I will continue to pray and just know that God will lead me exactly where I need to be and I can find my strength in him. This season of my life is tiring, but man it is such a blessing! Okay, sorry. I'm done venting. I just want to be able and truly appreciate this time with my babies ♥ 
 Not only did Easton get to go to the Christmas parade with my parents but he got checked out of school last week and they took him to the movies. Lucky duck! 
 This is what it's all about right here! ♥ Both of my babies in my lap the other night watching Christmas movies. 
 Easton had his basketball evaluation and will be starting in January! We are excited to watch him as with every sport, but this is his first season ever in Basketball so it will be fun to see what he ends up thinking about it. 
This girl is going to walk as soon as her little legs will let her! She is ready to be big! :( She pulls up and walks around holding onto things. I can't believe she is about to be 8 months old. 
And another Friday morning pic...celebrating another work week done! 
7 1/2 more days of work. Let's do this! 

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