Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas time!

Merry Christmas! Before we got out for the break I enjoyed some Christmas party fun with my class and popping on down to Easton's class for his party. 
And Emerson turned 8 months old! I totally forgot to post on here, but this is the picture we took and posted :) Sweet girl! She is now waving, has her 2 bottom teeth and still just goes with the flow. She already tries to be independent if we are helping her do something, she will push our hand away. She is always happy and still only fusses if she is hungry or tired, in which case she will whip her head back. She is babbling more and copies us when we make sounds to her. {Or the people sitting next to us at Chick-Fil-A coughing, she copied them too haha} She is in size 3 diapers and 18 month clothes. She got to see her Babcia and Grandad and had a lot of fun with her first Christmas! Happy 8 months baby girl! 
We went to Sowell Farms like we do every year and enjoyed the lights and train ride, followed by walking around looking at blow ups. 
It was Emerson's first experience with all of the lights, so I was telling Easton about his first time ever there and the hilarious picture we had of him from our night out, so we decided to re-make it :) Goodness time flies! 

 Kylie has been in town for her break and we were able to spend the day at Sams Fun City which was a lot of fun!
I cannot believe she is 13 now! 
We did go-carts, laser tag and arcade games. 
The next day pop and nanny were headed out to the beach, so I packed a quick diaper bag and we headed out

 Emerson loved the sand! And only attempted to eat it a couple times :) 

Then daddy was off and we got ready for Santa! Poor Drake had a stomach bug earlier in the week and after kicking that he ended up with fever and aches on Christmas Eve. Bleach has been used a lot in the house over the break and praying the babies stay healthy. 
Christmas eve matching pjs ♥ 
Love this picture ♥ If you look on the tree, you can see an ornament that says "Believe" on it. We get a yearly ornament each year. 2007-First Christmas as a married couple ornament 2008-New home ornament 2009-I chose the Believe ornament after no luck of getting pregnant that year. I remember feeling so sad that Christmas {and 2010 Christmas} but just believing we would one day grow our family. Now in the blink of an eye, I look at this picture and have two amazing blessings under my tree. That believe ornament hangs next to handmade popsicle stick ornaments and "first Christmas" ornaments. I am so thankful!
Easton helping Emerson open her presents :) 
 The day after Christmas Drake was finally feeling more like himself, so we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese and hung out with the family some more. 
 I am enjoying my time off that's for sure! 

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