Friday, December 30, 2016

goodbye 2016

I cannot believe 2016 is wrapping up! I look forward to another awesome year ahead. Here is my yearly re-cap of some highlights throughout the year.
In January...
We got to see Emerson through a 4D ultrasound
Had fun riding go-carts (Well Drake and Easton...I was the pregnant lady who couldn't ride anything)
Went to home depot workshops
And went downtown and on some family outings. 
In February...
We had maternity pictures taken, 
Babcia and Grandad came to visit 
 I had a baby shower thrown by my co-workers and students at school, 
and my family and friends on the weekend.
 In March...
We hunted Easter eggs, 
went on ice cream dates, 
celebrated our 9th anniversary in Destin, 
and started our 2nd year of pre-t ball. 

In April...
Emerson Harper was born! 
we watched Easton become such an awesome big brother, 
watched more t-ball, 
and played golf. 

 In May...
We had cookouts with friends, 
Easton kicked off his summer break, 
I slowly adjusted to life at home with 2 little ones, 
we had play dates, 
and enjoyed our weekends as a family of 4 ♥ 
In June...
We played outside in underwear, 
Easton joined crossfit kids, 
 did martial arts, 
 went to vacation bible school, 
 and he was my big helper!
In July...
I took a leap of faith totally outside of my comfort zone and accepted a new position teaching at Easton's school, 
 we went to the splash pad, 
 took Easton to Sams surf city, 
 did an escape room, 
 and enjoyed the summer sun! 
In August...
we fed ducks, 
 went to pools, 
 started a new school year, 
 and enjoyed a girl's night out. 
In September...
Easton turned 5, 
 started his soccer season, 
daddy had a job change/promotion at work, 
 and we went to Destin as a family. 
In October...
we went to birthday parties, 
 pumpkin patches, 
 the peanut festival, 
the fair, 
 and had fun on Halloween as Super sonic and tails. 

In November...
these two goofballs were on TV 
 we went on adventures and exploring 
 took a trip to skyzone, 
 and watched football. 
In December...
we went to the beach 

 played tennis, 
Emerson had her first Christmas, 
 and enjoyed Kylie's time visiting. 

This year has had a lot of {positive} changes for our family! Emerson coming into our lives has been amazing. I am excited to continue to watch her and Easton grow closer through the years. I changed jobs and am thankful I have the opportunity to be with Easton at his school everyday. Drake changed jobs within his company that allows him to get home earlier, have a company vehicle and was a financial blessing right around the time we had to start paying for daycare. 

I am looking forward to a great year ahead! I am so thankful for the path ahead that God has already planned for us. Happy New Year everyone!! 

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