Sunday, January 29, 2017

End of the month

Happy Sunday! We had a nice, pretty uneventful week. We have basketball Tuesday evenings and Easton had his first game yesterday, so that is rolling along. Last week on our way home, we snagged a picture with Addison Russell on our way home :) He was a freshmen at the high school when I taught there, so it was pretty cool  to see him in town now that he is a big shot :) 
 Easton was able to play in the puddles after a big storm rolled through...

  we played on the trampoline ♥ 
(photo cred: Easton playing with my camera :))
and they had donuts with dad at school. Easton was so excited for Drake to come to school! I'm just old news being there all the time! haha
 Pictures from Easton's first basketball game yesterday. I think he had fun. He is so cute dribbling! 

 and today we just hung around doing some projects around the house and playing. Emerson is snotty and her eyes are all watery, so we just relaxed. It was nice. I took my camera in Easton's room and snagged some pictures while we hung out. 
Oh Easton and his nail biting :)
 Mario Cart with daddy 
 sweet baby hands ♥ 
Have a good week! Tomorrow is the 100th day of school! {Just another example of the differences between high school and elementary teaching. I never realized this was something that was recognized until now. haha Have a good week! xoxo}

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