Sunday, February 12, 2017

Just checking in and posting a couple pictures from the last couple weeks. I forgot to put this one on my last post...we went to the Bennetts for dinner and the kids ran around playing for hours and had a blast! Then it got quiet and this is what we found :) Of course I had to add Emerson to the mix and snag a picture, but they were all laying and watching a movie. Sweet friends ♥ 
We celebrated the 100th day of school! Now we are on the down hill slide for this school year! So crazy!
Easton has enjoyed his basketball games :) He made his first basket last week so that was exciting to see. He says practice takes forever though, so not a fan of that. Unfortunately the coach will line a bunch of 5 year olds up to where 1 kid is doing something at a time and the rest are just waiting...and bored. But he loves game time! :) Here we are last week after that game at Waffle House. 
We went there and then to Home Depot and Pop helped Easton build a photo box. 
Then Sunday we went downtown and played outside enjoying the weather. 
Easton is already practicing t-ball too. These next few weeks while basketball finishes up and t-ball is getting started will be a little crazy. 
 Here are my sweet babies this week just playing and hanging out at home one evening ♥ 

Have a good week! 

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