Saturday, March 4, 2017

Vacation and Visits

Hey! Everything is going good at the Wade house. The last couple weeks have been very busy! Let's back up to Valentines Day...Easton was really into it this year and I was so happy to watch him awkwardly pass out Valentines to some girls at school :) All in all, it has been a big blessing to be where I am! I still miss my old co-workers, but we keep in touch and from what I am hearing, I left at a good time. Now I get to ride to and from work with this nugget everyday...oh and the Kindergarten teacher everyone said is so awesome that I had my eye on for Easton next year, was thinking of retiring at the end of this year, but is staying one more year, so I talked to her the other day about requesting her and I am really excited about it! Even though Easton has been in preschool at the elementary school for 3 years already and I am at his school, I still feel like it will be emotional at the start of next year...Kindergarten just makes his big boy status feel so official. He also has his first loose tooth! I have one baby getting teeth and the other one losing teeth. 
Poor Emerson has been teething and is constantly snotty and not feeling great lately. The joys of daycare :( But she is a trooper overall! It just means we still are getting up in the night with this silly girl ♥ 
She celebrated 10 months! She has 4 teeth-she actually got her bottom middle two, and then the two upper teeth on each side of where her middle teeth should she will have an interesting smile for a while haha She is in 18/24 month clothes, loves every food she has tried, loves being outside and playing with brother on the trampoline or bed. She is now able to stand by herself, and will walk around holding onto things, but as soon as she lets go she is not sure about taking the steps all by herself. 
She had her first go at a several hour car ride trip! We went to Atlanta for the three day weekend and it was exhausting but a lot of fun! Easton loved the elevators! :) 

The first evening there we went to eat and went to the Lego Discovery center. 
Easton really liked the 4d movie we got to see. 
Then the next day we spent the day at Stone Mountain and enjoyed Snow Mountain Park. It was just blown snow and actually ended up being a beautiful day, cool when we got there in the morning and then around 72 degrees later in the day! 

Emerson enjoyed eating the snow :)
Easton loved the kids tubing!
The giant tube...well we have a nice picture to remember it. He said he was scared and then he liked it, but turned down the offers to ride it again. :)

The next day we got up and did a couple things around Atlanta before making the drive home. We had to stop at the cupcake ATM! All in all, it was a successful trip and I'm glad we went! 
During the week, we are staying busy with practice, since basketball and t-ball overlap. If we don't have practice we are hanging at the house and getting dinners going, trying to do laundry and dishes before Drake gets home so they don't pile up for the weekend. 

Last weekend, Drake's dad and Kim came to visit us. They were able to see Easton play basketball which was nice, he had 4 points his last two games and is overall enjoying his season. 

After the game we went straight to the beach. It was gorgeous! Cool breeze and comfortable weather. Emerson under an umbrella in her pack-n-play content as can be, Easton throwing balls and playing with Pudgie, meant we were out there I think almost 4 hours! 

After we left, we stayed out at the beach for dinner outside. It was a great day! 

Finishing up at the boardwalk with ice cream and shopping. 

It was overall a wonderful February! I can't believe it's already March. Only 2 weeks of school and we are on Spring Break! SO excited! 

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