Sunday, April 9, 2017

birthday and egg hunt

So, after getting everyone better by the end of spring break, it was time to get back to our routine. Boo! 
Easton pointing out his portion of the pre-k bulletin board in the main hallway :) 
Drake and I were able to have a date night! It had been WAY too long! 
The spring weather has been good to us these past several weeks! 

We continue to have t-ball games during the week. Here is Easton with some of his soccer buddies from the fall, reunited at the tball fields. 
Last weekend was my birthday weekend. It was awesome! Saturday morning was the neighborhood garage sale, so Easton set up a soda shop and hung out for a little while to earn some money. It was so cute. He would pop up and wave when a car came around the corner...he made $17.00. For the cars that would just drive past, he would go to sit back down and say to himself, "not thirsty yet" Cutie.
Then that evening we had my family over to hang out, the kids played on the trampoline and water slide and we ate dinner and got to meet Taylor and Colin's new baby. It was a nice evening ♥ 
and my brother did a silly string sneak attack on was supposed to be for the kids! :) 
Sunday was my 33rd birthday. It was great! A beach day with the family, lunch on the water and ice cream that evening. ♥ 

{Easton was not sharing his ice cream fast enough}

Finally, this weekend we went to an Easter egg hunt yesterday, ate lunch in town and today have been hanging outside at the house enjoying the weather again. 

So many fun things coming up! Not to mention only 38 days of school left!! Time is flying! Have a good week! xoxo 

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