Wednesday, April 19, 2017

one. round two.


       I remember growing up and always being so excited to get to the next part of my life. I couldn't wait to drive, go on my first date, I couldn't wait to graduate high school and go to college, then I couldn't wait to marry your daddy and have a family together. I remember writing about this before, how I needed to stop focusing so much of what is ahead of me in life and focus on the now and just enjoy the present season I am in...well you have made me do that. All I want more than ever right now is to stop time and wait. I CAN wait for you and your brother to grow up, I can wait for you to be out of diapers, to start school and keep growing up. I can wait. Time seemed to move slow when I couldn't wait to do things, and now that I feel like I have a better understanding of what my outlook needs to be, it's moving faster and faster.

       This year has been so amazing with you coming into our lives. You complete our family. Watching you and your brother together is the most amazing feeling I have ever felt. I am so thankful that God chose me to be your mom. I will make a ton of mistakes, but I promise to do my best in raising you the best way I know how. I pray that one day I get to watch you as you start to drive, go on your first date, go to college, get married and start your own family. I pray that I teach you how to push through when things are hard, to be kind to others but know how to stick up for yourself and know your worth. The world you will have to grow up in will be scary, but please try to focus on the good. Talk to God...and listen to him.
You make everyday so much brighter. You are so happy! (And have a pretty hilarious fake laugh) Pop says you have smiling eyes. You are very laid back like I have said before, because you have no choice but to go around to whatever Easton is doing and watch him, but you love it. You clap at his games and point to things around you. You will also let us know what you want! (Kona Ice after bro bro's game haha or if a toy is taken from you.) You will copy sounds we make-like mocking your brother in your first little fight the other day, and are trying to say more and more. You started walking this past week! You are in 24 months and some 2T clothes already and love anything and everything we have given you to eat.
I can't wait to celebrate you this weekend. I love you so much sweet girl! I hope you have the best birthday ♥ 
Love, mom 


"It's your first birthday and you are going to be one years old. I love when I tickle your belly and see you laugh. I like to play with you and shake my butt with you."


My little E-squared.  I've always been the type to be content with what I my own world.  I would go through life never knowing what I was missing.  Then, you and your brother came along and changed my world.  It became a lot less about Drake Wade and a lot more about Easton and Emerson's dad.  Being your dad is the very best job I could ask for.  The world we live in today is one that is full of hate and sin, so if you do not learn anything else from your mother and I, know that Jesus is the answer.  If you ever feel down or alone turn to Him.  We will always be here to help guide you on this journey of life.  Always treat other people with respect and stand up for the weak.  Happy birthday to the most wonderful little girl a father could ask for.  I love you.


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