Monday, June 19, 2017

Our week

Happy Monday! Last week was a good one in the books for us! Monday we played outside in the sprinklers:
Tuesday we went bowling since it was a rainy day. 
Wednesday we went to the beach:

Thursday Easton went to a tennis camp:

Friday we were at the pool all day! One morning trip, home for lunch and nap, and then back at it that afternoon...

 Saturday we went out to Santa Rosa Ranch with the family. It was awesome! Not only a fun new place we had never been, but I guess the potential for rain coming through scared people off from coming so we eventually had the whole place to ourselves with a nice breeze rolling through :) 

 Yesterday we celebrated Father's Day by going to brunch downtown and then played golf in the afternoon. 
 It was a good week that of course seemed to fly by because we are having fun :) Today daddy is back to work and Easton is now at day 1 of Vacation Bible School going on this week. Emerson keeps saying bro bro wondering where he went haha They are so cute she is hugging, kissing and rolling all over him this morning. 
Have a good week! 

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