Sunday, June 28, 2009

cute things...

Well the first cute thing that I am excited about is my little ticker I just made at yay! I guess it doesn't take much to excite me :)

 Trying to Conceive Ticker

Also, I realized that I have not shared our plan for names once we have a baby! For a boy it would be Brody Kameron Wade and a girl would be Aniston Harper Wade. I know those are kind of different to most people but we really like them so I am happy :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

dragging by...

Well, I figured I would write just to get into more of a habit. This will not be much of a blog until I actually get pregnant...but I enjoy venting about the adventure through my keyboard :) We are continuing to try, I should be able to test around July 7th I'm thinking. When we visited Kathryn and Matt this past weekend she gave me some ovulation testers that she was never able to use. I should have already past that time for this month, but if no luck then next month I will start to use those.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

oh well...

so the week to test has come and before I even got the chance to think about testing, I started. I have never been "regular" I guess with all of my female issues, but never this wacky :) I guess now that I am constantly thinking about when I start and when I test blah blah blah that it is throwing me way off. It is crazy how our bodies work. All of my friends say, "Well, stop soon as you stop trying it will happen." Well if someone could tell me how that works that would be great! Now that we are trying, sorry but that is what is on my mind. I'm definetely bummed like I said but I can't be too upset. It will happen when it is supposed to, and I guess we just have to keep trying. It would be too perfect if it happens this next month for us though because that means we would find out in July, which is when we are planning a trip up North to see Drake's mom and step-dad so that would be so special if we could share the news with them in person. Well, I guess that's it :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

going to start trying

Well I have decided to start a blogspot account that will be dedicated to Drake and I and the next step in our relationship...trying to have a baby! We decided in April to just put things in God's hands and see when it will happen. I said that I was in a good place with everything, if it were to happen now-great but if it took a while-that was fine too. I have to admit the thought of taking the pregnancy test next week and it being a no would be a bummer. I love Drake so much and we have spent a great 4 years together and I am so excited about the thought of bringing a baby Wade into this world! :)