Monday, January 26, 2015

Saturday with Syd

I visited Sydney this past Saturday and we had a great day! We went to brunch, shopping, the gym, got mani/pedis and went to midtown for dinner and to hang out. Miss this girl so much and glad we got to spend the day together. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

zoo and speech

Our Monday off of school was great! Easton and I went to the zoo and he LOVED it. I seriously can't get over how perfect this age is. I honestly think part of that feeling comes from his speech improving and him being able to communicate with us a little more. 

Here is a video of him last night...sweet boy tries so hard. When we don't understand what he is saying, he will add something to it or try to show us something to make us understand him. Again...still a long way to go but focusing on how far he has come! Sorry, this is almost 5 minutes, it is mainly for Drake's family to see since they are out of town. 
Last night I had a date night with my boy ♥ We went to the park after work and  then the "t-ball store" as he called it...we had to make sure we can get Easton big league pants for his season. Daddy was excited to hear that they did. Finally, we went to hibachi for dinner. Easton was cracking up! And my picky eater was chomping on his noodles in soy sauce-who knew. 

Alright...gotta go finish getting ready for the work day ahead. Have a good day! xoxo

Sunday, January 18, 2015

long weekend

After talking trash about January being my least favorite month, it is proving to me that it's not so bad. :) Totally random...but a couple weeks ago I got an e-mail from Pen Air Credit Union that said they would be shooting a commercial and they were looking for talent in the area. They needed a family with a young child, a family with teenagers, people to play bank tellers, etc... so I sent in our picture. Why not. Then an e-mail went out saying they received hundreds of pictures and thank you to everyone for sending them in blah blah blah and at that point I figured there was no way and forgot about it. A few days later I got an e-mail saying they wanted to use us as the family in the commercial! :) It was so fun and they loved Easton ♥ 
 Last night we went to the circus with my brother and his family. Easton is the perfect age for things now! He LOVED the circus and had such a fun time. 

 Today we spent our day at the beach. I am loving this sunny weather lately and am starting to get the itch for spring in my life. We played trac ball, walked the pier, went into shops on the boardwalk, fed the birds, chased the birds and played in the sand. 

It's been a fun weekend, and I get the day off with Easton tomorrow! yay :) 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

How am I doing a weekend wrap-up? Didn't the weekend just start?! Sigh. Well, I guess with the first week of work after the Christmas break under my belt, it will hopefully get easier from here. Easton knows how I feel...
Yesterday we had a fun afternoon downtown. The sun decided to come out which seems rare these days. We went to the park and then downtown to maritime and had a pretty intense football game. Me and Easton vs. Daddy :) He would, "Down, Set, Hut!" to me and then I would pass it to him and he would run for the touchdown-every time. :)
This morning I had a shoot for my friend Annie. We got some shots of her and her son and she needed some head shots as well. We did her pictures and then as we finished, Drake and Easton came over and Easton got to play with Brody for a while. They had fun. 
We are about to go to bounce's back to cold and gloomy today outside. January has to be my least favorite month. Going to enjoy what's left of the weekend with the boys. ♥ 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Back to reality

It was tough to head back into work today after such an awesome break! Thankful for our time as a family. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Awesome week

It has been a fun week, which makes it even harder to think about going back to work tomorrow :( I wrote about our awesome day in Destin already to kick off the week...the next day my parent's kept Easton overnight for us! We had the lamest sounding date night that was so much fun! We went to dinner together in town and then went to Hobby Lobby and then Books a Million. It was so nice to sit and drink hot chocolate while we looked at books and magazines. We talked about 2014 and our goals for 2015. It was so nice. On the way home we stopped and got a movie and vegged out on the couch.♥ 

Wednesday during the day I had an awesome spa day! Facial, massage and pedi ♥ and then for NYE we went to the Lynch house with everyone eating and hanging out while the kids ran around crazy. We didn't stay too late and came home and were sleeping at midnight. We just keep sounding more and more exciting as this post goes on. New Year's day was of course watching football and hanging out with the family. 

Friday night I went downtown to dinner with Gina. We ate at Jacos-yum! and had fun catching up. 
 Yesterday we went to bounce house and spent the evening at the Bennett's house. Easton and Millie play so good together and we love hanging out with them! We grilled out, played just dance and had a good time. When we left Easton kept saying, "More Millie, yea" ♥ 
Today I am trying to avoid getting bummed out. We had such an awesome break together and it will be hard getting back up to the morning rush.