Sunday, July 29, 2012

my boys+the beach

Hey guys! Today we enjoyed some relaxation as a family :) We went to the beach during the late afternoon so that it would not be quite as hot. Easton loved it! He would dive head first in the water if we would let him.

He loved playing in the sand,

sitting on the edge of the water and playing with the shells,

and walking around scoping out the chicks. :)

I can't even stand how cute these two are :) Sitting by the water in their matching board shorts.

Jaime and Anne-Marie came to meet us for a minute to say hey :)

We had a good day! :) I'm about to pack as much fun as I can into these last 2 weeks of summer! yay!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Little things

Just some "this and that" from the rest of our week...

*Easton and Cosmo watching the yard guy work, making sure he did a good job :)

*Hibachi lunch with my mom

*Joining a running club and getting to run with Drake, friends, and jogging strollers :)

*Easton loving his new toy ♥

*Drake getting a bonus at work today!! woo hoo

*Time to kick off the weekend!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My buddy and me

Geez la weez it's going to be hard to go back to work and leave my sidekick :( I love just having the days wide open to do whatever we want. The summer breaks will only get better as he gets older and can do more and more with me...until he gets too old and wants to do less and less with me. :) Yesterday we did the grocery shopping, played, went to the we went to meet daddy on his lunch break, stopped by academy and got some new workout clothes, and went to the palafox pier. :)

Looking at the boats...

and the birds.

He would not look at me for anything today! He was so intrigued by everything going on around us. :)

Time to cool off!

Now we are back home and Easton is napping. Happy Tuesday!!


I just realized I never put our pictures up from the weekend. Saturday we went to Jonah's 2nd birthday party. Easton and Viv chatting it up...

Taking a break with dad for some watermelon

Easton is obsessed with watermelon! If he has a plate full of foods and watermelon is one of them, he will eat all of the watermelon first.

Dean is fond of watermelon too :)

It was hot!

The birthday boy!

Easton and Dotts ridin dirty :)

From Jonah's party we headed straight to Kylie's birthday dinner. My girl is 9 years old! Are you kidding me?!

opening presents...

getting some hugs from E

We had a good weekend with everyone. :)

Monday, July 23, 2012


My brother is engaged!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


The past 4 days were completely amazing. Non-stop all day (and night.) A total of maybe 13 hours of sleep. Hanging out with two of the best friends I could ever ask for. I am SO happy that we went. Let's see, here is a rundown of the trip. Tuesday was filled with traveling and high energy, 3 very giddy girls ready to get to Vegas.

We arrived later than we were supposed to after delays, but that was not stopping us. :) We got to the room and got ready for our night. We went to a cirque du soleil show, which was amazing, and then we rode the roller coaster and hung out in New York New York for the night. Fun Fun!

We headed back after that to get a couple hours of sleep before getting up early to drive to the Grand Canyon.

It was amazing. (We had great weather the whole trip. yay!)

We took pictures and walked on the sky walk, the glass walkway above the canyon.

We had a couple close calls :)

On our way to the top of the ledge...


made it!

We rewarded ourselves with some lunch. Just a typical Wednesday grabbing lunch at the grand canyon. No big deal.

After the canyon, we went to the Hoover Dam...

Once we got back and grabbed a cat nap we got ready for night #2 :)

We went to Old Vegas. Check out creepy creeperton in the background here. haha

Our tour guide Jenn! :) She literally had a vegas document on her phone of what we were doing and when, which was awesome...except on the way out this night when our "1 block" walk turned into us getting a cab after what felt like hours of walking :) (love you Jenn)

We went to The Golden Nugget and I won $20 bucks on penny slots. Baller! And then we headed upstairs and went dancing.

It was a fun night!

Thursday we got up and went down to the pool for a few hours. It had a slide which is always a plus. :) Then we showered and got ready and went to the strip for the day.

We went into a handful of the hotels and did some shopping and sight seeing.

New York New York

Wax Museum

lunch time! yum

more sightseeing :)

Look who I ran into outside of Caesars Palace

After running around all day we went back and did our standard cat nap before heading out. We went to the stratosphere that night. It is 108 stories above Vegas with rides...including one that hangs you over the edge of the building facing down above the city. It was awesome.

Headed to the other ride...

Once we were done we hung out on the strip one more time before heading back to the hotel to get a couple hours of sleep before traveling home yesterday.

Yesterday morning we said good bye to Vegas. It included a long day of traveling and 3 very tired, groggy girls who had a blast with each other but could not stop talking about getting home to their husbands and babies. ♥