Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Break

We had a nice Thanksgiving Break these last few days. Thursday we went to my parent's house along with my grandma, brother, Rose and Georgia. It was yummy! We ate, played outside and watched football. The weather was awesome for our break as well! Very thankful for that :)
We played outside a lot, but we also did some things inside. Easton loves coloring and drawing lately. Here is a drawing of our family...
 and he is now able to write his name all by himself :) Tomorrow we actually have a meeting at his school. When we met before the year started, we set goals along with the teacher and speech therapist that we all hoped he would be able to master throughout the school year...well he has already mastered them all so we have to meet again and set some more goals for the remainder of the year! Very excited about his progress. 
 Friday we went downtown to the elf parade and then did dinner at the Bennett's house. Easton and Millie play so well together! They were dancing, chasing each other and holding hands. ♥ 
 Yesterday we took Easton fishing over near the beach. It was bites though. After that it was football all afternoon and being bums. 
 I'm so appreciative of the break from work, but as always it makes me in a bummed out mood the evening before heading back to work. Today was grocery shopping, packing lunches and Easton's backpack and Drake is putting up Christmas lights. 3 weeks of work and then we are off again though! :) All 3 of us with almost 2 weeks off together. Yay!!

Saturday, November 22, 2014


I am beyond obsessed with this picture :) Easton LOVED seeing Santa this year. We went early so that we could avoid crazy lines after Thanksgiving, so we walked straight in and Easton was walking very slow with very small steps towards Santa and a huge smile on his face. He sat on his lap and gave us an awesome picture :) Santa asked what he wanted this year and Easton was looking away so excited and signed and said, "bike" Then we told him to look at Santa and tell him and he slowly turns his head with that smile and gets so shy (but still so excited) as he looks away again. Santa asked what else he wanted and Easton signed and said, "candy" 
When we left, he got his stickers and waved bye. After that we walked around the mall for some shopping and were back near Santa and Easton darted through the exit before we could grab him, luckily no one was there...and went back up to Santa with a huge smile. Gave him a hug and a high five and of course got a stack of sticker sheets from Santa. :) Already so excited for this Christmas I can't handle it. ♥ 

Thursday, November 20, 2014


oops...I just realized I haven't posted in a while, so just hopping on fast before we head to see Santa :) I wanted to make sure I uploaded my couple cell phone pictures from last weekend so that they will be in the blog book :) Last Friday we went to the Bennett's house and it was great! Dinner with Tyler and Whitney and Easton and Millie had a great time playing! They ended up on Whitney and Tyler's bed jumping and we went in and asked what they were doing and Millie quickly let us know, "It's okay, we're best friends." 
 Saturday Easton had a wristband for the all day bounce going on right near our house. He obviously had an awesome time :) They had 12 different bounce houses, slides and obstacle courses. 

Saturday evening we went to the Lynch's house for food and football. It was a crazy house with 11 kids running around :) But Easton went into the playroom and had a good time, which is exciting because before school if we were in that type of setting, he would want to just be with me and Drake the whole time. Slowly coming out of his shell ♥ 

Sunday we hung out and I had a shoot that evening...and get this sent to me. Lucky duck went to play at the park with Georgia and got a doughnut after. 

And finally this week has been good. A little Christmas shopping, slowly putting out Christmas stuff-I can't help it, I'm so excited this year and now headed to get Easton's picture with Santa. Ready for a great Friday and weekend! xoxo

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, November 9, 2014


This weekend has been fun. Friday evening we were at the mall and they had a parade and firetruck bringing Santa into the mall...yea I know, November 7th. But I am already SO in the holiday spirit! :) Every year just gets more exciting to watch Easton understand more and more. He loved seeing and waving at Santa.It actually worked out great because I drove the high school band there and back for the parade. An extra perk to having my CDL license is that when a team or after school group needs a bus driver, I can snag what I want to drive and get extra money for it. So, I drove to the mall, went and had dinner and hung out with d&e and then drove the band back to the high school and made extra money. Pretty sweet gig. 
Last night Gina and I went downtown for a bit and split some tapas and dessert :) 
We had a fun girl's night ♥ 
Finally, today we went to the Arts Festival downtown. I love taking Easton every year because they have a big kid's area with a bunch of craft tables to bounce around to. Not to mention the weather was perfect and the festival is set up right by the water. 
 Decked out with his crown, face paint, sticker, button and tattoo on his hand. 

 It's been a good weekend, and now I get to look forward to being off Tuesday. Ready for a good week ♥ 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

field trip and family pics

A post with Easton's first field trip and family pictures=prepare for picture overload. :)Yesterday Easton had his first ever field trip! :) It was a great time. He was very excited to ride the "big school bus" We went to Sonshine farms. I took a half day off from work and followed the bus to the farm. 

 They rode the tractor ride, went down slides, went through the corn maze, fed ducks and played putt putt. 

 ♥ Easton and his love

It was a fun day and it's always nice to see Easton with his friends and teachers and feel like I know a little more about the people he spends all day with while we are at work. 

Today I came home and our CD from out shoot at the fair was here. :) Here are some more of my favorites in addition to the previews I posted a couple weeks ago. Love these boys so much! 

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Halloween was a success this year :) Thursday evening we met my brother and Rose downtown and did some trick or treating there with Georgia, er Lois Lane. All of the businesses and restaurants were handing out candy to the kids. 
 Last night we did our yearly party at the Lynch house. Trey's parents really do so much for all of the kids, it's a lot of fun and they have yummy Halloween themed snacks. 
 We ate and the kids ran around the backyard playing until it was time to head out. 
 I can't believe how big everyone is getting. Easton was into trick-or-treating for the first time this year so it was really fun to watch him. He loved going up by himself to ring the doorbell and would say "tick oh tee" and would get so excited about what he got and quickly come back to us and say, " more andy" 
He definitely loves the lollipops the most. We had a good night :)