Thursday, August 28, 2014

So much better

Saturday after Easton went to bed, I headed downtown with Sydney. It was our last time hanging out before she left for Gainesville Tuesday. I hate that she is leaving but glad that her job brought her here for the summer and even allowed her to be our roomie for a month haha Love this girl!
 Easton had practice Tuesday and it was so much better! Apparently the coach had some suggestions thrown her way after our first practice and it was a lot better. They did things like dribbling while playing red light, green light...and fun kid games incorporated into soccer. It was awesome...until the scrimmage. 
 Easton and another boy ran into each other and the kid's head hit Easton's mouth. He fell and started screaming. His hand was up to his mouth and when he moved it there was blood all over his mouth, hand and face. :(
He got lots of popsicles that night and thankfully he didn't need stitches or anything. of many sports injuries in his life I'm sure. 

School is awesome. Easton is so happy when I drop him off and apparently has a crush on a little girl Alyssa in his class. :) I have awesome kids this year in my classroom...we are just rockin our new routine ♥ 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

big week

Last week was such a big week for us and I'm honestly glad it is over, my nerves are shot. But, after stressing and some rough mornings all is good now! So as far as school goes, Monday Easton was just overwhelmed by everything and had big eyes looking around at everything, and didn't cry until later during his breakfast. Tuesday was awful, clinging and crying. Wednesday was a little whiny but I went in and got him started on breakfast and got him distracted before sneaking out and we had no tears. By Thursday we had no tears with me dropping him off at the door with his teacher and telling him bye-bye :) Then Thursday evening he kept asking for "cool" annnddd finally on Friday I get this picture from his teacher :) 

Now he understands that we will be back to get him and he likes it, I am so happy! He has made us some cute things already that I will keep forever ♥ I get a daily note with how his day went, what they did and any other things I need to know, which helps a lot. It still kills me that he can't tell me how his day went or any details about it, but knowing he likes it now makes me feel good. 
In addition to a crazy week of transition for school, we started soccer on Thursday.
 We did stay with the older 3-4 age group and I think it will be fine. 
 The poor coach was trying but...trying too do too much with kids this age. She was trying to do drills and as she is explaining and having them all standing on a cone or sitting on their ball waiting and by the time she was done explaining you would have 3 kids dribbling their balls off and as she would try and go get them back on their spot 3 more were leaving her drill hahaha About mid-way through there were about 4 of us who jumped out to help, it was hard to watch. 

 Oh and their field is right next to the you can imagine the focus that the kids had for soccer :)
 Easton did awesome when they split up and they went fast one at a time dribbling to the goal and shooting, get the ball back in line and going again. :)
 But then they end with a scrimmage...eleven 2-4 year olds on this little field all going at once. Geez. So you had 10 kids running for the ball in a big herd kicking for it, some trying to pick it up and Easton is just standing there watching them like they are crazy :) His eyes big...just like the first day of school look. 
 So, hopefully practices will be a little better organized after that hot mess, and I hope that just like everything else that is new and overwhelming at first for Easton, he will understand what soccer practice is all about and by game time he will be kicking butt! :) 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Well crap

I thought the first day would be the worst and then it would get easier, so I was so happy that yesterday went okay. I just dropped Easton off and as soon as we got in the lunchroom he starting crying...hard and clinging onto my leg. This sucks.

Monday, August 18, 2014

First day of pre-K was a big day at our house :) I had Easton's breakfast, snack and lunch packed, forms filled out, clothes laid out...the first day of school! My stomach was in knots. I was expecting the worst and hoping for the best. 
 We both went to drop Easton off and we actually had to take him to the cafeteria first for breakfast which I wasn't pumped about because he had never been in there. He was just taking it all in, looking overwhelmed but just hanging out. A 2 year old in a lunchroom filled with kids up to 5th grade everywhere. Yikes. I have to drop him off the earliest we are allowed (7:55) so I can get right to work, so he was the only one from his class in there with the teacher's assistant. I told him we were going bye bye to work and daddy was going to pick him up later. He said bye bye and was just taking it all in. I left and was quickly thrown into teacher mode getting to work and getting ready for my kids to come walking in for their first day with me. 
 After my TV production class the teacher texted me a picture of him eating snack and said he was doing great! I was so excited and asked if he cried. She said he did a little bit at breakfast but once they got to the room he did great. 
 I think he liked it :) He stayed on green and made a school bus picture.
 I'm so glad that it seems like it will be a smooth transition for everyone. It helps that he is in a very small class and the teacher sends me updates :) 
 Our boy is growing up. ♥ 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Need opinions

Okay, so I got a text last night from Easton's soccer coach saying "Hey this is Jessica the coach for the 3-4 year old hornets..." telling us practice is next Thursday to start the season. I text her back asking if there is a 2-3 year old league because he is currently 2 so I wanted to make sure we are in the right place for practice. She said that the 2 year olds are all in one league, just 2 year olds and then the other one is for 3-4 year olds. Ughhh

So, she said we might have a choice since Easton is kind of in the middle of the cutoff age stuff and we are stuck! Should we have him with all 2 year olds even though he turns 3 during season? Or do we have him with 3-4 year olds? Him being 2 and the thought of a 4, maybe almost 5 year old playing freaks me out.

We keep going back and forth and everyone I have talked to has said different things, there is definitely not one consistent opinion here. I think I am leaning to play up, but because of his speech delay I hate the thought of him feeling like he can't communicate at all when everyone else is talking to each other, so then I lean towards playing with the younger ones. It's tough. But I also know he has a speech delay, so I don't want to hold him back in other areas of his life because of it.

*His best buddy Dean joined the league specifically to play with Easton and he is already 3 so is on the 3-4 year old hornet team.Easton would know a familiar face and might benefit from being around the older kids talking.

*If he plays with the smaller kids it might help build his confidence. Being around bigger kids who are talking and who have maybe played in the league before might make him go back in his shell.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

not ready

Well...back to reality tomorrow. :( Meeting at 7:45 to start my pre-planning week. It doesn't feel like I have just lived a summer break! It flew by and feels like I have been home for an extended weekend or something. But as much as I want to moan and groan I know once I get back in my routine everything will be good, it's just tough to head back after so much fun! :) 
 We will get in our new groove of pre-k and soccer and then Easton will get to come see me at work and go to pep rallies and football games, his birthday party is getting close and then the holidays will be here in the blink of an eye. 

Going to make it a great week no matter how much I have to force a smile haha ♥ 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

soccer and speech

We took Easton to break in his cleats this evening :) I love watching him get so into sports. ♥ 

Today was also Easton's last day of speech with the program he was in. They stop services right before the client enters the school system. It was kind of sad, I have really gotten used to seeing our therapist every week for 8 months. She knows Easton better than anyone that isn't family. I appreciate her because of the love and effort she put into helping Easton every week. 

In addition to that stopping, we had our neurologist appointment the other day. Nothing much to report besides getting the print outs of the blood work he had, which is a good thing because if he had not progressed since the last visit, she was going to do an MRI of his head, which would require I am happy with the boring check-in appointment we had. We will go back in February to see what the progression is after being in school. 

Happy hump day. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

happy happy!

Easton is registered for fall soccer! My heart is so happy!!! :) So thankful they started a 2-3 year old league in town this year! It should be a hilarious mess! 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

weekend wrap-up

 Awesome weekend-we went to Landshark Friday night to listen to Continuum play and eat dinner. 

 It was nice because we could sit and eat but Easton could get up and walk around and play too. 

 Pop and Nanny ♥ 
Saturday we all went to my parent's house to celebrate my mom's birthday. 

We hung out and went swimming before going to play some pick up soccer :) I felt my age for sure but it was fun! Drake was even out his baseball cleats haha
Today was getting groceries, cutting the grass and getting Easton his first pair of soccer cleats! You have no idea how pumped I am. I am going to sign him up Wednesday for a league they have in town for 2 and 3 year olds! I believe practice starts in a couple weeks and games in September and October. Should be hilarious. 

Tomorrow we head back to the neurologist for Easton. ALL blood work came back normal which is great news! I am interested to see what she has to say tomorrow. Speech is going good...slow progress, but progress. Easton has added a few more words, but continues to try and mimic so much more and has tons of spontaneous expressive language compared to a few months ago. I will update with how everything goes. Have a great week! xoxo

Friday, August 1, 2014

what I will miss

I sure am going to miss not knowing what day of the week it is and the feeling of having time go a little faster than normal because we are having so much fun. It's been another full week since I posted on here, and we have literally been in the water everyday since. Chlorine, fresh and salt thankful for these days!

I will miss Kylie after she goes back to Jacksonville for the school year. We spent last Sunday out at krul lake with her and my parents, they camped out there Saturday night. We swam and rode our bikes all morning. This will go down as the day that Pop almost drowned-just ask Kylie about it, the story has already gotten more and more elaborate each time it is told :)

I will miss having nowhere to be...not caring what time it is because we have nothing to do all day. Spending a Monday at the beach instead of starting a work week. 
I will miss the hot summer days, wearing a bathing suit all day and not having to do my hair or make up. :)
I will miss getting the extra time to catch up with friends. 
But most of all I will miss spending everyday with Easton. I can't believe he starts school in a couple weeks! How is it already August?!
I have never been so worn out...chasing him all over the place and the fact that he dropped his nap this summer means no down time...but I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

Last night we all went to the beach when Drake got off. I was sitting on the beach talking to Syd while d&e went for a walk on the pier. I was soaking up the evening time breeze while we were talking about life and the future. I told her that when I am old and retired she could find me right where we were sitting. The evening at the beach is definitely my happy place. She asked what I would do out there, and I said I'm sure I  will sit out here and think back to these days and wish I could have them back. 
I am going to miss this summer, not only when I go back to work but when I look back in the future at this time in my life. We have had an amazing summer! Easton has grown up out of his crib and into wearing his big boy underwear. It's been a big summer for us and will be an even bigger fall-school and starting sports! Being Easton's mom is the most amazing gift I could ever ask for. So thankful! ♥