Tuesday, August 23, 2016

4 months

Friday you turned 4 months old! You are such a sweet and happy baby. You have been teething lately-pulling at your ear, drooling even more and have been waking up during the night again...just as I started work, that hasn't been very fun. You are wearing 6-9 month clothes, size 2 diapers, weigh 14.4 lbs (50th%) are 25 inches (71st%) and you head is 16.25 inches (69th%) 
 You have enjoyed new things this month now that you are getting stronger. Your jumper, swinging at the park and you rolled over yesterday! Literally at the doctor's office as I was filling out your paperwork about what you could and could not do...you decided to check that one off the list :)
You love your baths, your brother and even watching cartoons with him. You love watching everything around you and want to be involved in all the action. I love your giggles and the smile and squeals you give me when I pick you up in the afternoons. I miss you so much all day, but you seem to be enjoying your daycare. 
 You are so loved and I hope you always know how special you are to us. I would do anything for you and hate how fast time is going. You are my last baby and I want to hold you and cuddle you as much as I can. I love you so much! Love, mom 

First week back

I am pooped and a little overwhelmed right now. Getting into my new routine...trying to take it one day at a time. Here are some pictures from our first day/week back to the grind. ♥ 


Sunday, August 14, 2016


Goodbye Maternity Break. Goodbye Summer break. :( It's that time. Time to transition back to crazy mornings, schedules and work. We are halfway there with the transition. Emerson started her in-home daycare last week and I had pre-planning, going to my new school and starting my new role as an elementary teacher, getting ready for the kids to arrive tomorrow. Emerson adjusted just fine...and I was doing okay the first day back dropping Emerson off...until Easton started crying about missing his sister and not wanting to leave her. 

It will take some time getting used to my new norm, I have a lot to learn at work. Going into my 10th year teaching and I am feeling like a 1st year teacher in a lot of ways. I am just going to take a day at a time and I know as long as I work hard it will all work itself out, and I know as soon as Easton comes into my classroom at the end of the day tomorrow, it will remind me that the transition is so worth the challenges I will go through at first. 

I have enjoyed my time off SO much with my babies! Emerson was a go with the flow baby as we went to parks, pools, the beach and play dates.

This was the summer Easton started swimming without floaties! 

They even joined me as I worked in my classroom.

Here is the before and after...
Last night we had a girl's night of dinner and seeing bad moms. We had so much fun and laughed so hard! It was nice to get with all of my teacher friends before we head back. 
I love that my job allows me the summers off. I have went from having summer break with just Drake, then summer breaks with me and Easton hanging out, and now my breaks with Easton and Emerson. Although this was the hardest one and most hectic one, it has been the best one! Bring on the school year, ready or not, here we go! Have a great week! xoxo

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

almost over

Well, this years blog book I make at the end of the year looks like it will be super short since I manage to post every couple weeks now! haha pre-babies I would post all the time, after Easton a little less and now with 2 little ones...well you know. Summer break always goes by so fast but it feels really weird to be going back to work NEXT WEEK (wahhhh) after being off for almost 4 months! Starting a new job, having to drop off Emerson and going to work and having Easton walking in with me...the routine is going to be so much different this school year. Lots of changes all around for our family this year for sure! Another one I can hopefully talk about later this week too! I am a little nervous about having myself and 2 kids ready and out the door by 6:30 by myself, I am not a morning person! I made Easton a laminated checklist chart for him to get himself ready this year so we shall see. :)

Anyways, enough of work talk! Back to the past couple weeks and fun summer stuff! My friend Kate that I played college soccer with was in town and we always try and meet up when she comes in town. Easton and James had a lot of fun together and Easton loved going down the slide at the pool. 
Overall our summer mornings go one of two ways: I either have a set plan in my mind and start getting things ready, bags packed and kids ready as soon as we are up and moving or we have the mornings where we bum around and it seems like we don't make it out of the house until after lunchtime. 
We went to Jonah's birthday party last week at the Children's museum. The kids had fun with some imagination play in the little old town area. 

Easton has continued his crossfit kids class and really enjoys it. 
I know it's a cheesy snapchat filter here...but I got my hair cut and colored and am loving it :)
Wednesday Drake took a random middle of the week day off and my mom and dad kept Emerson so that we could take Easton to Sams surf city for the afternoon. We had so much fun! His favorite was the ride that is enclosed and pitch black. 

Sydney and I went out one more time before she heads back to Gainesville this week. I love getting to see her when our lives cross paths. 
So, Emerson loves playing with  toys these days and it is looking like she might end up being a lefty like her daddy. She is always reaching for things with that hand so we shall see. 
{Easton showing off his muscles}
And as far as any kind of routine for our weekend, one thing is for sure-these two will be wrestling. Every night when Drake gets home that's the first thing Easton asks him to do. Boys. 

So, I got a lake house sign the other day and love it! It will one day go over the doors that will lead out to our back porch and this view. It's hard to believe that we have owned our lot for over two years now. I continue to be patient and know that we will build our forever home on it one day, so I am in no hurry to build yet. In  the meantime I will continue to drive past it and just picture us sitting on the porch and watching e&e fishing and feeding turtles on day. 
Finally, we had a little evening pool trip to finish off this weekend. 
Last week of summer 2016! Going to make it a good one ♥