Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekend Fun

Last night I had a girl's night to celebrate my birthday. Tuesday I will be 29! Crazy. We went to global grill and had a bunch of yummy tapas and enjoyed caching up. I am so thankful for such a wonderful group of girlfriends! 

Today we enjoyed some time at my parent's house and Easton hunted Easter eggs. 
He just wanted to take them out of the basket and kick them like a ball :) 

Sweet boy ♥ 
kicking with daddy 
We had a boo boo :( Here is Easton pointing it out for you...he takes his Easter egg hunting seriously. Silly boy just got tripped up on his own feet on the driveway. 
Ready for a great week! xoxo

Friday, March 29, 2013

Play date

I was off of work today for Good Friday, so we planned a play date with Summer and Elle. This might be a repeat, I can't keep track...but Summer's mom and my dad grew up together and then me and Summer grew up playing soccer together and played college soccer together at UCF. Now we both live here and our babies are just months apart :) We live about 40 minutes away from one another, but I am so thankful that our babies are just months apart and we are able to get together a good bit and let them play. Summer discovered this random hidden park that is right in the middle so each of us only has to drive 20 minutes to meet up. We were the only ones there today, it was awesome! 
 It was beautiful weather and we had fun! Drake came once he was off and we all hung out and Easton and Elle were cute as can be together. Here is Elle telling Easton about the slide :)

 They played hide and seek and it was so cute!

 Two beautiful babies! ♥ 

The next week is about to be shweet! Birthday fun, Easter, spa time, Anniversary celebration...AHHHH!  ♥ Life is good xoxo

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fun Fun

Happy Friday everyone! I can't believe Spring Break is already getting to it's end. :( I've enjoyed my time off with Easton that's for sure. Yesterday we went to visit my grandma and then went downtown for a bit. We played and then went to the Children's Museum they have there. 

 He was the only kid in the museum since we were up and at 'em so early :) A lot of the stuff was geared more towards older kids but he enjoyed checking everything out. He always plays with fake food when we have been places that have it, so I will have to make sure the Easter bunny knows to bring him some in his basket this year. :) He was very focused balancing the oranges on the boat...
 He lined them all up
And then would knock them all overboard haha 

It's been a good week, now time for a good weekend! xoxo

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nothing Better

There is seriously nothing better than days spent like today. Beautiful spring weather, my sweet baby, living in such a gorgeous place...seriously look at that sand! 
 Today we were on the go all day. Easton finally slept all night again last night so we are so thankful that he is starting to feel like himself again. 
 Today was a great day of non-stop fun around town. 
  Including Target, TJ Maxx, the soccer fields to play, lunch, naptime, the beach, and ending the day watching daddy play softball. 
I had the best day ♥ 

Monday, March 18, 2013

sick and spring break

Well it's Spring Break! woo hoo..oh wait. My baby is sick :( I think Easton has been up and down sick for almost a month now. He got better for about a week in there but it came back, and during that week he was teething, SO mom and dad are tired! He had to do breathing treatments and he has been throwing up...but last night no throw up and still congested today but I am hoping we are on the tail end of this thing going around our house. 
 I spent last night washing sheets, curtains, and spraying Lysol on everything. All 3 of us are sick right now. Saturday I shot another wedding and I came home to this :) 
 Besides being sick, I have been busy shooting again. My friend Becca from high school asked me to be her photographer for her wedding that was Saturday and everything turned our beautiful! She is gorgeous!

Lots of work and editing coming up, but nice extra money since my birthday and our anniversary are right around the corner! :) March and April are always fun months for us. Now if we could get better so we can run around and enjoy this Spring Break! xoxo

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

18 months

Easton, I wanted to do an update (a couple days late of course) for you turning 18 months. I no longer do monthly updates but I wanted to take a snap shot of what life is like for you now. You continue to be a big boy. You wear 3T shirts! Along with 24 month shorts, size 7 shoes, and size 4 diapers. You weigh 32 pounds of solid baby muscle haha and are about 33'' tall. You already have 12 teeth too! 
We are constantly on the go with you and have so much fun. Gymboree, the park, bowling (we are going again tonight) the beach, sports...You are in love with kicking your balls around the house or at the soccer field. Your favorite show is Super Why and you love to "jump" It's hilarious, you think you are jumping so high when in reality you go up to your tip toes. You also love waving to people and flexing your muscles ha! You enjoy organizing toys and putting pillows on the bed or couch, knocking them all off and then doing it again and again. 

You take one nap a day, usually from 11-1 and are on a good schedule. When mommy and daddy are at work you are hanging with Pop and Nanny all day and I love that I don't have to worry about you. I love when you run up to me when I go to pick you up. You give good kisses, love dancing, you are hilarious and a ham but will get shy and quiet somewhere new. Your laugh is the best sound in the world. ♥ You LOVE strawberries and eating fruit the best. 

I am beyond excited for Spring Break with you next week and the upcoming summer months together. You are growing so fast but I am loving every minute with you. Love you sweet boy xoxo

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Short and sweet

Happy Friday Eve! This week has been unusually busy for work. Several meetings, an all day training Tuesday, getting lecture stuff together, then today I took my seniors to the Career Academy that we attend each year. It's always fun to do things with them outside of our normal school day. 
 I also have weddings that I am shooting the next two Saturdays...busy busy. But after that I am on spring break for a week! Can't wait!!! I get to soak up some time with this dude.
I can't believe how big he is getting. ♥ My sweet baby xoxo

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wedding Bells

I don't want this weekend to end. It has been a blast spending time with family! Yesterday went great. I went to the hotel early to get ready with all the girls and Kylie really enjoyed getting to be the "junior bride" She kept looking at herself in the mirror and was so happy when she walked out in her dress by the attention she got. ♥
 The ceremony was FREEZING! I'm so happy Drake, Easton and I were asked to be a part of the day. Looking at my brother as I was walking down the aisle I had to hold back the tears. I'm so happy that he's happy. After the ceremony it was a whirlwind of trying to get warm, getting group pictures, trying to get Easton fed, and changing his tux because he peed through. ha But after all of that it was time for dinner and dancing! Everyone had a good time. My brother had a dance with Kylie while "Highway 20 Ride" was playing. So sweet. I did not take my camera from the hotel room with me, so I will be posting pictures in about a month of what my brother gets from the photographer. But my dad was snapping away and got one of the highlights of the night: Easton's 1st dance battle. haha I had to take the pictures and add captions. It cracks me up!