Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 in a nutshell

Well I can't believe tomorrow is our last day in 2010. This is a year I will never forget. We had some amazing times and events happen this year and some hard times. But the hard times come and go and you come out stronger because of them, and they help you appreciate when times are good. I am so excited for a new year and new opportunities. But before we say goodbye to this year, I just wanted to do what I did on here last year and highlight things that made our year one to remember. Enjoy :)

In January...

we watched hockey

Enjoyed time with friends

Kylie was in town

and Kathryn came to visit :)

In February...

It snowed in Florida!

We had a great Valentine's Day together

we hit the links

and spent many afternoons laying on our hammock :)

In March...

We enjoyed the dog park

ate lunch outside downtown

enjoyed date nights

and played putt-putt :)

In April...

I had my first camping trip to Oak Mountain with Drake, Jenn, and Ronnie

Celebrated my 26th birthday

baby Kendall was born

Drake and I celebrated our 3rd year of marriage

and we attended birthday parties :)

In May...

I ran my first 5k

Drake had tea parties

I got my new camera which ended up turning into a part-time job that I am so thankful for!

Drake went flying for his 27th birthday

and we had girl's night out :)

In June...

We purchased kayaks

attended baby showers

and Kylie got in town for the summer break :)

In July...

we decided to do some redecorating

celebrated Kylie's 7th birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese

Jonah was born

and had an awesome trip to Maryland :)

In August...

we finished up our guest bathroom and guest bedroom

Drake's mom came to visit

we spent time at the river with my family

and I was blessed with a new job! :)

In September...

I went to Gallery Nights with my brother

We went to Texas and stayed with Matt, Kathryn, and Bayleigh

watched football with my family

went kayaking

and Cosmo had sleepovers with Annie :)

In October...

I attended a paint party

Drake and I went through a very hard personal time for our relationship, one that would have torn some marriages apart, but we came out stronger and more in love than ever.

I went to Deluna Fest

and dressed up for Halloween with my girls :)

In November...

We took a trip to Destin and stayed in the same hotel room as our wedding night ♥

had random outings to the dog park, mall, and my parent's house

and enjoyed a long day at Seaside :)

In December...

I took the soccer girls to Mississippi

went dancing

played basketball in front of the students

played ski ball

loved Christmas with the whole family

and got a new tattoo :)

Whew! Well, congratulations if you stuck with me through the whole list :) I just love looking back at this blog and remembering my day to day life. I hope you all had a great year and are ready for twenty's gonna be heaven! ♥