Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This past weekend we did a mini family vacay :) We planned to take my dad and mom to stay with us for my dad's late retirement gift. It was a lot of fun and I hope they enjoyed it too. 
The first afternoon we went and played golf  
and took a quick dip in the pool when we got back before going down for the night. The resort was so nice. 
Saturday Easton woke us up at 5:45...after going to bed at 10:15 instead of 8 ha! Being in a new place gets his sleeping so out of whack. We went bike riding during the morning time and hung out around the wharf until nap time. 
Then it was pool time! :) 
My brother and his family came for the afternoon and went swimming and walked around with us. Georgia and Kylie hanging out :)
 My parents ♥ 
 We walked next door to the wharf where we had sno cones, cotton candy and Kylie and my brother did a ropes course. 

 It was a fun weekend...now we are back to reality and enjoying the end of our summer. Easton and I went to hobby lobby and Party City today...I can't believe I am getting ready for his 2nd birthday party. 

Tomorrow my mom is having spinal surgery :( This will be her 16th surgery she has had due to various health issues. I hate that she is always in pain and hope that she will get some relief. This one is to help with her back and nerve pain. She has a couple areas in her spine where the disc in between her vertebrae is gone and it is bone to bone causing a lot of pain and pinching nerves. Please say a prayer that it helps. Thanks! xoxo

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Just checking in

I'm starting to mix up my days :) It's hard to keep track of what day it is when you are not working. This weekend Drake and I went to dinner and Gallery night. I love gallery nights! We walked around, went into the art museums, listened to music and enjoyed a couple hours out and about. 
I've also been to chuck-e-cheese a couple more times. haha Easton was not scared of the big animals on stage at all...he tried to climb up to get up there with them :)
Over the weekend we also celebrated Kylie's 10th birthday. Enjoyed some family time and she wanted to eat at CiCis. 
Yesterday we were headed out to the beach for the evening and summer showers rolled in and it started storming, so we called Summer and Chase and ended up with an un-planned play date at their house. So fun. 
We are just continuing to be on the move and enjoying the summer. I will be back at work in 3 weeks. Oy. I'm pretty sure I will be a mess leaving this guy for work, I've gotten so attached this summer and he is just such a fun age right now. (A big messy pile of fruit for breakfast time. He LOVES fruit) 
Oh and of course we have been on our bike rides just about every day. ♥ 
Have a great day...Happy Birthday to my big brother today!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another week gone

As we made one of our trips to Target for the week to pick up Easton's strawberries and milk that he goes through like crazy...I turn the corner with my buggy and my baby eating his free popcorn (best thing ever Target...allows me ample time to shop while he eats his treat) to see the worst thing ever...the back to school gear is already out. Noooooo! Ugh 

I had another awesome week with Easton. Last week we spent one of our mornings at the Navy Base. First we stopped by my grandpa's grave. ♥
 Then we headed up the road to the museum. 
 The little old man at the front door left and came back with a sticker for Easton :)
 Pointing out the airplanes

 Taking it all in 
 After the museum we made one more stop at the fort on base...
 Easton liked playing hide and seek and was fearless heading down the dark halls

 Saturday we went to Jonah's 3rd birthday party. Vivian and Easton getting a quick pic :)
 Sunday was our 2nd attempt with Easton at church. We went to a different church that we liked but another rough day for him. We just have to keep going and hopefully it will get better. He cried off and on the whole time. After nap time we went out to the pier and ran around and flew a kite ♥ 

 This week we have been to Gymboree and today we had a play date with James and Elle :) Love meeting up with my college buddies and catching up. 
Happy Tuesday xoxo

Monday, July 8, 2013

stir crazy

Of course Drake had his 4 day weekend and 3 of the days were rainy. Boo But we got some things done inside...the back splash is almost done and I painted and distressed our little bistro table. :)
Saturday I had a shoot that had already been rained out once so we attempted to shoot, and actually got about half done before the weather came rolling in again. The plan was after my shoot to meet D&E at Gymboree for class. I get a call thinking they were getting there and Drake tells me that they were in an accident. Talk about my heart stopping. Thank God that it was minor...Drake was actually the 4th car hit so got the least damage but when I pulled up and saw this it freaked me out but I was so thankful that everyone was okay. 
 Kylie is in town for her summer break time with us and we did some indoor stuff including drawing pictures of each other :) Here is her drawing of me. 
 Even though it was dreary, I had a good weekend with my boys ♥ Love these 2!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Long weekend in the works

Drake has a 4 day weekend because of the holiday! It's been fun ♥ Yesterday morning we went golfing. Me, Drake, my dad and brother. It was fun...especially beating them all! :) I haven't played golf with my brother in a couple years! It was a fun morning, then in the afternoon we had my family over to the house for a cookout. We hung out, ate and played some horse shoes. 

 Pop showing Easton how to throw the horse shoe...
 trying it out...
 don't they realize there is an easier way to get a ringer?
 Just place it around the stake! Duh. 
 Proud boy :)
 Sitting under the pergola watching the boys play. So nice ♥ 
 We didn't want to fight the crowds for fireworks not knowing if Easton would be a fan...maybe next year. But of course our neighbors were still blasting massive ones off at 10:30 when I went to sleep, so thankful for Easton's sound machine! I am that grumpy old lady hating on the fireworks because my baby is sleeping ha 

Today it rained all day so we took daddy to show him what we do at Chuck e Cheese :) We had fun
 and then all took a nice rainy day nap before doing some shopping. Easton's big head will only fit into adult hats haha 
Spent 2 great days with my boys and we still have 2 more together! Woo hoo...photo shoot in the AM then onto the fun stuff. ♥ TGIF

Monday, July 1, 2013

Quality Time

Saturday after Easton's nap we took him to Pop and Nanny's house for the night! An overnight date night is always SO appreciated :) We went into town and ate dinner and then headed to the beach for the evening. It was a beautiful evening and nice to catch our breath and spend time with just the 2 of us. We played putt-putt and then walked around the boardwalk before heading home and watching a movie. ♥ We stayed up later than usual and then got to sleep in! woo hoo
Always love our date nights! xoxo