Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Twenty Thirteen

It's always hard to believe how fast the time goes. Another year down...2013 was a good year for our family. I wanted to hop on and post the highlights for our year. Enjoy! 

In January...
We had the biggest highlight to our year as Drake started a new job that was the same pay but double the time at home. Such a blessing and thankful we get every evening and weekend together now!
Had play dates, 
 I got a new car ♥ 
 Easton started Gymboree
 And we took trips to the beach. 

In February...
I won Journalism Teacher of the Year for our district,
We had Rose's bridal shower,
 played soccer, 
 had date nights, 
 and went exploring on nature trails. 

In March...
My brother and Rose got married,
Easton had a dance off, 
We went to the park, 
and had a girl's night for my birthday. 

In April...
We had an amazing weekend celebrating our wedding anniversary, 
Kyle and Rose had baby Georgia, 
 I took my students to Orlando to compete at FSPA,
 and we went to birthday parties.

In May...
Kathyrn came in town for the night, 
 We got a cool new bike seat and rode ALL the time, 
Drake's mom and step dad came in town as a surprise...
 as part of Drake's surprise 30th birthday weekend :) It was awesome. 

In June...
I was on summer break which meant Easton was my pal all day everyday :) 
 posting these makes me itch for summer break already haha
We were on the go constantly!
Love my summer breaks! 
 We had family pictures taken, 
 and went to summer concerts downtown. 

In July...
We took my dad to Destin as a retirement gift :)
 We had everyone over for the 4th, 
 went to NAS, 
 met up with old college soccer friends and their sweet babies, 
 and went to one of many gallery nights. 

In August...
We watched baseball, 
Easton had his first golf trip, 
 went fishing, 
and closed out summer vacation with my girls. 

In September...
Easton had a great 2nd birthday party, 
 we built a bear, 
 fed the birds at the pier, 
 and went to pep rallies and football games. 

In October...
We went to the pumpkin patch, 
 Sweet Season Farm, 

had fun at the fair, 
Sesame Street Live, 
 Easton ran his first race haha
rode in a fire truck, 
 and had the cutest little Bam Bam for Halloween. 
 October also holds the worst day for us. Easton's seizure that sent us in the ambulance to the ER. So scary and so thankful he is okay. ♥ 

In November...
Easton and Elle chased birds, 
went to the Arts Festival, 
  and had a great Thanksgiving Break together

In December...
We went to the zoo, 
 Winter fest, 
 watched parades, 
went to Christmas parties, 
 and had a wonderful Christmas day! 
I know there are tons of cliche resolutions and goals set tonight. But I do enjoy looking back at the past year and thinking about what I can improve in my own life. Looking back makes me appreciate what I have and I am so excited to continue and see the amazing things the future holds for our family. God is good! Happy New Year.