Sunday, January 31, 2016


We had a good weekend! It went WAY too fast of course! But, Easton was invited to Madison's birthday party yesterday at Sam's Fun City, so we spent most of our day there. Easton had a blast! 

Other than that we got groceries and went to the park today along with hanging some things in the nursery. I am 28 weeks now. So crazy! Easton came up to my belly the other day and said, "Hey Emerson!" and kissed it. ♥ It was so sweet. I told him he could talk to her more and he told me, "She said she wants to come out and play Jurassic Park with me." haha 

Have a good week! xoxo

Saturday, January 23, 2016

bump and birthdays

My bump at 27 weeks ♥ 
 Easton popped in for one :) He seems to be getting more excited about having a sister. I can't wait to see them together!
Today was cold, so we were in town playing at the bounce house place, came home and Rose and Georgia stopped by and then we went to Jenn and Ronnie's for Ronnie's birthday. Easton had fun playing with all the kids :) Oh...and we are signed up for t-ball again. Oh boy. :) 
Happy to still have one more day before back to work! 

Monday, January 18, 2016

3 day weekend

 Awesome weekend with lunch downtown, LOTS of bike riding, playing at the park, jumping on the trampoline and enjoying beautiful weather and hanging out with my boys. 4 day work week this week. yay! ♥ 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

running around and reading

Just a quick post of a few things we have been up to lately. Overall with it being dark and colder when we get home, the winter seems to feel less eventful, but we try and do some random fun inside things throughout the busy weeks. Easton had some money saved up from helping around the house and decided he wanted to go to the "ice cream store" and get an ice cream with some of his money. We had a nice little date while daddy was at work ♥ 
Over the weekends, we continue to slowly get some things marked off of the to-do list for Emerson. We did our registry last week-that was fun :) And got this wood dresser and painted it grey and added some new knobs. 
 We also went in town and played at the park and shot some hoops :) 
 Add in a trip to Chuckie Cheese after work yesterday and it's been a good few weeks. 

BUT the reason I am most excited to post today is this right here...I am a proud momma! Easton's teacher talked about starting to work on sight words with him and my mom told her that we had already been working on some at the next day I sent in a book that focuses on sight words that Easton likes to read before bed so that he could read it to her, and she was amazed. She asked if I could send in another book the next day so that she could have him read to the class! She sent me this picture...and as soon as I opened it on my phone, I started to cry. It immediately took me back to Easton starting school last year and he could only say a handful of words, then he starts talking more, initiating conversations, and now here he was reading an entire book by himself to his class. God is good! 
I had to share ♥  Happy Friday eve!! 

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year!

Happy 2016! We had a good weekend before it was back to reality today. Luckily, today was a planning day, so it gets me back into my routine without walking right back into all of my kids being there. I was able to get a lot of planning done and things organized. I'm ready to take on the second semester...well at least some of it until maternity leave starts! Ahhhh! 

{Here we are NYE just hanging at the house ♥ }
 The cold weather finally rolled in after hot, humid cloudy weather for our entire break! It made it that much harder today as I was stuck in my classroom and the sun is shining for the first time in 2 weeks. Blah
 Over the weekend we went to the Home Depot workshop...I'm pretty sure we will continue to be regulars there. It's free and Easton loves it. He made a spinning box this month. 

 Since we were all ready for the day, once we left there we headed downtown for a while. 
We ate lunch and walked around the farmer's market together. 

 We also got to see Emerson again this weekend! ♥ She was moving around like crazy! Opening her mouth, trying to stick her hands in there and of course except for a few shots, she was blocking her face with her hands for the most part. Easton was actually into it this time and it was so exciting. 
I think that's it for now. Have a good week! xoxo