Sunday, November 27, 2016

fall break

Last week before we jumped into fall break we were able to finish up our guest bathroom renovations. 
We changed the lighting fixture, vanity top, faucet and knobs. I painted the existing cabinet and we added wood to the existing mirror and changed the wall decor and shower curtain. 
Drake and I also took a personal day together and it was great! We did some Christmas shopping and had lunch together. Then we went together to get Easton and were able to get ice cream and go to the park with him before getting Emerson. 
This silly girl is also pulling up these days. Slow down. 
Last weekend Easton and I went on a mommy-son date. We went to a paint class and made a sign that is a countdown to Santa coming. I think Easton had fun :) I know I enjoyed watching him and helping him with the project. 
 My shopping buddy ♥ Gotta squeeze in that girl  time too! 
 This week I was off all week for Fall Break. It was so nice! We mainly hung around here, but the weather was nice and I enjoyed the time with my babies and just a break from the every day hustle and bustle. 

 We went on an adventure one afternoon, Easton loves looking at maps and figuring them out along the way! PS-When did my baby start looking like he is 12?! :(
 Then, one of the days I took them to skyzone to jump around and play. Always fun! 

 Emerson watching Easton and his neighborhood friends play in the backyard. 
 One of the days we went downtown and played at the park before eating outside at the food trucks. 
 Then we had Thanksgiving at our house Thursday. It was nice having the family over. We played the lipless game...and my brother laughed so hard he literally threw up {insert big eyed emoji here} That will be a story to remember. 
Then yesterday it was a boys afternoon...Drake and Easton went to the Virginia basketball game since they were playing close to home and check out these cuties getting filmed :) Pretty cool. 
And, tomorrow it is back to the grind. At least it's only for 3 1/2 weeks! I am a work in progress on my mood when these times roll around. I am SO lucky to have the schedule I do, but sometimes having all of the amazing time off just makes it that much harder to go back-you realize how much you are truly missing day to day. 

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving...excited for the Christmas season and to squeeze in as many fun outings/traditions on the weekends as we can leading up to Santa coming! 

Fall Family Pictures