Friday, October 30, 2009

Gummies and Girls Night

I just got home from spending the evening at my parents. Drake and my dad are working tonight so me and my mom decided to hang out. We rented He's Just Not That Into You and ate junk food. :) So a pretty low key evening, but a night with your momma is always a good one!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beautiful Saturday

Today was a really fun day! We got up and started our day with a little Saturday morning Spongebob :) and then got ready to meet some of our friends up at the corn maze they have going on right now. This is what it looks like from up above...
It was a really nice day...we have had great weather lately and I am loving it! The maze was fun, they had different check points that were numbered and you had to answer a question, and it would tell you based on your answer which way to go next, so that was neat.

Drake and I got there before everyone else so while we were waiting we decided to get some pictures on the tractors :) While we were sitting and waiting I was just sitting and watching all of the kids playing around us and the parents taking pictures and playing and I got so sad. I asked Drake if he ever thought about what our life will be like when our time comes and he said he likes to think about our kids playing sports and how he can't wait to teach them how to play. It was nice to just sit and talk while we were waiting on the gang. I love Drake so much, he always makes me feel at ease about the future baby Wade.

With Jenn, Vivian, Danielle, (and her baby bump), and Kaylee

Ronnie snapping pictures, this was at the beginning when we were ready to go! :)

My hubby

Kaylee and I had matching popsicles

I gave Jenn a break and took Vivian during the maze...I didn't mind :) I loved her little carrier that she got from Target-note to self!

Still walking...

Vivian passed out

We're lost! haha

We did it! :)
After we got home I watched Alabama continue their undefeated season! Roll Tide!! Then we went over to Jenn and Ronnie's for dinner and a movie. So we had a great day today! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Off to a good start

Well the weekend is off to a good start after an evening out last night. We decided to do a little bowling :) We went with our friends Kevin and Alex and were competing(of course) couple vs. couple to see who had the highest score. It was so close after the two games but Drake and I came out on top. yay
Then we all came back to our house and watched Step Brothers in our pjs and just had a good time. I am wondering how I went to bed so late last night (crazy I know) but my body still woke me up so early this morning?! Oh well, that makes my Saturday feel that much longer.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

random stuff

Ok I promise I will get back to writing more! I am really slacking off lately. This week has just been a whirlwind I feel like. I think I have stayed late at work everyday. I am really starting to get my groove, which means I am crazy busy. Plus I want to make sure and work really hard because I have to have my case load filled by December 31st and I surely don't want to be stressing about getting my numbers around the holidays. after work I went over to the mall and got a cute top from lutus boutique. It was between the top and a cute dress that I could wear for a date night or out on the town, so I went the practical route and got the shirt. I will get more use out of it I think. I could buy so much from that store! Their stuff is so cute.

After I killed some time I went to my appointment for a 1 hour full body massage...amazing! I would normally feel guilty treating myself to something like that but not this time...I found out about a cosmotology school here that does one hour massages for $25! The girl did such a good job, it was so nice to just relax.

Oh and I had two great phone convos this mom telling me that Kylie will be here her whole Christmas break! 3 weeks of Kylie! I cannot wait to see her again, my parents showed me pictures of when they saw her a few weeks ago and she is getting so big. AANNDD my other conversation was Drake telling me that his leave got approved so we will be able to go up to Virginia over Thanksgiving and stay with his mom and step-dad. Now...if we could just get pregnant this month so that we could share the news with his family in person, that would be great :)

Monday, October 19, 2009


I just wanted to write to say that I have made an appointment with the OBGYN. I called today to set it is with a new doctor that I have heard great things about so I am going to try her. My last one was just not the best, I felt like she was rushing me out when I would ask questions. So when I called the nurse said they were booked through December, but then let me know about a cancellation! :) yay So...I am set to go in November 12th. I am excited, anxious, and nervous all at once.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Life's a Beach

Drake and I just got back from taking Cosmo to the beach. It was such a pretty day. I am so lucky to live by the beach, especially such a pretty one :) Here are some pictures from our day...

My little family :)

Stopping for a break after they ran down the beach chasing birds

My turn! :)

Drying off after jumping in the water after a bird

Always a good day when you take this walk
Happy Saturday!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The weekend is here!

This week started out slow but then on Wednesday night we spent the evening up at NEP. Drake was filling in for a men's softball league so I went up to watch. Here is a video of him hitting a homerun in extra innings to give his team the lead :)

Yesterday after work we went up to the high school so that I could watch some of my old students play powderpuff. I miss them! I felt so loved all evening. Lots of hugs :) Soccer season just started back up for them so it will be weird to have my evenings at home during this time of year.

Well, no luck again this month with baby Wade. I started yesterday :( This morning I woke up at 5:30 with my killer cramps. Not the best way to start your morning. Ugh
I am still holding my head high. I am going to make an appointment for November since that's when my new benefits kick in for work to try and see what the problem could be.
Well, today is FRIDAY! yay The weather is amazing and will be all weekend, I am so excited. So now that it is getting cooler what does every dog need?!

A snuggie! hahaha I know this was the most un-needed thing but it is hilarious. She has had it on since I got home and I think she actually likes it. She usually rolls around trying to get her shirts and things off but she is oh so comfy in her snuggie :)
Well, I am off to hang out with Drake and then Jenn, Ronnie, and Vivian are coming over to watch The Proposal later tonight. Yay...The weekend is here!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Well I have been pretty good about writing more and more on here but I have not written in a few days...just not much to write about. I am in the same situation I was last month with the baby update, I was supposed to start around Sunday and have not started yet, but the test on Sunday was a negative. I just start to get annoyed...I am going to try another test in the morning. I will keep you posted.
It's just been a slow week I guess, my parents are out of town and Drake and I are on total opposite shifts right now. But once Thursday hits it's smooth sailing :) Well, that's it for me today...hopefully I will have fun pictures and blogs later in the week for you.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Expectant Faith

This was on a blog the other day and it has really inspired me...

"See how the farmer waits expectantly for the precious harvest from the land."~James 5:7

TODAY'S WORD from Joel and Victoria
Too often people passively sit around waiting for their dreams to come true. As time goes by they begin to think things will never change for them, and the longer the wait, the more frustrated they feel. It's important to keep moving toward your dreams in faith and hope. Expecting God's best and making preparations to succeed will help you stay in faith during times of waiting. "Joel," you might ask, "How do I do that?" Have expectant faith. Start talking and acting like your dreams are going to happen. People may think that sounds strange, but don't let it bother you. God has given you a dream, and you may see things they don't see. As you settle it in your heart and mind that God is faithful, you'll get excited about His promises for you.
If you feel like you're in a holding pattern, don't get discouraged; God is working on your behalf. Put your trust in Him. Start making preparations for the dreams God has planned for you so you will be ready when they arrive. Take your faith to a higher level — go from believing to expecting — and God will bring you the desires of your heart at just the right time.

So, what did I do today? We currently have our office that is kind of the random room in our house with the computer and a couch, nothing too exciting going on. It will eventually be our baby's room. So...I acted like my dream is going to happen. What will be one of the first things I do once I get pregnant? Start getting the office ready to transform into a nursery. So, Drake and I put our couch on craigslist this morning. Don't worry I will not go totally crazy and get anything for a baby in here until I am pregnant, but I am getting the old stuff out. So, the couch already sold and is out of here! We never use it anyway, but it was still a big step. :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The new and improved Wade family

haha Why are we new and improved? Two things...first off we decided the other day before we went to get groceries that we needed to spice things up a bit in the cooking part of our lives. We are pretty boring when it comes to dinner, when Drake is on his weird shift it is usually every man for himself and when we do make something it is basic or a homestyle bakes :) Sooo we looked up a ton of recipes and decided to start making some new things for dinner. I'm so glad we did! Last night we made a poppyseed chicken casserole that was yummy and then I made a healthy apple crisp recipe for dessert. It's not that I never knew how to cook, I just chose not to ;) But Drake will not allow me to just cook by myself, anytime I am in the kitchen he joins in and it is a team effort which is so nice.
Second, we are getting our butts back in shape. Since both of our bodies were used to college athletics, nothing we can do will ever be the same...but we have not been totally motivated lately. So we are back in a routine, which started Monday night after we got home from our grocery trip we ran around the neighborhood, and then we did sprints up and down our road. Hate it, but love it!
So those are two changes we made this week and plan on continuing. This week is flying by! My work week has been crazy busy, which I makes next week get here faster, and you know what next week is?! Testing week!!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lucky Number Seven?

I realized the other day that October marks our 7th month of trying for a baby. I can't believe it has already been that long. Maybe this month will be our lucky month :) I think I should be able to test in maybe a week or so. Fingers crossed.

This weekend I have been a total bum and loved every minute of it! I have done some cleaning up and laundry, but I have slept in the past 2 days and now it is raining so I can't do anything outside. I did tell Jenn Friday when I went over there that if her and Ronnie wanted to do something I would watch Vivian and she took me up on that offer last night :) It was later in the evening, so I fed her and she was out for the count! But I held her and just watched her sleep. She is such a good baby.

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend. I am not ready for another work week! :(

Friday, October 2, 2009


Well, this is the one weekend I dread each month...Drake is on the overnight shift Fri, Sat, and Sun and sleeps during the day. It is nice to just relax after a few non-stop weekends, but when I am bored the thought of what I would be doing if I had a baby always crosses my mind. I will never be bored then! :) I am going over to my friend Jenn's in a few minutes just to get out of the house, but as I was sitting here in blog world, I came across this video on another blog and had to post it.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll

I cannot believe it is already October! The past few days the fall weather has been rolling in and it has been amazing! I wish it would stay like this longer than it does. I have put out the few fall decorations I have, but I need to continue to accumulate more and more each year.

So along with fall comes Halloween, and I have no idea what we are doing this year, yes I know that it is still a while away but it is on a Saturday this year and hopefully this will be our last Halloween with just the two of us, so I hope we can find something fun to do together. All of our friends will be taking their kids trick-or-treating...I wish I at least had Kylie here to take around the neighborhood :( I did talk to her today, I cannot believe she is 6 years old! She was asking about Cosmo of course. (This is my niece for those reading and do not know) I think she will be here to visit soon! I can't wait. So...speaking of Halloween here is a picture of what little Vivian Otts is going as this year...

I love it! I was having so much fun looking at all of the other baby Halloween costumes. What are your kids going as this year? I wish I had a scanner so that I could put some old Halloween pictures of me and my brother's costumes, there were some cool (and not so cool) ones :) Well, I am off to shower-tomorrow is Friday!!!