Sunday, September 25, 2011

Snapping Away

Just some pictures of little E that we took today :)

cracks me up :)

Happy Fall Y'all

It is officially fall! Yay :) I can't wait until I can workout again and use my jogging stroller while the weather is good.

And...I am officially a zombie these days. My body is still trying to adjust to getting little sleep. Please tell me I will get used to it and feel normal again going on a couple hours of sleep?! I am already wondering how in the world I will function when I have to go back to work.

Yesterday we went to my parent's house to watch the Alabama game. Easton got to wear his Alabama onesie with his tennis shoe socks. Oh, and I say watch the game, but I eventually passed out on the couch :)

I love my boy ♥

Yesterday our stone got finished around our front door :) Drake and a couple of his co-workers have been working on it little by little and now it is done. I love it! My hubby is a handyman ♥

Well, that is all for now. I clearly can't put complete thoughts together today, so I am outta here. Happy whatever day it is when you read this. xoxo

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Slings and Shopping

Today has been a great day! We got up and got ready...and when I say that I mean we were ready to go right after lunchtime haha It only takes hours to get up and moving these days. But once we were ready, we headed up to my work to pick up a check and got to see some of my co-workers up there. They loved seeing Easton :)

After that we headed to the shopping center right up the road and stopped by TJ Maxx and Target. We got Easton a Hurley hoodie and jeans, they are 0-3 months but still WAY too big for him. He is so tiny. (and I love it! :)) At Target we got Bridesmaids the movie to watch tonight while eating some pizza :) Oh, and it was Drake's idea to get the movie. Dork.

Well, I am off to cuddle up on the couch with my boys. Have a great evening! xoxo

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The past couple days have been good for us at the Wade house :) Not much going on, just enjoying family time at home until I am up to being on the go again. I am so thankful for my family and friends being around me. My mom came by today and took Cosmo to get her nails trimmed and did some laundry and then Jenn and Ronnie stopped by with dinner for us (again) I appreciate all of the extra help so much! I cannot wait to feel like myself again. Sorry, my posts are not very entertaining lately...mainly just quick check-ins, but I guess that's better than nothing :) Here is a picture of Easton and Dean hanging out this evening ♥

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


blood clot under my c-section incision= no fun :(

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Out of the house

Today we got out of the house. It was just over to my parent's, but it still counts :) The first time of having to get the diaper bag packed and all that good stuff. We hung out and celebrated my grandma's 77th birthday.

One week has already passed, and I am so excited knowing I still have 2 weeks with Drake at home and I still have 7 weeks off from work. Everything is still going well, Easton is doing good through the nights, but it is still an adjustment to getting a lot less sleep. I have also had my moments of break down. Today I was all upset because Easton could not latch on this morning and we had to give him a bottle. Going into it, I said I would try breast feeding but it was no big deal if it didn't work, but now that he has been breastfeeding and I have experienced the bonding, I freaked out thinking he would never latch on again. His next feeding everything was back to normal :) Thank you to the inventor of the nipple shield. Well, off to least for a couple hours. Goodnight

My family ♥

Friday, September 16, 2011

Cloud 9

Since we have been home everything has been great! It is a crazy adjustment, but Drake and I make a good team taking care of Easton and I am loving my time at home with both of them. I think Easton makes me slow down and really enjoy every moment. I know that he is going to grow so fast and I want to take advantage of every second I have with him. I have already cried happy tears a couple times. Just rocking him or holding him...on the car ride home from the hospital. I have everything I have ever wanted in my life right now and I am so thankful.

I am recovering well from the c-section, I can't wait until I am 100% again. Anyways, I just wanted to check-in. Here is a picture of the sign outside of my job. I love my co-workers :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Birth Story

Biggest day of my life. How in the world do I transfer my feelings about this amazing day through my keyboard? It is not possible, but I want to type out everything now so that I can look back and relive that day-Easton's Birthday.

He is already such a considerate kid, knowing that Friday was my last day at work and family and friends would be able to hang at the hospital over the weekend with us since they were off too. :) So, it all started about 11:30 Friday night. I woke up from some contractions but did not think twice about them since they had been off and on for a while now, but these were a little more intense. After a handful I woke Drake up just to let him know they were painful but really random, but I was having more than usual. As they continued on a little longer he started timing...they were anywhere from 4 minutes apart to 8. We kept timing and I was annoyed thinking,"Either let this be the real thing or just go away" After about an hour and a half of random contractions, they jumped right into being about 4 minutes apart consitently. I did not want to head right to the hospital and have a false alarm, so Drake continued to track them and I got in the bath to try and help with some of the pain. Finally, after they were 4 minutes apart for about an hour we decided to head to the hospital, it was around 2:00.

I called my family and let them know that we were heading in. We told them that it might be a while, or even a false alarm so we would call once we got out of triage or something. But about 10 minutes after we got there who do we see through the window? :) Triage was annoying, and the first lady we dealt with was annoying, but we were finally admitted. Once I was admitted we headed to our first room and I put on my hospital gown and got in the bed. I was now sitting in a delivery room at a hospital where I had been several times in the past couple years to visit close friends getting ready to welcome babies into this world, but now I was the one on the bed?! I would look around and just soak in every detail that I could. In the matter of hours I would meet my baby that I dreamed about meeting for years.

Everything started out smooth. When triage checked me I was 3 cm. and 100% effaced. By the time I got in my room and they checked me out again a couple hours later I was at 5 cm. I filled out all of my paperwork and then went ahead and got my epidural. I already had planned to get an epidural so that was a smooth process. Drake was able to stay in the room with me. I had so much relief once that was done. After that, my parents came back in and we continued to play the waiting game. I was 5 cm. for a couple hours and then about noon I moved up to 7 or 8 cm. Although I was moving along, they did comment on how high he felt and said a couple things about my cervix. Go to a couple hours later and they had put me on some pitocin to strengthen and regulate my contractions.

After that, things started to head the other way, literally. They checked me and I went back to being about 7 cm. and then they checked again and I was 6 cm.?! As this was going on my parent's notice that Easton's heart rate was rising on his monitor and staying pretty high.

I started to feel worse. Apparently Easton was trying to come down and my cervix was just not big enough for him to fit through. He was bumping up against it over and over causing it to swell and push him back. Add the fact that my fever went to a 102.6 causing his heart rate to stay high and we had no other choice, we had to get him out.

As soon as the doctor came in (who was not mine, it was the on call doctor for the weekend shift which made me mad) and started explaining what was happening with me and Easton, I knew what was coming next. I just started crying. I did not want to have an emergency c-section obviously but it made it all a little more real. I was scared.

They came back and explained everything to us and in the matter of a few minutes everything went from smooth sailing to getting papers signed and getting me back to do the c-section as quick as possible. My parents kissed me bye and we headed back to the operation room. It was so cold in there. They wheeled me in and gave me medicine to numb me from the chest down. The lights were bright. The radio was on-playing black hole sun. I looked around at all of the scissors and scalpels. Once I was numb I put my arms out to the side and they put the sheet up so that I could not see, and then they went and got Drake.

My husband has never been so amazing. I thought I loved him here...
and this day was a lot of fun...
I even thought I loved him here too...
But nothing compares to how much I loved him here...
he made me feel so loved while going through everything. He showed so much care and compassion for me when he came back into that operating room and held my hand telling me how proud he was of me and how great I was doing.

They started the c-section. I hated the feeling. They cut me felt like someone rubbing their fingernail across my stomach but knowing what was going on was the worst part. I kept trying to take slow breaths and stay calm during this overwhelming experience. Just looking at Drake and trying to believe this was really happening. He wiped my tears with a kleenex and held my hand. He just kept reminding me that it would be over soon and we would be able to see Easton.

I heard the doctor say he had hair and I smiled :) Then they said I would feel a good amount of tugging...and then...there he was. I did not hear him cry at first, I just heard the suctioning of everything and I just watched Drake. He had his hat and mask on his face, but all I needed to see were his eyes...the tears of joy that started to take over...and then Easton cried. I was asking Drake what he looked like and then they told me they were coming around the corner so that I could see him. I will never forget this moment ♥

Easton Bentley was finally here. He weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces and has such a cool birthday :) 09/10/11. Due to the emergency c-section they had to take him to the NICU to run tests and start him on some antibiotics.

We were not able to get our hands on the little guy until about 9:30 that night which was a killer, but everyone could see him through the nursery window.

They even rolled me by after I got my stitches so that I could see him for a second.
We spent 3 days in the hospital while I was on pain meds and they monitored Easton.

I am so thankful that he is healthy and everything is ok. I can see parts of both of us through him and it is just the coolest thing. Our love created this miracle.

We are officially back home now and settling in as a new family. I am so happy and cannot wait to see what the future holds for the 3 of us! :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Easton Bentley Wade. Born on 09/10/11 at 3:26 pm weighing 7 pounds 15 ounces

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Friday Eve!

This week has been a good one overall, a short work week and I have run a few errands after work each day. The weather has made it so enjoyable! The storm brought through a front and it has been in the 60s in the morning and evenings and 80s during the day. Today we went on a walk and went to my parent's house and played some board games. I am obsessed with board games!

So, tomorrow will be my last day of work :) I think I kind of already knew my answer when I posted the other day, but just wanted to hear opinions before I decided for sure. I think with me being on my feet all day working with students with disabilities, has made me so tired physically and I am so done! I wonder when he will be here?! I am still in shock that this can happen anytime.

Well, I am off to shower and get in bed early. Here we are on our walk today ♥

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week 39

So...week 39. I went in today and let's start with the good-she did comment on his head feeling lower, my blood pressure was good, his heart rate was good, and I lost weight since last week? Now the bummer-she did her weekly progress check and nothing. I am still 1 cm. and my cervix is closed, no more thinning, etc.

SO the plan for now...I go back in next Monday morning for an ultrasound. She wants to see how big he is because she does not want him getting too big with me being smaller, especially since he was measuring big a couple weeks back. If he is measuring big OR I have dilated more-we set up induction next week.

If he measures normal, my fluid is good, and I have still not progressed...I continue to wait?! :( She did say she does not want to go past the 41 week mark. Uh yea, me either! But I can't help but feel like he will be here soon. I have had more contractions lately, even though they are always inconsistent and nothing too intense. I am contemplating Friday being my last day of work regardless, Thoughts?

I am in a bummer mood right now, so after the appointment I went and got my nails done (yes, I just got them done last week...these things are growing so fast with the prenatals kicking!) and now I am home and Drake wants to go to Olive Garden for dinner ♥ After that I plan on getting home and taking a walk with him and Cosmo, we had temps in the 70s today!

Coming down to the wire, your baby weighs around seven to eight pounds and measures 19 to 21 inches. Those measurements won't change much from now on, but his brain is still growing at an astonishing rate, a pace that will continue for the first three years of life. His pink skin has now turned whitish (even babies who'll eventually have darker skin appear whitish now — they haven't yet developed pigment). His head may have dropped into your pelvis by now, which makes your breathing easier but walking harder.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Nursery

Our last item for the nursery came in today-the curtains that were made by Drake's mom :) They complete the room perfectly. Thank you! I tried my best to turn the camera and fit everything in...and the growth chart looks like a totally different color than the other blues but it's not. Good 'ol indoor pictures. The bedding and curtains are navy blue and the furniture is espresso...

A view from the other side...

His little shelf :)

And this is a terrible picture of me ready for bed, but I thought it was so cute that Cosmo was laying on me with her hand on her brother ♥