Sunday, May 25, 2014

Officially Summer

It is officially summertime and we are loving it. Although I still have one more week of work, we have enjoyed some out and about time the last few days. We went to a Wahoos game and Easton loved watching them play and going to the bounce house. Now that Sydney is working for them we can go anytime for free which is awesome! She even delivered Easton a snow cone to our seats :)

 A random hilarious picture from the other day as we were headed out for the day...I turn around and this is what I see :) haha 
Daddy letting Easton drive up at his work. Love my boys ♥ 
 Yesterday we went to my parent's house and Easton got to play with Georgia. They are too cute ♥ 
It's been a busy productive weekend so far, we went and picked out new wood floors since ours were damaged by the flooding, so we will be putting those in sometime in the near future. What a headache but the new wood will look nice. Well, I guess that's about it, I hope everyone has a wonderful memorial day tomorrow! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

loving life

Hey guys! So last week we went to visit Easton's school and I think, ready or not, Easton will start in August. So bittersweet. A couple huge positives for me are 1. Easton will get speech therapy everyday while he is there and we really liked the speech teacher, she seemed to really care and asked us a lot of questions about Easton. 2. Because of the more intense therapy needed by the kiddos in his class, there is a 3-1 student teacher ratio and I believe they are looking at a total of 6 kids in his class next year. 3. Easton seemed comfortable. Overall he is shy with new things, but was exploring and showed an interest in the other kids. I think that him being strong in all other areas besides speech will make him feel confident and make him feel like a helper with the kids who are maybe in there for a delay in their motor skills for example. 

We have a meeting set up for this Thursday to set up everything and discuss our goals for Easton over the next school year. My main thing is that I want to make sure he is still challenged academically. He is a super smart kid and although he needs help with his expressive speech, I want to make sure he is pushed in all areas. It is a little hard for me to swallow the pill that I am a teacher and my baby needs extra help to get caught up in an area, but I will make sure that he has the best opportunities possible to get caught up before he starts school. I think the scariest part for us is that he can't tell us how things are going. Does he like it? Did he have a good day? I will just continue to trust God with his plan for us and Easton as we move forward. Until's almost time to enjoy a fun filled summer with my buddy! ♥ 

Friday evening we went to Gallery Night and Easton loved walking around exploring the streets. It is definitely one of my favorite local things to do and I am excited that they have decided to have it once a month now. Easton got a balloon, danced in the streets and hung out with super heroes. 

Saturday we were up and loaded the car for a quick weekend away. Drake and I went to Panama City for a delayed anniversary weekend after having to reschedule twice because of rain. We got there around lunch time and went to Pier Park and ate at Dick's Last Resort. It was fun, the waiters are very sarcastic and funny. :)
 After lunch we spent most of the afternoon by the pool just soaking up the sun and listening to music. Later that night we went to Firefly for a nice dinner. It was really good. So nice to just sit and really enjoy each other and celebrate our love ♥ 
 Yesterday we slept in! (Best part of the trip every year haha) and then went shopping before heading home. Always so thankful to my parents for keeping Easton while we go. Now back to work...a long weekend ahead and then exam week and we are on break!! xoxo

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Playing, Pool and Painting

We've had a good few days since my last check-in. The usual day to day grind with work, Easton's speech and the gym. Drake snagged a quick little side job for a couple days helping a buddy with his landscaping for their new house. We all went over so they could unload plants and he brought his daughter to play with Easton. He LOVED her! :) He keeps pulling this picture up and pointing to it and saying bye bye so he can go see her again. He remembers the road they live on so when we drive by he points to turn and then covers his eyes (because they played hide and seek together) It's so sweet the ways he communicates with us since he cannot get the words out just yet. We will be going to see his school Thursday morning and I really hope I feel great about everything when I leave there. 
Our weekend was pretty low key, for Mother's Day I napped and we spent the afternoon at the pool. :) Easton loves going!
Finally yesterday I took my momma out for her Mother's Day gift, an evening at the dot shop. She painted a flower and I did a mason jar for the front door. It was a good evening ♥ 
 Here is my final product...
 Hope you are having a good week! xoxo

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

this and that

[Just a quick hop on with some random stuff going on lately]

*Easton got his blood drawn Monday and did amazing! No tears and they had to get a ton of blood so it took a while, he laid there still with his eyes closed and his bottom lip out. Of course they called the following day and have to get one more lab for something so we will go back again next week. ugh! 

*We will be going on a visit to the school Easton might be attending in the fall for his speech. Still so overwhelmed by the thought of dropping him off for that long but know it will be good. :)

*Drake and I get to go to Panama City next weekend, just us two! ♥ It is our yearly anniversary weekend away, but we had it scheduled for a weekend last month that had 100% chance of rain both days so they let us change the date, we are both excited! We decided to do Panama City this year to do something different, I can't wait! 

*Only 13 full days of school and 3 1/2 days left! I cannot believe it is almost summer break!

*Speaking of the break, I plan to make some fun videos with my new gopro! :) Just got it last night and plan to film us at the beach and pool having fun. 
*So if you recall, Easton's first week of gymnastics was a nightmare. He did not understand that he had to wait his turn or the concept of lining up, etc. But he is totally rocking it now! Here are a couple videos from my phone from class last night...
(waiting his turn for the trampoline)
(demonstrating his favorite routine for the day)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Drying off

Well this has been an eventful couple of days. We were expecting heavy rain Tuesday night but no one was prepared for what came through. This is our front yard...with Sydney's car floating in it, she was over when this all happened. 
 It was such a bad storm. The worst was when water started coming in our front and back doors and the radar was showing red for a while longer, and it was moving so slow. Here are a couple shots from around town...

 Overall we are very lucky, but we did spend yesterday ripping up carpet and trying to save wood it is looking like we might have to rip out sheet rock :( Of course no one around here has flood insurance, so it's all on us. Just trying to take one day at a time right now. The weather did damage some schools, so I was off the last two days. I spent the day with Easton bowling, going on a bike ride and doing bubbles. He makes everything better! ♥ 
Easton also had his neurologist appointment last week and my parents and Drake loved her! She spent an hour just answering questions. She ordered some lab work to see if he has any deficiencies in his blood, and if that comes back clear then she will do a scan of his brain in 4 months. We are also trucking along with 2 days of speech now...the program he is in now ends when he turns 3, but we are talking about a program that is through the school board where he would go starting in August that would go from about 8-12 each day and focus on his speech. It will be so stinking hard at first because of how clingy he is, but I am excited deep down because I think a routine and being around other kids will help him so much too. Lab work is Monday which will be miserable but we are truckin along and still praying that all will turn out okay. 

Back to work tomorrow, lots to do...