Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Social butterflies

This weekend we had two birthday parties to attend. Friday after work we got ready and headed downtown for James' 40th birthday at the Opera House. 
It was a nice evening with delicious food and good music. 
 Annnddd then there's last night haha Opera House Friday night and a white trash bash Saturday night. :) Danielle had her annual theme party for her birthday. 
Both nights we were home by 10:30 and ready for bed. We are lame. I also took my sweet boy to the park yesterday...we rode my bike (he still fits on the seat that goes in front of me and he loves it! Hoping we can use it through this summer) It was a couple miles there, we ran and played and then rode back. 

Today is a rainy lazy Sunday. Just cleaning around the house and have to get groceries later. Another busy week ahead...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Itching for spring

We had a great weekend, we have been super lucky lately with the sunny weekends. Yesterday we spent the afternoon golfing with my dad and brother. My friend Summer offered to keep Easton while we went which worked out perfect! Easton got to play with Elle while we were gone and then when we went to pick him up we brought dinner for everyone and hung out. 
 Today we went to the park and then the beach this afternoon. We chased birds, 
 got some shells (Easton liked throwing them in the waves) and then went on a bike ride. 
We had a good weekend ♥ Feeling thankful 

Friday, February 14, 2014


Happy Valentines Day! 
 It's been a beautiful day :) Good day at work, then in town with my boys. 
 Got a spa gift certificate and the sweetest card. ♥ Love this man. 
Now in my sweats about to eat Strawberry shortcake...perfect way to start the weekend :) xoxo

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Take me back!

Today was a rainy Tuesday filled with work, the gym and a couple errands. Blah. My dad uploaded some of his pictures from our day in Destin, so I wanted to post those too. Excited that this weekend is supposed to be beautiful again! 

Easton's first time riding a go-cart :) You had to be 3' to ride, and he just made it standing tall at 3'1'' haha

 He loved it...until he didn't. :) He was cracking up and then when we were almost done he decided he was over it and starting trying take his seat belt off and climb out. 
D&E on the beach ♥ 

Have a good week! xoxo

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Almost here

Spring is almost here and it showed this weekend. It was beautiful...I can't wait for bathing suits and daylight savings to start! ♥  Yesterday we went to Destin for the day with my mom and dad. We started at the track riding go-carts and playing in the arcade drinking an icee :) 

 After that we went to lunch and the outdoor shopping center to look around. We finished our afternoon at the beach where Easton enjoyed a playground and chasing birds. 

 Today we went to the park and then hung out at the house. Drake worked on the outside patio adding pavers (Easton helped) and I was inside cleaning with the windows open. Ahhh

Have a good week! 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

[Bringing me his lotion after bath time to massage his legs ♥]

Sunday, February 2, 2014

happy momma

Happy Superbowl Sunday! Just doing my usual check-in at the end of our weekend. :) Friday after work I went to the track and did sprints, it took me back to my good 'ol 4x1 days in high school. I ran and then Drake and Easton came because there is a new park right beside it. We keep discovering some great new parks which is awesome because Easton loves playing on them! (I guess that's pretty obvious for any kid) 
Yesterday we stayed busy all day! Easton jumped in his bounce house in the yard, went on a bike ride, we went downtown to run around and play, stopped and grabbed lunch and then went to the pet store. It was a good day ♥ 
Today we were back at the park :) 

and then we went on a mini day date ♥ Stopped by the mall and then grabbed dinner at fish house. 

The best way to end the weekend ♥ 
Anndddd...I am very excited to show you that Easton added a new word today! :) He is so proud and it is exciting because it's not only a new word, but the first time making the "n" sound. 
Have a great week! xoxo