Sunday, January 29, 2017

End of the month

Happy Sunday! We had a nice, pretty uneventful week. We have basketball Tuesday evenings and Easton had his first game yesterday, so that is rolling along. Last week on our way home, we snagged a picture with Addison Russell on our way home :) He was a freshmen at the high school when I taught there, so it was pretty cool  to see him in town now that he is a big shot :) 
 Easton was able to play in the puddles after a big storm rolled through...

  we played on the trampoline ♥ 
(photo cred: Easton playing with my camera :))
and they had donuts with dad at school. Easton was so excited for Drake to come to school! I'm just old news being there all the time! haha
 Pictures from Easton's first basketball game yesterday. I think he had fun. He is so cute dribbling! 

 and today we just hung around doing some projects around the house and playing. Emerson is snotty and her eyes are all watery, so we just relaxed. It was nice. I took my camera in Easton's room and snagged some pictures while we hung out. 
Oh Easton and his nail biting :)
 Mario Cart with daddy 
 sweet baby hands ♥ 
Have a good week! Tomorrow is the 100th day of school! {Just another example of the differences between high school and elementary teaching. I never realized this was something that was recognized until now. haha Have a good week! xoxo}

9 months

Happy 9 months! (On the 19th) You are growing and crawling everywhere (really fast) Pulling up and will even let go and support yourself and slowly lower back down into a squat. You are so sweet and continue to go with the flow and will crawl around and follow your brother if we are hanging out at the house. 

Your sleep has not been the best, from sickness or teething or growth spurts, you had a rough stretch of not being able to self soothe at all, so we had to work on that. We got you to where you are up once a night, and hope to cut that out soon. You are in 18/24 month clothes and weigh 20 pounds. You are eating 3 solid meals now and have 3 bottles as well.
 You wave, give high fives, clap, and will copy noises we made at you. You are babbling more and more and love being involved in everything. You love being outside and just watching anything around you. You like any toys that make noise or that you can eat :) 
I can't believe you are already 9 months old! We already booked your first birthday party and that feels so weird. We love you SO much! I am so thankful that God blessed us with you ♥ 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Welcome 2017

Well, hello there 2017! {Already more than half way through January!} Winter Break ended and we had so much fun during our time off!
We went bowling...
and had our first basketball practice! Easton was excited about his new shoes :) 
We are planning a trip to Stone Mountain in February, so I went online and ordered some waterproof gear for snow mountain park we will be going to...and Emerson needs to grow a good bit before we leave haha 
We played tennis, went to the park, enjoyed bike rides, 
and we got to try out a new indoor play place that was small, but I saw that they allowed crawlers and up to play. Emerson loved it, but Easton actually ended up working up a sweat and begging not to go as well :) So, I have now already booked Emerson's 1st birthday party there. I can't believe that is already a thought in my mind. 
We had play dates with friends,
Going back to work is always a bummer after so much fun off with e&e. But I am back in my routine at work and ready to have a good second half of the school year. 

Emerson is now able to sit in Easton's old bike seat and ride around so that has been really nice on the evenings that it is nice out. 
And of course tank tops and beach days in January?! We had a play date with Easton's friend from soccer and they had a blast. 

Today we head to the doctor for Emerson's 9 month appointment, I will be sure to post her picture and update soon :)