Thursday, July 21, 2016

3 months

Happy 3 months! This month you went swimming in the pool for the first time and really enjoyed it. If you are awake, you want to be propped up so you can see everything going on around you. You continue to just go with the flow and are very happy. You have been giggling at your silly brother a lot this month, I love watching the two of you together. You are so slobbery these days and chewing on your hands so much, or you like chewing on your burp cloth. Everyone that sees you comments on how beautiful your skin is. 

You are wearing 3-6 month clothes and continue to sleep a solid 10-11 hours at night with the exception of maybe two nights. You still want to eat about every two hours, but are starting to want 5 ounces at your last couple feedings. 
 I can't believe it won't be long and I have to drop you off at a sitter's house for the day. That is going to be really hard for me :(  I have been so lucky to have these first months with you. 

I love you so much sweet girl! ♥ 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

open doors

Well first off-I got a new job! I am still teaching but have accepted a position at Easton's school! I was so indecisive about applying for the transfer. I love the high school I was at and was really close with my co-workers and my assistants I worked with everyday. But, I just kept praying about it and I really feel like this is where I am meant to be. Change is scary, and I know I have so much to learn and prepare as the school year kicks off, but being at school with Easton and being able to pick his teachers will be so worth it for our family. 
We have continued to have a good time this summer, but Easton did get sick last week which was a bummer. He was not a fan of the throat culture-those things are awful! 

We had a good 'ol chuck e cheese soon as I pull around the corner Easton yells, "No buses! Yay" haha He knows if we pull up and there are buses we will just have to try again another day. 
This weekend we made an evening trip to the beach. Those are always the best. 
Easton enjoyed playing games and we listened to music, but after a while we decided to give up on dinner since it was getting so late and just head home. Literally, as we are getting in the truck my phone beeps telling me our table is ready. 
Then we were up Sunday morning and Easton got to do the water slide at the neighbor's house and we hung out there for a while before I went up to start working on my classroom. Eekkk I am used to high school kids, they don't care about your room decor! haha But I am super excited with what I am working on and will post before and after pictures soon. 

Pictures of Easton at cross fit kids yesterday :) 

I am heading up to work again tomorrow to decorate some more and will be meeting my new assistant! I am so nervous and hopeful that we just click. I am leaving Kathy after 5 years :( She was like a second mom to me, even staying with Easton while we were in the hospital with Emerson. Wish me luck! Have a good week. xoxo

Sunday, July 3, 2016


This summer is so fun and exhausting! {Just like I expected} Well, to pick up from last time I wrote, I of course have a ton of cell phone pictures to throw on here. Easton loved his week at VBS! 
After the week finished, that Sunday they had the kids sing for all of the parents. I was so excited! It made me so happy watching Easton up on stage singing. 

The following week, without VBS to fill our mornings, we were back to making plans with friends and had gymnastics and martial arts for the last time. 
{Pool with Millie}
Sydney is back in town for the summer like I mentioned before, but with her working and me having both kids, we haven't been able to get together as much as we would like, but we had a fun girl's night out for dinner and downtown last weekend. 
Since gymnastics and martial arts were done, we had no plans for Easton until soccer starts in the fall...until Whitney told me about crossfit kids starting at the gym. :) Easton loves it! Just like anything active he does! The last class one of the moms asked if Easton was mine and then said, "Wow, he really gets after his workouts" haha It is actually really neat to watch him-unlike the other things he has done, you can see him hit a point where he is physically tired and other kids will stop or get water, and he just has this determined look and really works hard. Makes me proud, being determined is something we can't teach him and he naturally has it. 

{Park with Peyton}
The splash pad finally opened back up this week, so we have already been twice! 
 Splash pad monitor for the day 

Yesterday my brother asked if I wanted to go do the escape room with him and Kylie. If you have anything similar in your town, I totally recommend it! It was so much fun and an adrenaline rush trying to escape within the hour. Not sure how I feel about my 12 year old niece being my height! 
then that afternoon, it was back downtown with the family for the candy store, splash pad and check out the big fish coming in from the fishing tournament. 

{evening trampoline time}
 And today Emerson enjoyed her first dip in the pool :) We had a good day. 
Excited that daddy has one more day off with us tomorrow! Happy fourth!