Monday, June 19, 2017

Our week

Happy Monday! Last week was a good one in the books for us! Monday we played outside in the sprinklers:
Tuesday we went bowling since it was a rainy day. 
Wednesday we went to the beach:

Thursday Easton went to a tennis camp:

Friday we were at the pool all day! One morning trip, home for lunch and nap, and then back at it that afternoon...

 Saturday we went out to Santa Rosa Ranch with the family. It was awesome! Not only a fun new place we had never been, but I guess the potential for rain coming through scared people off from coming so we eventually had the whole place to ourselves with a nice breeze rolling through :) 

 Yesterday we celebrated Father's Day by going to brunch downtown and then played golf in the afternoon. 
 It was a good week that of course seemed to fly by because we are having fun :) Today daddy is back to work and Easton is now at day 1 of Vacation Bible School going on this week. Emerson keeps saying bro bro wondering where he went haha They are so cute she is hugging, kissing and rolling all over him this morning. 
Have a good week! 

Sunday, June 11, 2017 far

Our Summer Break is off to a great start! We have been bowling, fishing, registered for Kindergarten, been to the park, pool, beach and a birthday party! ♥ Happy Sunday! 

Monday, June 5, 2017

SO much updating!

I know it has been forever, but we are still here! :) My mom will make sure and remind me of my slacking haha We have had such a good month since I posted last! Let's see, where to start?! 

Emerson is doing great! Walking and thinking she is Miss Independent now. She is going to keep me busy this summer! LOVES all food. Shakes her head no (oh boy) and continues to be such a blessing to us. 
My babies at church ♥ 
Easton has continued to do awesome at school and was DISMISSED from all speech services! I am so proud of him and his hard work. He will be going into Kindergarten ready to go! 
{Hanging with the other teacher's kids}

Now that it gets darker even later, we try and head outside when Drake gets home from work for backyard playing or wagon rides. We attempted a bike ride the other day in Easton's old seat he loved, but Emerson was not having it! She hates the seat, or maybe the helmet, or maybe the fact that I wouldn't let her steer ha!-but that girl was not a fan. It is so funny how different E&E are. As of now, Easton is so laid back and SO shy until he is really comfortable and Emerson is our determined social butterfly. 

{Birthday party fun. This is Mrs. Faith that keeps Emerson}

The summer concerts have kicked off downtown, so we enjoyed going there a couple times lately. 

The tooth fairy came by to see us again! 
Emerson had her one year checkup and is doing awesome. 
I have also enjoyed a couple one on one events with just my boy. One weekday evening we were all just doing our normal routine and I went and got Easton and told him to come with me for a surprise adventure. He immediately came running and was so excited. We went down the road for yogurt, rolled down the windows and turned up the music...and just had a blast enjoying some quality time together. One of those times where you truly take in the moment and don't worry about anything else ♥ 
I also got to go with his class on their field trip to Disney on Ice. It was a good day, he enjoyed dancing with his little buddies. 

Next, we also celebrated Mother's Day. {My favorite one yet!} We went to brunch downtown and it was one of those perfect temperature, sunny days where we sat outside on the water to eat and it was yummy! 
After that, we went to the splash pad, 

and went to the downtown concert with everyone that night. 
Some very big news that has happened is that I am changing jobs! It is very bittersweet for sure. I have really enjoyed being at school with Easton this year, but I saw an opening online for our district for Health/PE Virtual School. I just had to give it a shot and see what God had planned for me. I was in a good spot-if I was chosen, awesome! But if not, I have had a wonderful year at my current job. 

Well, I was chosen for the job! Which means I will be focusing on one subject that I love and get to work from home a couple days a week!! Easton will go to K at the school next to us, so I will be able to walk him to school and then go home to work...and I still have the flexibility to attend anything he might have going on during the day. SO much to learn this summer and as I get going in August, but I am excited!
Drake and I went to celebrate our anniversary and got to stay 3 days on 30A-an awesome little strip between Destin and Panama City. It was so nice! Thank you mom and dad for keeping the kids for us!
When we headed to dinner to celebrate, Drake pulled up and I see a photographer standing there. Drake set up a surprise photo shoot for us :)
Besides some shopping, pictures and dinner, we spent some time by the pool {Drake snoring in a chair} and even rented a red box movie and watched it in our room while snacking and relaxing. It's the little things! If we try to do a movie at home, we can't start it until the kids are down and then that means about 20 minutes later we are asleep haha 
When we came back home on a Monday, we picked up the kids from school and then went to the pool-it was Drake's birthday-34! 

Easton had his graduation last week. It was the cutest thing ever! I have some more pictures to add from the ceremony, but I love this one of him in his cap and gown. 
First day-Last day of Pre-K
We officially finished the school year Friday! Easton enjoyed his front row seat to the teacher talent show and watching me dance on stage with other teachers :) I have made some great friends this year.
We kicked off summer break this weekend with a home depot workshop-Easton made a tic tac toe game while Emerson explored the store. 
And we went downtown and enjoyed the splash pad and the pool yesterday. 

Summer Break 2017-Here we go!!!!