Monday, June 29, 2015

Just dropping off some cell phone pics from our outings last week before we head out to dominate another week of summer break! :) xoxo

Monday, June 22, 2015

my little ham

Easton's commercial debut is seen here at 2:03. Don't blink or you will miss it! haha :)


Summer break is flying by. But I can finally enjoy the rest of the break without any stress about my job situation. So, my principal called this morning and even though they took the transition program away that I was teaching, there was movement around the county and now our high school will house a new ESE unit. I was not interested in the new unit, but another teacher they are transitioning her there and I will get the one she had. {The class I was hoping for} I will actually be able to do some similar things I did with my old class, I renewed my CDL license, so I plan to still drive the bus and do some community outings. But now, instead of being in a portable, I have a newer classroom with a full kitchen, washer, dryer, ect. in it to work on independent living skills with the kids :) SO, I officially have my TV class, my new ESE class and then will coach girl's golf after school. The golf season will start when school does and end at the end of October. I am excited and so thankful that everything worked out in the end! 

Lately, Easton and I have been on the go like usual. He has been obsessed with asking me the time lately, I have no idea why, but it is the cutest thing ever. So, I got him a minion watch at Target and he loves it! He is looking like such a big boy :(
 Friday night Gina and I had a girl's night out to gallery night. We ate at Jacos and walked around downtown. We had a fun night! 

 Yesterday we went to church and I am thrilled that Easton will just go in and play with no issues anymore. We really like the church and are excited to hopefully finally get consistent with going. It has been such an up and down in the past and I couldn't really focus because Easton had a hard time, but he did great the last 2 times. yay! 
 After church, we went to lunch together and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. 
Daddy is back to work today :( So we are about to pack in the park, bowling and plan to see inside out after lunch! :) Ready for a fun filled week with my buddy. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

splash pad

Just got home from gymnastics, and had a fun splash pad/ice cream play date this morning :) Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It's Summer so I am allowed to be lazy and just post bullet points of what we have done lately :)
*New instax came in the mail :)

*gym time with Gina
*bounce house fun
*Target trips
*library story time 
*splash pad
*lots of playing outside for Easton and his friends
 *a trip to the mall-new Mickey vans for Easton for our Disney trip :)
*park fun
*projects around the house
*play date at the Griffins

*went up to my work-got asked to coach the girl's golf team next year :) 

Happy Wednesday! xoxo

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

around town

Our summer break is going awesome :) Easton and I have been on the go for the most part...we went to the Roger Scott Pool, checked out books from the library, have done bike rides, he plays with his friends on the trampoline across the street, and even squeezes in some school work :) 
Last weekend, we went on a date ♥ Pop and Nanny took Easton to the splash pad and out to eat. He had a lot of fun!
Drake and I acted like tourists in our town :) Since we came home early from our anniversary trip and never got to do scooters, we did them here. We cruised around the beach for an hour and loved it! 
After that, we grabbed dinner before heading home. It was a fun date night.
We also had a family beach trip over the weekend. It was beautiful! 
Now that this week is in full swing and daddy is back at work, we planned a play date yesterday at the bounce house place in town. We met up with Reece and let them go crazy for a couple hours :)

Today we spent the day with Pop and Nanny in town. We went to visit Pa-Pa and watched the blue angels fly. 

 Easton loved watching them!

 When you need sunglasses to watch them fly, but need your ears covered too...haha
Now we are waiting on daddy to get home for the evening. Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

sweet sweet summertime

I'm pretty sure we had the best summer kick off possible! I counted and have 68 days of fun before I go back to work! We had an awesome day that started at the is so much easier than last year with Easton in the water. We were out there just swimming and floating in and out together, we watched some crabs, Easton made a friend and pop and nanny stopped by to see us. 
We came back home and had lunch and rested before we went to Sam's Fun City for the evening. Middle of the week-no crowd. Easton rode the frog hopper 3 times and loved it :) 

We did rides and then went inside to cool off and play some games. I am so pumped about this summer! It will be the quickest 68 days of the year I'm sure :)