Saturday, September 28, 2013

Good grief...I feel like I go to post another blog update and realize another week has flown by. Last week finished out good...I absolutely love my kids this year and so thankful for my job. Homecoming week starts Monday so that will be a fun time with the kids. Last Thursday when I got home from work I had a scavenger hunt from "Easton" Each card had a compliment with my next clue. :) Drake is so sweet. He said it was all Easton ♥ 
 Random side note-Easton is a beast. This is how he was watching a video on Drake's phone the other night. Oh you know, just chillin. haha 
 Yesterday we went on a family run around the pier. Nice weather and this view was a perfect way to kick off the weekend. 
 This morning we went to Gymboree and then I went and got a massage :) After Easton got up from his nap, we watched football and walked over to the golf course. I finally had my camera instead of all cell phone pics. Easton was able to try out his new putter and spongebob golf balls :) 
 Love it! 
 What a beautiful boy ♥ 

 checking out the turtles 
 tough life :)

Excited for another day with d&e tomorrow. we plan to do church and the Seafood festival. xoxo

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

check in

Hey Guys! Since I wrote last, we made it through another work week...our evenings were out and about overall. We started going to our friends Whitney and Tyler's house to workout. It's's right next to my work so Whitney and I get there and workout and then while we are close to finishing the boy's get there with the kiddos and hang out, then the boys workout while we play with the kids. :) Millie and Easton are also in the same Sunday school class so that is nice. 
We went to the mall...did gymboree and some shopping. Easton spent a gift card from his birthday at Dick's Sporting Goods. He got his first real putter along with some spongebob golf balls. We plan to play today after work, so he will get to test it out. :) We also stopped by to see my brother and his family one evening, Georgia is 5 months now and so cute ♥ 
 Friday evening we had a date night. We went to dinner at Fish House. It was a perfect evening sitting on the outside deck with a view of the water. After that we walked downtown and hung out at Gallery Night. Saw some friends, had some drinks and enjoyed a night out together. 
The rest of the weekend was pretty gloomy so we didn't do much outside. Did some cleaning and got out the fall decorations. Ready for the fall weather and fall festivities around the corner! Have a good day xoxo

Sunday, September 15, 2013

flew by

Geez this weekend went way too fast! The other day Easton had his 2 year check up and had to get blood drawn :( He did so good but was extra cuddly Friday night. We did absolutely nothing and it was nice. Just hanging at the house with my guys...with my fall candles going hoping the weather will take the hint and start some cooler weather rolling in. :) Excited already thinking about all of the fall/holiday things coming up that Easton will be a little more into this year than the last. 
 Saturday daddy was invited by some friends to play in a golf tournament so he went and played while I enjoyed the morning with Easton. We went to Target and the park before his nap. Then daddy got home and it was time to watch football all afternoon/evening. Easton loves watching and does "touchdown" when we score :) He also loves doing down, set, hut. 
Today we went to church and I think we finally had a little glimmer of progress. He cried as we dropped him off as usual but when we picked him up he was content just hanging out. yay! Finally, this evening we went to the Griffin's house and hung out. Love these kids ♥ 
I am not ready for another work week. blah. Pushing through knowing I have a hot date planned for Friday night :) xoxo 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

two year old letters

My sweet baby E, 
I dreamed about you for so long and very impatiently waited to be your mom. But God knew just what he was doing and you were so worth the wait. These past two years have been the best of my life. You are so sweet and happy all the time. When things are chaotic, stressful or just messy around you, you just continue to smile and have so much joy. You challenge me to see the good in this crazy world, to try and see through your eyes...full of beauty and happiness. 

You are 100% boy. You climb and run, love sports and laugh at your farts. haha You could care less about your toys, you just want to run. If we are stuck inside on a rainy day, you will run up and down the hallway or circles in the living room. You like your books with sound, blocks, swinging and are obsessed with circles. You will put all of your blocks in the bucket except the circle. You will just carry it around everywhere. You savor things. You will get some juice and go running around with your cheeks full until you come get another sip. Or if you get a handful of snacks, you will save the last one and carry it around...I have come across some random pieces of snack food in some weird places. :)

You go to bed around 8:00 and you are up around 5:30 or 6. yikes. Even on the nights we go to a football game or stay out with you later and you get to bed at about 10 you are still up so early. :( On the weekends daddy and I usually nap right along with you. ha You are still growing into a very big boy. Your head remains in the 98th percentile haha You are 35 pounds and about 37'' You wear 4T clothes and size 9 shoes! You are a picky eater but love your fruit. You also love ice cream...pop usually shares his with you at their house. 

You have started to act really shy the older you get when you are at new places or with new people. You have done and seen so many things already in your life and I look forward to the years of memories ahead. I am so proud to call you my son and love you more than I can express in words. xoxo 

Love, Mom 
My little buddy, 

Two years has gone by and there is not one minute I don't thank God you are in my life. I have loved you since the day your mother gave me the wonderful news. The first time I saw you, I knew we would be pals for life. You looked at me as if you already knew who I was. Seeing you for the first time was the single greatest moment of my entire existence. 

You have truly made some remarkable memories in my life. The first time you smiled, learning to roll over, scooting and crawling all over our wood floors (I would be so worried it would hurt your knees) your first steps, learning how to catch a ball before your first birthday was astonishing, the fact that everyone who sees you or picks you up talks about how stout you are. 

Every single moment in your life, no matter how big or how small, makes me the proudest father on the planet. I love you so much buddy. Happy Birthday. 

Love, Dad

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Yesterday we had Easton's 2nd birthday party! We decided to have it at Gymboree this year, which ended up being a great decision. 
A quick family picture before all of the madness begins :) 
All set up and waiting on his pals 
Easton and Pop
Nanny and Pop with the birthday boy

taking a few warm up laps
Friends starting to arrive 

cheese! :)
Elle crawling through tunnels
Then we started the class portion of the party. :) The workers lead the kids through different activities. Everything was related to Easton's birthday and the theme we chose...sports of course. Starting it off with singing zip-a-dee-do-da
Jumping on the birthday candle and jumping into the cake icing haha 

soccer time!

The fans had to climb up into the bleachers and do a birthday cheer. "Easton Easton he's our man, if he can't do it, no one can!" haha 

Then they did the "freeze" dance, and everyone officially went crazy haha 

and parachute time. Easton has so many family and friends that love him. We are blessed. 
love this boy so much

After class time we went in the next room and did cake and presents. 
Easton "blowing" out his candle...aka spitting on the cake :)
Daddy recorded it ♥ 

Rockin his new headband and eating gummy snacks. Too cool for school.  
He got some great gifts. Lots of sports stuff, books, puzzles, clothes, a swing, bubble stuff and trucks. 
All of his buddies that came :) 


After class time, cake and presents, they got free time just running around having a blast before we had to clean up. It was a great day. All of the kids seemed to have an awesome time. I can't believe our baby is already 2. ♥