Saturday, June 30, 2012


I think our whole family is under the weather the last couple days. I have been achy with a headache and stomach ache, Easton has had an upset stomach, and Drake is congested. Hopefully we will get to feeling better soon! Although I was not feeling my best, I still went out and ran the Firecracker 5k with Carissa this morning. It was HOT! The humidity was ridiculous. Although I hate to run overall it is nice to feel like I accomplished something when I am done.

Since this is Drake's Saturday to work I had one of my student's babysit. This is what I came home to :) That is another perk of teaching...I know exactly who I can trust with Easton. (And who I should never let babysit! :))

After he was done napping we went into town to kill some time. We went to see daddy at work and went to toys r us. Easton was loving looking around at everything. He pretty much loves being anywhere that consists of riding in a buggy. :) He picked out a new ball. That $1.99 I spent has put a smile on his face all day today. Well, I am off...Drake will be home in a minute! woo hoo
Have a great Saturday! xoxo

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Last night my parent's kept Easton overnight for us so that we could have a date night and...SLEEP IN! woo hoo! We went to Olive Garden for dinner, sweet frog for dessert, and rented 21 jump street from good 'ol redbox. It was a fun night!

This morning after sleeping in we went to the beach for the afternoon and it was gorgeous. We were able to just lay there and listen to music and the waves. Ahhh After that we went to pick up Easton and go watch Kylie at her horseback riding lesson. She is so good. :) She is totally fearless and hops on that horse and knows what to do and gets really into it. It was neat to watch her in her element. Easton was checking out the horses while we were waiting for Kylie's horse to come out. :)

It has been a refreshing couple of days. :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Recipe for success

Start your day at the beach...

then stop by Party City and buy over sized glasses...

and finally finish the day swinging with daddy at the park...

Not too shabby for a Monday! :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012


-Everything is good at the Wade house, just wanted to check in. The other night Easton got to eat dinner with his cousin Kylie. :)

-During the day me and Easton have been running some errands or hanging out at the house. Which means he is usually exploring or getting into something he shouldn't...

-Last night we went downtown to eat with Jenn, Ronnie, Rachel, Joe, Jamie and the kids. Jamie is Drake's best friend from college who is here working for the summer. We had a good time at dinner and listening to music. On the ride home we were talking about old college memories. :)

-Today we went to my parent's house to celebrate my dad's 55th birthday. Happy Birthday Pop!

-Here is a video of Easton talking about his daddy. :) I'm trying my best to get him to throw my name in there too, but he's not having it haha
-I have Easton's invitations and location for his first birthday picked out (yes 3 months early) That is totally normal right? Actually, don't tell me if it's not. :)

-Have a great week!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Next thing on my list

"Wouldn't change the course of fate, if cutting the grass just had to wait,
cause I got more important things, like pushing my kid on a backyard swing
I won't break my back for a million bucks I can't take to my grave, so why put
off for tomorrow what I could get done today.

Like go for a walk, say a little prayer, take a deep breath of mountain air,
put on my glove, and play some catch, it's time that I make time for that
wade the shore, cast a line, look up an old lost friend of mine
sit on the porch, and give my girl a kiss, start living
That's the next thing on my list."

That is the song that comes to mind to describe the last couple days. :) I have so many things I should be doing, like unpacking from the trip (yes I still haven't done that), getting groceries, cleaning house, and running errands... but I have neglected them all. I have loved every extra minute I am getting at home with Easton. :) We bought a bounce house and put that up in the backyard last night (he LOVED it!) and then Kylie spent the night and we went to chuckie cheese today. I'm just having so much fun!
Maybe I will be productive tomorrow...maybe. :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Great start to summer vacation!

It has been a long, awesome week! We headed out last Tuesday to Virginia to spend the week with Drake's family and go to his brother's wedding. I was really nervous about Easton flying because I didn't want to be "those people" with a screaming baby on a plane, but he did awesome! Luckily there were open seats so we were able to bring his car seat on the flight and he just sat in the middle of us loving all of the attention he was getting the whole time. :)

We stayed at Drake's mom and step dad's house for the week. They were so excited to see Easton again, the last time they saw him he was 2 months old. It was fun for them to see all of the fun stuff he is doing now a days. They always make me feel so comfortable at their house and it is so nice.
Drake's brother and his wife also came to stay and brought their 2 kids. The kids were so sweet together, whenever we were somewhere during the week Jack would point to Easton and say to whoever he was talking to, "That is Easton, he is MY cousin"

One night that we were there we went with mom and Jeff to eat dinner at Baker's crust and then went to get dessert at sweet frog. Yum!

More pictures of hanging out at the house...

On Thursday we headed to Virginia Beach to visit with Drake's dad and step-mom. We were supposed to go paddle boarding and spend the day on the beach but of course that was the one day that it was a little chilly because the wind was so strong, especially coming off the water. :( So we walked down to the beach but not for long, and just enjoyed hanging out at their house and eating lunch together.
On Friday the wedding festivities began with the rehearsal dinner. Here we are ready to go :)

The Wade girls

The Wade boys

My sweet baby ♥

And finally Saturday Kyle and Melissa got married!

They had a photo booth at the reception that was so fun!

Best picture ever! haha!

Oh and Easton is cutting more teeth. He has his 2 on the bottom and recently cut two on the top...and now we are seeing another one on bottom and another two on top coming in! Poor guy just wants relief anywhere he can find it! :)

It was a beautiful wedding and the weather was perfect! It was nice to see all of Drake's family and for all of them to see Easton.

Yesterday was a long day of traveling home. Thank goodness Easton did good on both the plane rides again. Poor guy spent a lot of time in his car seat over the week. He had his moments of whining and fighting naps this week with being in a new place but overall he did good. We are exhausted and spending today catching up around the house. Summer 2012 is off to an awesome start! :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

9 months!

You are 9 months old today! I can't believe it. The past 9 months have been the best (and most tiring) of my life. :) You have so much energy and are on the go like crazy. You are still pulling up on things, but now you are sturdy and will walk while holding onto the couch to get what you want. You are still about the same size as last month, about 29 1/2 inches, 21.5 lbs, size 3 diapers, and in 12-18 month clothes.

You have continued to enjoy the pool, you LOVE your plastic just slap them around and crawl to them over and over, you love eating your puffs, and going on walks. You say "hey" all of the time and have said "dada" :) You like to babble and then blow and spit with your lips together, making as many noises as possible, just figuring it all out. You had your first haircut this month and did awesome. You are really starting to crawl over to us and pull up on our leg reaching for us and wanting to be held and thing ever!

I am so proud to call you my son. You are so sweet and happy to everyone. We are kicking your 9th month off with a bang going on your first plane ride Tuesday. :) You will be meeting a lot of daddy's family for the first time next week.

I am so excited about officially being on summer break with you! I plan to pack as much fun into the next couple months with you as possible. I love you so much sweet boy. Happy 9 months!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

First haircut

Easton had his first haircut this evening :) He did so good. It was the cutest thing when he got his little towel and cover on. I could have put it off a lot longer I think but I wanted to just do a little trim for his first one instead of it getting super long and having a drastic change. (to avoid tears ha) Although the faux hawk did need a little trim since it was starting to look like a wave at the beach it was getting so heavy. :) My friend Jennifer cut his hair, and he loved her!
haha not sure yet...

ready to get started...

here we go!

checking out what's happening in the mirror...


ok, I think I might like this...

putting the product in...

I love it!

Success! ♥

Ps. No tears were shed and we did save some of the clippings for his keepsake box. Anytime there is something that I feel I will cry at because it is a reminder of him getting older, I end up being so excited watching him in the moment that there is no time to be sad. :) so bittersweet but I love watching him grow and experience new things in his life. I love him so much!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dinner and duck feeding

What a great weekend! I think I just got used to not seeing Drake as often as I would like, so now that we have him back it's awesome! Last night we went to the mall to get a couple things. I got a pair of shoes for Drake's brother's wedding in a couple weeks after having my dress hanging in the closet forever. I saw them and when I asked my dad if he liked them it went something like this...

me: Do you like these?
dad: They're Betsey Johnson?!
me: yea
dad: You can't go wrong with Betsey Johnson. She makes quality stuff.
haha! Not your typical dad answer but I'll take it! :)

Today it was surprisingly nice as far as temperature after having very hot and humid days lately. We were productive most of the morning...paid all the bills, ran 4 miles, washed the car, cleaned around the house, laundry, ...and did it all with the windows open. ahhhh

After that we got ready and headed downtown for the evening as a family. We ate at Atlas again. :) We love their food! Easton did such an awesome job. The people around us complimented how well behaved he was and that they would have never known there was a baby with us. :) Yay Easton!

He was entertained by his puffs and then LOVED eating shredded cheese. I highly recommend the place mats that we got! I picked them up at Publix and they stick to the table and come off easy. I did the bottom sticky part around the lip of the table and stuck it underneath so that when he went to eat the table he was eating the clean mat. :)

This was our view ♥ I love where we live!


After we finished we stopped by a pond/park area and walked around and fed the ducks. Easton had a good time. :)

So thankful for my sweet boy.


I hope you all are having a great weekend! xoxo