Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I can't believe this year is already almost over. As always, I wanted to do a re-cap with some things from the year. It is always hard to pick through all of the pictures but nice to sit and look back and the ups and downs from the year and to think about the upcoming new year. I think the biggest memory from 2014 is Easton starting his speech journey. Right when the new year started we were told he may have apraxia and my life was thrown upside down with what could lie ahead of us. The hardest part has been the unknown and the fact that only time will tell. Thinking back to January, he was only saying "ah ba" for everything and now he has sentences and attempts to echo everything he hears. His progress has been amazing and I thank God for that. 
 We continued to pack as much fun into our days even though we had a lot on our minds. We took trips to the beach, 
 I did a color run with my brother and Kylie, 
 got a new tattoo (God is my anchor) 
 and we had a couple unexpected days off at home because of ice :)
In February we went to Destin, 
 played golf, 
 played at the park, 
 went to the Opry house
and a white trash bash haha

In March we enjoyed more beach time, 
 Easton started gymnastics which was great for him, 
and we had a great spring break!
 In April I celebrated turning 30
Took a personal day off of work and went to Destin for shopping and a photo shoot-so much fun!

We purchased a new lot to one day build our dream home on. I am going to love having a lake out of my back window :)
we had an Easter egg hunt at my brother's house, 
 hung out downtown, 
 went to NAS
 and our town had some devastating flooding. :( 
In May me and my mom did a painting class, 
 we enjoyed gallery night, 
  took a trip to Panama City to celebrate our anniversary,

 and went to some baseball games-Easton loved them this year!
In June I was officially on summer  break! We had so much fun!! Easton transitioned great into his big boy bed, 
 we spent a ton of time at the beach, 
 we continued speech and had appointments to check different labs and possible issues-all came back normal! :)
 we played golf, 
 spent time with friends, 
 went to the Explorium, 
 got invited to a gala
 and did a girl's weekend trip with Sydney. 
In July we had an awesome trip up North for the 4th! 
 Easton LOVED water country♥ 
 we tackled potty training, 
 went to birthday parties
 and enjoyed pool days. 
In August we soaked up what little time of summer we had left before a big month
 Easton started school!
 and soccer back to back. 
In September we took Easton to build a bear for his birthday,
 watched a lot of soccer 
 celebrated Easton's 3rd birthday!
 and had fun at pep rallies. 
In October we did a family shoot at the fair, 
 went to sweet season farms, 

 and spent a lot of time outside enjoying the fall weather. 
 Drake lost his grandad Frank, and I am thankful he was able to fly up north to be with his family during that time. 
In November Easton went on his first ever field trip, 
 we went to the Arts festival. 
 played with friends, 
 went fishing
 and started getting ready for Christmas! 
This month was awesome with a ton of fun Christmas outing to parades and to see lights, 
 Easton had another field trip, 
we enjoyed a night out, 
got a bounce house membership, 
 Had an awesome Christmas day! 
And have been soaking up every minute of this Christmas break! 
I am so thankful for everything in our lives. This year had it's ups and downs, but Easton is doing so great and I am excited to watch him blow us away in the coming year. He will continue school and will start pre-tball in the spring. 2015 is going to be awesome ♥ Happy New Year!