Monday, September 28, 2009

so cute

Is it weird that until I have my own sweet baby I watch others on the internet? I like to picture what my life will be like then :) Here is a really cute clip...happy Monday

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Even more pictures :)

I know I can get a little crazy with my camera...Jenn made sure to remind me of that today, but I love looking back on things I did :) Today has been another good day, this was just a great weekend overall. I love going into a weekend with plans already set. We went to the seafood festival and started by watching our friend Bo's band play...he played on the pelicans with Drake a few summers back. I saw Mandy, my brother and Lacey, and then Jenn, Ronnie, and Vivian joined us. After watching the band we grabbed lunch, watched the dog show, and got some ice cream. It was pretty hot, but there was a nice breeze. I will take it after all the rain we have had the past few weeks! Now we are home and going to relax until we go over to the Otts for a Family Guy season kick-off viewing party haha I hope everyone had a great weekend! xoxo

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lots of pictures! :)

This weekend has been a fun one so far! Last night we had a dinner date at Olive Garden and it was really nice. I think we go to Olive Garden on 90% of our dates! After that we rode out to the beach for a bit and stopped by bamboo willies and walked along the boardwalk and listened to music.

This morning we got up and got ready for Lindsay and Martin's wedding shower. It was a good time...Lindsay and I played softball together back in 6th grade! I think it is so neat to stay friends with someone that long and watch eachother grow up.

This is with Laura and Lindsay, we were all on the same team

Her new name will be Lindsay Hahn :)

I thought this was a funny picture. The girls were watching Lindsay open gifts and the guys were watching football.

After we left her house, we came home and got ready for my parents to come over to watch the Alabama game. Roll Tide!
A rare sight :)

Drake refusing to wear Red haha and Cosmo wanting some food!

We ordered a pizza but I made chicken bundles for an appetizer and banana pudding for dessert. So bad for you, but you have to cheat on game day! :)

My dad

My mom, I won't be upset if I look like my momma when I am 51 :)
Well, off to hang out with the hubby we have the whole weekend off together and another fun day planned for tomorrow yay!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Productive day

Ah I love productive days! I am either ready to crash when I get home from work or I am seems like there is no in between with me. Today started out on a good note because Drake came to pick me up and take me to lunch on my lunch break, that always makes any day better :) Then when I got home we went to Target to pick up a gift for my friend Lindsay's bridal shower that is this weekend, I am excited for that, I have not seen her in a while...we have known eachother since 6th grade. After Target we headed home and went on a run and it was a long, good run yay! Then we washed the cars before it got dark with our tag team routine of Drake washing and me rinsing and doing tires. Then I went to tan and now I am back about to shower and grab something to eat. So, busy but good day today...and I am sooo excited for the fun weekend ahead of me!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday Funday?

Well, I am writing this blog on a Tuesday morning in my house :) ahhhh Love my job, since I went to that event on Saturday, I get to pick when I want to use that "flex time" so I chose this morning since we got in late last night. Yesterday was a great day. I went to work for a few hours and then we had our annual luncheon. We had it at Bullfeathers on the beach, it was so yummy! I have said how much I will miss my teacher schedule, but as far as a non-teaching job, I think I have the best!

My co-worker Crystal
So after the lunch was over our supervisor told us to enjoy the rest of the day :) So I went home and Drake and I went to pick up t-shirts and iron on letters and made our t-shirts and got ready for the Journey concert! Drake's black letter pack didn't have all the letters he needed so he had to use my pink ones haha But we got there and had a really good time! I only knew a handful of songs but it was hilarious to see Drake singing along and getting into it. I was excited to get those tickets for him, it was his first concert ever! After the concert we headed home and off to bed. Not bad for a Monday!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


This weekend has been nice...Friday night Drake was working so once he got home it was kind of late so we just hung out at the house, watched a movie with eachother and just relaxed. Oh, and I dyed my hair darker, just decided to have a change. :) Saturday I went to an event for work at the Big Lagoon State Park with Drake and one of my clients, then we got ready and went up to UWF to play raquetball and yes Drake recorded me hitting to myself :) We played for a while but then just started making up random games and goofing off.

After that we stopped by Target and I bought Cosmo pj's for Halloween :) The best $4.99 I've spent in a while...she's so cute

This morning we went to church with Jenn and Ronnie, they started a new couple's Sunday School class for young married couples. I am excited about it, we are going through the book Love Dare where each day you have a new challenge between you and your is love is patient, so we are not allowed to say anything negative to eachother. It is a 40 day challenge.
I am excited today because the next 2 days I only have to work 1/2 days and Drake is off, so it is kind of like a long weekend! Well, I am off to take Cosmo on a walk. xoxo

Thursday, September 17, 2009

You're gonna miss this

Yesterday evening we were at my parents house, just talking about things and at one point my dad was talking about how I always cannot wait for what is next in my life...when I was in high school I couldn't wait to move out, when I moved out I couldn't wait to graduate college, once I graduated well of course I couldn't wait to get married, and now that I am happily married I can't wait for a baby.
He's so right, and I have realized this in the past but I need to try and get better at fixing it. I am going to wish my life away if I am not careful. Each chapter in my life has been amazing, and instead of enjoying it like I should, I think (and worry) about the future. Is anyone else guilty of this? It is going to be a challenge, but I want to get better at really taking in the moments that are right in front of me :) Yes, if you have read my blog you know I want to get pregnant so bad, but until then I am going to enjoy my time with my wonderful husband to the fullest.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What a difference a day makes

Well after bummimg around most of the day Friday, I am feeling much better. Friday night we went to my parents to celebrate my grandma's 75th birthday. It was really good...we had ribs, mac and cheese, beans, and salad. My mom even put up some Swiss decorations for my grandma. We played taboo and and just goofed around.

Yesterday Drake and I hung around the house most of the day, watched a movie, and then made a random late night Target and Petsmart trip. :)
Today we cleaned the house and then took the jet ski out for a bit. We have so much fun on that thing!

Now we are back at the house and Alex and Kevin are going to stop by for a bit. I'm refreshed and ready to take on another week!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Well, I started this morning :( This has been the hardest month so far because I really did think I was pregnant...I was about a week late. I know it's because I think about it and my body is stressed blah blah blah...I swear if another person tells me that I am stressing too much I am going to snap. There is no way to stop my brain from thinking about something I want so bad, I'm sorry. Drake called this morning and left the sweetest message on my phone. It helped...but I still am in a bum mood.
Each month of let down brings a new challenge at trying to stay positive (which is already one of my weaknesses) But my thoughts go to my friend Christi this month, she recently wrote a blog about not having a baby for so long. She talked about all of the things she would not have done if she had gotten pregnant earlier-starting her own business being one of them. She says that now that she is pregnant and looking back that God was not through with her I am focusing on that this month. Maybe I am not pregnant yet because I am about to do something HUGE! :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hump day

Well I am home from a busy Wednesday so far...went to work, then the gym, and to tan. I have a few weddings coming up in the next few months and I want to feel like I look my best when I see friends I have not seen in a while :) So, today I kind of started glancing at a few dress options just trying to get ideas. jcrew had these two that I liked (mostly because they were on sale)

any suggestions out of those two? OR suggestions on what color would look best on me? I think the sale color options were yellow, blue, pink, and! :)

I can't believe it is already Wednesday! Gotta love the 4-day work week. I am excited for the weekend, Drake is off and we are having a little family get together Friday night for my grandma's 75th birthday so that should be fun. I am still clueless on the baby update for those that are interested...still have not started so that is really exciting, but the tests still say no (the last one I took was yesterday morning) If I have yet to start by next week and no positive, I am going to get a blood pregnancy test I think. Sooo possible exciting news!! I'm trying not to get too excited until something for sure happens, but it's hard not to. Anyways, I guess I will go get some dinner started, the hubby will be home from work in a little while. xoxo

Monday, September 7, 2009

back home

Well, I am back home from my trip. I left to head out on Friday evening, ready to enjoy a long weekend. Well, long story short my flight to Atlanta was delayed so much that I would miss my flight to Houston and had to stay Friday night by myself, with no bag in Atlanta. My blood pressure was pretty high...this was not the first time Delta has totally messed up a trip for me. Well after I sat down and tried to get myself calm again, I get a random text from Karla saying she was just thinking about me :) Ahhh timing is amazing! I needed something happy at that moment.
So....after a long night and early morning I got to Kathryn and Matt's on Saturday morning and got to see little Bayleigh for the 1st time. :) So cute...I love her!

We enjoyed a nice little outing to the mall and then came back and got ready and went to see a band play and I got to meet some of Kathryn's new Texas friends.

On Sunday I started off the morning with a pregnancy test which was negative like I said in my earlier post, so I went into Kathryn's room and just layed with her and cryed. It was nice to have my best friend to talk to in that moment. But...also like I said I have not started this month is still up in the air to me.
We spent the rest of the day just enjoying a relaxing day at the house, watched a movie, Matt grilled us some chicken on his new grill,

and we went on a walk with us 3, Bayleigh, and 5 dogs haha
I flew back this afternoon and am about to get showered and ready to go back to work in the morning. Thanks for letting me stay you guys! :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Well, just a real quick update because I am still in Texas, but I still have no idea about everything. I took a test this morning and it said not pregnant, but I have yet to start. So, who knows what is going on with me. I have officially decided after being here and talking to Kathryn and Matt a bit that I do need to go to the doc if it is a no again this month. I am scared to hear bad news on anything, but I also know how much less stress it would put me at if we are good to go. Anyways, I will write tomorrow after I get home and put up some pics of little Bayleigh :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


We just got back from taking our jet ski out, it was so much fun! Here are some pictures...

Drake getting ready to take off

The sun was trying to come out

I love it!

Cosmo wanted to ride :)

Nothing much to talk about today, just working and enjoying the evenings with Drake. Only a few more days until taking a pregnancy test! I am trying to resist taking one early...I wonder if Sam's has a bulk pack of those things the way I go through them :) I hope everyone has a great Wednesday...3 day weekend coming up!