Saturday, December 16, 2017

most wonderful time of the year

Happy weekend! 9 days until Christmas and we are ready! :) It has been a fun month for us. At school, Easton is doing the run club this year, so we had our first day of that...
and he lost his 4th tooth!
Emerson is doing great! She is talking more and trying to tell us stories, hates anything in her hair even though her hair is starting to reach her eyes, eats anything, loves singing head shoulders knees and toes, dancing, and doing whatever her brother is doing. We head to the orthopedic doctor next week...when she walks, her feet turn in a good bit, so we will see what their recommendation is.

A random "adventure day" by the river...
Target...for the 30th time that week I'm sure :)
We had a fast eddies day to ride go carts and play arcade games...I need to get the other pictures from Pop. Emerson rode on the go cart and it will put a smile on your face haha
Easton doing Thanksgiving activities at school...

Over fall break, Drake took the whole week off! :) It was so awesome to have the 4 of us home all week together. For Thanksgiving day, we went to my parents house to eat and play. 

Then, it was onto Christmas celebrating! The decorations went up, 
and we went to visit Santa. Easton was so nervous and shy, and Emerson was just chatting it up. 

Trampoline jumping...Easton was told to get some sweatpants on, and he grabbed a pair from last winter! I can't believe how much he is growing :(

Easton started flag football and is loving it! 

We went to the beach parade...
made gingerbread houses...
and played at the bounce house :)
Game time! 
Last weekend we went to the Christmas program at church
and went downtown to Winterfest. It was great! Santa, hot chocolate, karaoke, story time, and dancing. 

Work Christmas lunch...
Easton and his other walker buddies coming home from school

This morning, he had his second game and I snagged a video :) I love watching him play! 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

sort them out later

I have so many pictures I am posting today...probably out of order but I want to at least get them on here and hit that publish button. For weeks, I will go and add the most recent pics I grabbed on my cell phone with intentions to sit down and actually post the details, but life is just busy. 

My co worker at lunch yesterday was emotional after her son recently got married. Just talking about how fast it goes and then you are left with a quiet house and don't know what to do with yourself. It is neat to share all of the details with each other at lunch, because we have a few of us that have little ones, sharing the details of the latest soccer or tball game or cool art project their kid did at school, and then a few of the ladies with weddings, college graduations, and high school signing days to attend. A snapshot at two different seasons of life in one room. They sat and smiled with watery eyes..."Take pictures. Take as many as you can organize them and do all of the cool things with them later, but don't miss capturing the moments now, because they will soon be gone" 

So true. So here is a big out of order mess of all of the amazing moments and memories we have captured on camera over the past several weeks. Easton made all Ms (Mastery) on his report card, we finished an awesome soccer season, went to the fair, peanut festival, had a field trip, enjoyed the park, had check ups, Easton is working hard around the house to save money for a Nintendo switch, downtown days, Halloween and more. Have a great 3 day weekend!! xoxo