Monday, April 27, 2015

home sweet home

I am so tired and the week is only beginning! Last Wednesday I was up at 4 am and hit the road with 11 teenagers and drove 7 hours straight to Universal Studios. We had a great day at the theme park before competition started Thursday. 
Thursday and Friday my kids were busy competing in the state journalism competition. Up all night editing projects for on-the-spot contests. We ended up getting awarded gold for our PSA, 2nd place in the state for collaborative commercial and honorable mention for their short film. 
 Friday night we went shopping and they had a dance before we hit the road Saturday morning. I love my kids...but I was ready to get home to my baby! 

He had a good time with Drake while I was gone. They went to a party Friday night and a pool party Saturday! It is the beginning of the birthday season for all of Easton's friends. We have another this weekend as well. 
 Yesterday we went to Disney on Ice. :) Easton had a good time. He said he was ready to go home during the scene that was all of the princesses skating around but then Buzz Light year and Woody came out and it was all good then. 
 And just a random timehop from this morning. I can't believe how big my boy is. ♥ 

 So excited about that e-mail in my last post and then this evening 3 different neighborhood kids came to our door at different times asking if Easton could come out and play. Random stuff like that means more to me than normal I think because I used to worry about Easton's speech being behind and didn't want him to not fit in with other kids. He is doing awesome! Have a great week! xoxo

Answered prayers

So I just got this e-mail from Easton's teacher and I had tears in my eyes reading it...

***I just finished up Easton's Language Development section on the Brigance and he scored a 56 month, which means he can come off the VB-MAPP  J

Your boy is a genius. I tested his Academic Literacy and Academic Mathematical Concepts and he scored a 63 month in A/L and a 68 month is A/M. He was reading color words to me and even read the words, Go, Stop and In. He was able to pick out the correct picture just from hearing the beginning sound, identify blended words and blended phonemes. I was very impressed with him and am very proud.***

They score everything by months...Easton is 43 months now. 43 and scoring 68 months?! So proud :)

Monday, April 20, 2015

This past weekend was fun! Sydney came in town to visit and was here Friday evening so we all went to dinner together and just hung out at the house for a bit. 

Saturday morning we went to the mall and did some shopping before Sydney went to watch a friend in a pageant and Drake, Easton and I headed to Georgia's 2nd birthday party. Easton had a ton of fun. Towards the end when it was almost time to go, Georgia fell out of the bounce house onto her face :( When Rose's mom went to pick her up her body was limp and she just had blank looking eyes and didn't cry. They took her to the ER and she did have a concussion, and said she will be okay but it was so scary. 

That evening Sydney and I went downtown for dinner and had fun listening to music at the piano bar in Seville. 
 Sunday the sun finally came out after a very gloomy week, so we went to the zoo. Easton knows exactly which animals he wants to see and where they are. He's a good tour guide. :)
 We had a fun day together ♥ 
After that, I had a shoot I went to while the boys went to hit golf balls together ♥ 

Easton and I just got home from exploring in the woods like Daniel Tiger...I am off to go run with Gina and then it's groceries and packing. Getting ready to head to Orlando Wednesday with 11 of my students. Excited!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

quick check in

 *We survived with daddy away in Atlanta last week :) We had fun together but we were glad to have him home! {Yes, E is eating a popsicle in the bathtub} 
*Easton was asked to throw out the first pitch at the high school softball game, it was so cute.
*It was rainy all weekend and will be raining through this weekend :( We have been doing some play dates with friends and finding entertainment inside. I'm ready for the sunshine!
*Sydney is coming to visit this weekend and then next week I am off to Orlando with my TV Production students! Looking forward to some fun! Have a good week!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

better late than never

Oops...I meant to post about our Easter weekend earlier than this, but it's been a busy week. Drake is in Atlanta for work until tomorrow, so I haven't had any extra time to post. recap our Easter weekend-which was great by the way. :) Saturday morning we went to the home depot workshop after Easton really enjoyed it last month. This time they had the Easter bunny and some extra things going on for the kids. 

We invited Kinley and Madison and Easton had so much fun with them!

Easton has never went through with getting his face painted for some reason, he always backs out. But he watched Kinley get a bunny nose and whiskers so he had to get a bunny nose and whiskers ♥ Which of course led to them hopping up and down the lumber isle while Madison was getting painted. 
That afternoon we decided to go golfing. We took Easton, and oh my goodness he had a blast! He has his little iron and putter and loved hitting his yellow spongebob ball. 
After golf, we went to the Otts house to grill out and let the kids play for a bit, which turned into more friends coming over and staying until dark and doing s'mores. 
Easter Sunday we went to my brother and Rose's house for an Easter egg hunt and lunch. 

It was nice to see Kylie while she was in town! Her visits are always way too quick. :(
I was not ready for Monday to roll around! After 4 days off and knowing Drake was leaving, that alarm going off Monday morning was a bummer. That evening we went to get groceries and Easton had a game. We had daddy on skype while he was hitting so he could watch the game. :)

Yesterday was our 8 year anniversary ♥ We booked a room in Destin for this weekend to go celebrate, but of course just like last year it looks like rain all weekend, so we called and rescheduled for May. booo I can't wait for some time for just the two of us when we go. In addition to it being a bummer that Drake was not even here for our anniversary, it was made even better as I left the mall with a tantrum throwing toddler. Just one of those days that you try to get through.:/

Today was much better. :) After work we went downtown back to the splash pad. Only this time minus the 400 kids that were there when we went over the weekend. Easton had fun.

So excited that tomorrow is the first day this week I do not have a meeting first thing in the morning at work and we get to look forward to Drake getting home! On the home stretch! xoxo

Friday, April 3, 2015


Happy Good Friday ♥ I am currently in the midst of my little 4 day weekend I gave myself :) Yesterday was my 31st birthday so I took a personal day off of work. I dropped Easton off at school and headed in town to get a mani/pedi and went shopping ♥ After that I went to the beach and just enjoyed doing nothing. It actually got boring pretty quick, I guess you don't realize how used you are to craziness and being busy 24/7 until you finally stop. But, it was still pretty nice to be bored. :) 

After that I went to pick up Easton and we got ready for dinner. We had a nice family dinner out downtown, grabbed a movie at redbox on the way home and crashed. Easton did a great job singing happy birthday to me, he is doing so awesome! I had a great birthday. 
We all had today off, so we went downtown for a bit and let Easton play at the splash pad downtown. 
He loved it! I have a feeling this will be a regular stop the next few months. 
Then, we came home and my family came over to celebrate my b-day and just hang out. Kylie got in town last night for the weekend, so it was really nice. We literally sat outside the whole time! The kids did  the water slide and we ate dinner and played games. The weather was comfortable and music was playing. It was a perfect evening.