Friday, July 25, 2014

slow down

Another week has somehow managed to slip through my fingers meaning I have 2 weeks of break left :( I'm going to do my best not to think about it and soak in the remaining time I have. I can handle the whole going back to work thing-with minor complaining of course haha but I am getting so anxious about Easton's school. ughhh I just want this sweet boy to be taken care of. He joined into the praying this week for his speech. ♥ 
 When Drake gets home I head to the gym and have enjoyed taking classes again, surfset class is new to me and I love it! 
 Nothing crazy out of the ordinary this week in our world...I went up to work yesterday and knocked out a good bit. I love my kids! They could be at the beach or doing cool teenager stuff, but they come up and help me paint and clean our classroom. 
Finally, today we went to the pool with Rose, Kylie and Georgia. Easton loves them :) He is getting so much better at closing his mouth while kicking and relaxing in the water instead of getting so giggly. 
Excited for a fun weekend ahead with d&e. xoxo

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Rainy weekend

I forgot to mention in my last post that we are officially potty training...finally. It's my fault we haven't really tackled it yet, but I didn't want my parents to have that on their hands during the school year while we were working, so I knew over the summer break I would work on it, and then of course we had vacation so I wasn't about to potty train while I would be on a plane with Easton. :) Anyways...last Monday we hung at the house most of the day and he was naked and I would put him on the potty every 30 minutes. No accidents right away! It really has been an awesome transition for us. He has only had a few accidents all week and we put him on the potty about every 45 minutes now. Now to work on him telling us when he has to go and then #2 on the potty and then overnight day at a time. But, so far so good. 
This weekend has been rainy, Friday night we headed out for gallery night and were met by a huge black cloud. So, we stopped to grab dinner before it started raining on us. 

 Yesterday we got groceries, went to the mall and today I have been doing a deep clean in the house. Cleaning out closets and all the fun stuff that needs to be done. Kylie is getting back in town today for these last few weeks of summer! She is 11 today! Hard to believe. Can't wait to see her again. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

short and sweet

Yesterday we had a lot of errands and then we met up with Kinley at the park for a play date :) Easton kills me with how he is posing with other kids lately haha 

Oh, and I just ordered Easton's backpack for school :) 34 days until I am a complete mess dropping him off. Boo. Yep...that's all I have for today-lame.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Fun

We had a good weekend! Saturday we went to Destin with my parents and ended up being gone ALL day. We went to the beach for 3 hours because it was perfect weather and the water was clear and felt awesome. Easton loved Drake holding him and they were just relaxing and going up and down with the waves. After the beach we went shopping and to dinner before heading home. 
Yesterday we went to Jonah's 4th birthday party. This picture cracks me up :) 
 Easton was not a big fan of this water slide because it had water spraying out on your head when you got to the top that he didn't like, so he spent most of his time on the trampoline and loved that. Here he is with his best friend Dean :) 
 Joe took Easton down the slide since he wasn't going on his own haha

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Friday eve

This week has been pretty productive for us. I have done a ton of editing and had another shoot yesterday, went to pick up everything we needed for Easton's school registration which meant he had to get one more vaccination...that last blood draw has made him so scared when he sees a needle. :( He wasn't happy but luckily it was a quick one. We then went to his school to turn everything in and met the assistant principal and a couple women in the front office, they were spoiling him already and had Easton cracking up :) I can't believe he will be starting school next month! Of course after that he got ice cream for having to get a shot haha 
I also decided on a theme for Easton's birthday party...let the planning begin! I honestly kept going back and forth even thinking about just having family over and doing something simple this year, but I just can't do it :) As much as I stress when I take on planning a party, I love when it all comes together. So we have been around town to some antique stores and hobby lobby starting to gather stuff. 
 The invitations are ready. The light blue is more of a baby blue, not the bright mint color that is uploading on here for some reason...but here it is! :) I am going to do a very vintage "Easton's county fair" theme. 
 We went to the pool, I went to a surf class at the gym that was really fun and went to dinner to celebrate Sydney's birthday. 
It's been another good week ♥ 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Virginia Vacation

This past week was awesome! We flew out to Virginia to visit Drake's family and we packed a lot into our week. We flew out Monday evening, Easton did awesome on the flights and thought taking off was hilarious. 
After getting to bed about 11:30, of course this guy was up bright and early and ready to start his vacation :) 
Our first day we went to the park, got groceries for the week and Easton spent a lot of time outside in the pool naked popping bubbles. 
We enjoyed time at the house and watched the world cup. Easton was in love with Tucker all week! He would rub his arm to ask where Tucker was if he wasn't in Easton's sight. 
Day 2: We headed to Virginia Beach to hang out with more family. Drake's nan and grandad were so excited to see Easton again.
We walked over to the beach and Easton loved the waves and running up and down the shore.
Once we were done there, we walked back over and got in the pool and got ice cream :) We had dinner with everyone before heading out for the evening. 
I am so thankful the weather was great all week! The last couple days even felt like awesome fall weather. Our third day we decided to go to water country, kind of taking a chance and hoping that it had stuff that Easton would enjoy, in the past he has been very shy when it comes to any sort of rides or anything...well not this day! Easton was so brave. We started at the small stuff, but he kept walking over and pointing to the big kid slides so we let him go and he loved it! We rode tube rides and did big slides all day! I got all videos of that stuff. It was so much fun to watch him have an awesome day! 
The next day of our vacation was July 4th, so Drake's mom had a party for everyone. She had the cutest decorations and details for everything. 
Drake's aunt Trish and her family came over and it was the first time they met Easton. He was not shy at all with all of the new places and people all week. 

Fun evening with everyone! 
After the group left we hung outside a little longer and Easton enjoyed his dessert on the porch with Babcia :)
Our next day...(have I mentioned that this all went down without a nap all week?! He wasn't having any part of that. Too much to do as usual) We went back to the park again 
and then headed to Jamestown for the afternoon. 
Easton liked the heavy hat and walking on the boats 
Finally, that evening Easton's cousins came over to play
He loved them! 
 Babcia got everything ready and had a color fight waiting for them :) 

We had such an awesome week! Spoiled with hot breakfasts and yummy dinners, gifts for Easton and so much love for him. I loved watching him experience new things all week and we made some awesome memories as a family. Yesterday we traveled home all morning and Easton did awesome again :) 
 Then we unloaded the car, went to get groceries and are slowly getting back to reality. Although my reality is still summer break :) It is back to responsibilities at home. Lots to do this week to get Easton's registration finished for school, pay bills, get caught up on editing photo shoots and get some things done for work. Now that we are back that means I am officially half way done with my summer break! Crazy!