Wednesday, June 25, 2014

spoiled rotten

I love to be on the go with Easton! Yesterday was very busy. We went to Mobile for the morning/afternoon and I took Easton to the Exploreum Science museum. It's awesome and he had a blast with all of the hands on activities. 

 His favorite part...himself. Big surprise haha

 Then last night after daddy got home we went to the funplex over in Gulf Breeze, they had "open bounce" going on and he was sliding and jumping all over the place. We attempted another "rest" time yesterday and no luck on napping in the big boy bed like expected. He just gets out and makes a mess in his room. :( The perk to that frustration, he slept until 8 this morning! haha 

Today we went to TJ Maxx and Target so far, just had lunch and plan to go play with Dean and Viv for a little bit until time for speech. This week is flying by. Slow down summer! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

big boy bed

Well, I put it off as long as I could but Easton started climbing out of his crib last week, so it was time to move to a big boy bed. :( Last night was Easton's first night in it and he did great. I kept peeking in and he was just laying there quiet until he fell asleep. Sweet boy. I know that nap time will be a nightmare and he will probably end up playing more days then napping...but here is his little twin bed :)
We sold our crib, and I had a rough time with that...I sat in Easton's room and cried looking at it, thinking back to putting it together with Drake when I was pregnant, we were so excited. Our baby is growing up. Such a bittersweet emotion. 

(Bedding from: Pottery Barn Kids)

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Last night Drake and I attended the Vision of Hope gala. Easton stayed with Summer and Chase and got to play with Elle all evening. The gala was awesome! The Vision of Hope is a program for adults with special needs, to try and help them find employment. Many of my students that I teach will hopefully be able to benefit from this organization upon aging out of my class and the school system once they turn 22. There is such a need for this! So many special needs adults turn 22 and have nothing left to turn to. Dr. Mahaffey invited us as guests at her table and it was an amazing time. 
 Hanging out with Pat ♥ 
 Boo Weekly was there and signed Easton's little putter we have for him so that was pretty cool. We were chatting with him on the our way out and he was headed to his truck to grab a beer. "I'm not about to pay $5 for a beer in there!" haha By far the richest man at the event and brought his cooler of beer. 
 After some amazing speakers and dinner, we had some fun at the photo booth before picking up Easton and heading home. 
I had a great time getting dolled up and spending the evening around some very happy and inspiring people. ♥

{Dress can be found here. Only fuchsia color is left}

Friday, June 20, 2014

on the go

 This summer continues to be so much fun, which of course also means that it is flying by way too fast! Last night we went out to another Wahoos game. Easton gets really into the games and really enjoys going. 
 So lately it has been very hard to get Easton to smile for his pictures, but I came up with a way to get a (very fake) smile every time. When we brush Easton's teeth we always say "open" and then "together" and "tongue" So I thought about it and tried saying "together" and bam! Instant fake smile haha I know totally random, but one of those little things I will like to read one day when I am old and looking back that will make me smile. :)
This morning we met up with Jenn and Rachel and the kids and all went to the NAS museum. They loved was a fun crazy time with the 5 of them all wanting to do a million different things at once. Dean and Easton were BFFs and kept holding hands and running up and down ramps cracking up. So sweet. 
We grabbed lunch and then headed home. Jenn said that Vivian asked her on the ride why Easton can't really talk back to them and she explained how Easton can understand everything she is saying and can do everything they can do, but just hasn't figured out his speech yet. Vivian sighed and said, "Well I am going to tell him that he has a really nice voice." So sweet. 

This evening we went to Gallery Night and walked around downtown. We went down to the kid area and Easton got to do the obstacle course bounce house with Kylie, got a balloon and listened to music. Always a good time at Gallery Night! Well, off to bed...ready for the weekend with my boys! ♥ 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

more fun in the sun

Easton likes to start our days at 6am every we were out at the beach by 8. We went to one of the pools out there that my friend told us about, they have a nice size kid pool that is only 1 ft deep. It was awesome! 
 Easton loved it! We stayed all morning and he is taking a good nap now :)

 It was nice because I think he was really able to get a feel for his arm floats and I could just let him be. When we are in the big pool he wants to squirm and drink water the whole time, so I can never let him go completely because he laughs and goes under swallowing water and choking. Geez. 
 Rocking his new beach cover up from his babcia...and faking a smile because deep down he is not happy knowing it was time to go. ♥ 
Have a great week! xoxo

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's day

Family day at the beach+
a long nap+
Father's Day success ♥ 

Friday, June 13, 2014

sound asleep

We had to go get the remaining blood work done today with Easton. This time, as soon as he saw the nurse and what she was holding, he started crying. Not a happy camper...and of course they couldn't find a vein :( But we did find out all of the other blood work they did last time came back normal which is great! We went straight to get a milkshake and came home for a good nap with Mickey. ♥ After two days of resisting a nap plus a hard cry this morning, our buddy is sleeping good. :) 
I love this sweet boy so much ♥ 

Monday, June 9, 2014

68 days of summer

Day 3 of 68: We had a play date in the morning with Brody :) I forgot to snag a picture of the boys because I was so busy catching up with Annie. We had a good time! After nap time we were out and about while daddy was working late, so we went to Target and I let Easton walk around and pick out a pool for the back yard. We ate ice cream and hung out. ♥ 
Day 4 of 68: Sydney and I went to Destin for a quick girl's weekend. We got there and went jet skiing which was awesome! I took my gopro and we got to play around with that too. We then walked around harbor walk and grabbed lunch and went to the pool. 
Then we went to the hotel to get ready and went back to the harbor walk for the night. We went to coyote ugly and night town. 
Day 5 of 68: Before coming home from Destin, we went and rode go-carts and went to some boutiques. We had a good time together. Once I got home, I changed and we were off to Trey and Danielle's new house to swim in the pool. Easton loved jumping in with his friends :)
Day 6 of 68: We went and hung out with Summer and Elle today :) Easton LOVES the pool! But he gets so giggly when the water gets high on his chest and cracks up with his mouth wide open, so a good bit of water is usually swallowed. He thinks its hilarious. 

I asked Easton to show me his muscles, and he did not hold anything back...
 We got cleaned up at Summer's house and met Drake, Kyle, Rose and the kids at Atlas for dinner. Kylie is in town for part of her summer break now too! 
 Typical attempt at a family picture these days...he has  too many other things to check out. 

 He loves looking at himself on the screen and making faces :) 
Kind of crazy how much we have already packed into this summer. It is already so amazing! ♥ 

Friday, June 6, 2014


Last night we went to the Fiesta Parade downtown.
 Easton was excited to be there...until the first few floats had huge cannons on them that they kept setting off...then he was not a fan. 
 We met up with my bother, Rose and Georgia to hang out. 
It was a good evening.♥ 
Now we are up and getting ready to head downtown again to have a play date with an old friend of mine and her little boy. Super busy and having lots of fun! xoxo 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

beach and speech

Our first day of summer break was spent the right the beach. On the drive there, I had one of those moments where you just really feel everything around you. Just a huge rush of happiness and being so thankful for this life. Everyone around us was on their hamster wheel, rushing into work and there we were...cruising down with the sun roof open, beach music playing, Easton dancing and enjoying every second. 
 I love that my job allows for this time with him. I would love to be a stay-at-home mom, but the fact that I do work and get these couple months with him, really makes me appreciate that time so much more and I will try to squeeze as much fun as possible into the time off.

 Today was a good day ♥ We hit up the park right after the beach too...then we both napped. ahhh

Then after nap, Easton had his speech for the week. He has not added many words here lately, but he is using the words he does have more and with purpose. This morning I asked if he wanted strawberries, "Nooo" then I asked if he wanted a fruit cup, "Noooo" then I asked if he wanted some grapes, "Paa" (please) So that is a positive step. More spontaneous language overall. A couple months ago he would only say words when you said, "Easton, say____" I pray that when he starts school in the fall that he makes progress like crazy. Such a sweet boy ♥ 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Schooooollllsss out for summer!

I just finished my last day of post-planning and am done with another school year! 
 This one really was a good one with some awesome kids. 
 Now I am pumped to pack as much fun into the next 68 days as possible!
 And I will do better at taking my camera out instead of having all cell phone pics :(
 Everyday hanging out with Easton ♥ 
 So excited!
Bring on Summer 2014!!!