Monday, April 28, 2014

busy busy has been a busy few days! Last Wednesday I loaded up with 7 teenagers for Orlando. I took some of my production students to the state journalism competition. The first day we left at 5:30 in the morning and I drove us 7 hours straight to the theme park :) Then the next day competitions started. My kids were up until 7 in the morning editing productions that had a deadline of 8:30. I am so proud of them! We came home with 2 All-Florida awards (the highest ranking) and then one of those was chosen as the "best of the best" for the entire state! So proud and I really love my group this year. 
 We got home Saturday afternoon and then a couple hours later we were off to Disney on Ice. It was amazing! The show is fine, I've seen it before but to watch Easton's face watching it...priceless. He was unsure what all was happening at first but then it was pure amazement and excitement. So much fun! 
 Yesterday we tried to play catch up a little and went by our lot and took care of all the weeds and overgrown grass that were on it...
 Still kind of surreal that this will be our backyard in a couple years and that it is all ours. :)
 AND last but not least Easton had to get the Mickey underwear from target last night haha He's getting so big! :( Have a good week!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Best days of my life.

We were back out and about this evening and headed downtown for a bit. Drake got some pictures of me and Easton and I'm so thankful he did. Easton is so sweet and loves giving big hugs and kisses these days. ♥ We walked around and played in the grass and then went down to the pier where Easton chased birds forever. So thankful for these days. ♥ 

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! We went to my brother's house after church to hang out with Kylie since she was here for the holiday weekend. Easton had an Easter egg hunt with his cousins ♥ 
 This year was so much fun egg hunting because Easton loved looking and got so excited for every egg. :)
 Georgia rocking her egg hunt

 Pop and Nanny with their grand kids
 My peeps :) 
 Easton loved running back and forth with Kylie! She is so sweet and goes along with whatever he wants and helped the two little ones hunt eggs instead of trying to get them for herself. 
 uh oh!
 All better :)
It's been a great weekend! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Lazy Day

Since today was Good Friday I got the day off with my boy ♥ Unfortunately it stormed all morning but it was actually kind of a nice excuse to stay in our PJs and just hang out. We read books, ran up and down the hallway a million times, hid Easter eggs, did some laundry and watched cartoons. Easton is such a good helper with the laundry :) I hand him the clothes out of the washer and he loads them into the dryer for me. 
 This is Easton's new face :) It started from hiding eggs inside (which we discovered he LOVES finding eggs this year) and every time he finds one at my parent's during the day my mom opens her mouth wide with excitement and then followed by coming home to me doing the same thing. Now he does it all the time haha 
Hiding them outside this weekend will be fun! We had a good week, Easton is rocking gymnastics now! We walked in and he went straight to his seat to sit and wait for roll :) He loves stretching, especially the part where they have to stretch down and to make them really reach, the teacher says to try and smell your feet, so he smells and then laughs every time saying "eeeew" So this week after going through their stations when they each had to demonstrate their favorite station she said, "Easton, show us your favorite." To which he sits down to do his stretch and smell his feet. haha oops 

I don't remember if I posted yet or not, but Easton got bumped up to see the neurologist next Wednesday because they had a cancellation! Anxious but glad he will be seen...I of course am leaving to go to Orlando that day with my students for state competition and can't go :( But I do not want to wait until June for him to be seen. Drake and my parents will all be going and hopefully we get some answers or something positive out of it.

This evening I had a photo shoot downtown, things are picking up again now that the weather is warming up. It's fun to do and I get some extra play money :)

I think that's it for now, sorry this post was all over the place. Have a Happy Easter weekend! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

rushing home

I could not get home fast enough today because I knew that my picture CD was in the mailbox waiting for me :) I was in love with my preview shots and was excited to see the rest. I love them! ♥ There is a chunk I took just for Drake ;) and was so excited for him to see those. So here is a very self centered post with all pictures of me haha


Sunday, April 13, 2014

beach and birthdays

I haven't been on here much this week because our weekdays are now pretty full with stuff for Easton. Tuesday is gymnastics, Wednesday is speech and now Thursday after work is our new additional day of speech. Those were our evenings mixed in with groceries and going to see daddy at work, Easton loves walking around the greenhouses (especially when there is mud.) :) 
 This weekend was gorgeous! 78 and sunny both days. We went to the park and spent the day at the beach yesterday.
 Today we went to Georgia's 1st birthday party, we had a fun time. Easton loved the bounce house and Georgia's playroom at their new house. 

Back to work tomorrow...but starting to count down the days until summer break now :) Have a good week xoxo

Monday, April 7, 2014

7 years

♥ Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband! ♥ 
I am so thankful for this life we have made together. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

rainy day venting

This weekend has been a pretty uneventful one for us, it has been raining both days. It has been nice to bum around and just hang with d&e, take a family nap and do some cleaning. Friday we did go to our pediatrician's house for dinner and Easton got to play with the dogs. So, here is our plan of action...we are now getting a second day of speech therapy a week. This therapist will actually do therapy that is a little different, we might meet her at the park or go outside and things that Easton loves doing and mix in as much language as we can with him while doing these things. I'm excited for an extra day a week for him. Next, like I said before we will be going to see a neurologist and in addition she is going to send a referral for us to see a pediatric neuro psychologist. 

She was talking about how it is so hard to pinpoint what is holding Easton back with his speech, which is what the speech therapist keeps saying as well, so I asked her why is it so hard with him? She was saying that usually kid's that have trouble with speech have another area or more that they are having trouble with. Maybe their motor skills, maybe they have texture issues or a hard time eating and those things usually steer them in a direction as to what the problem is and you know which way to go with treatment. Well, Easton is at or above where he needs to be in everything else, which is wonderful but that is what is making this so confusing. 

We did go to church this morning...I really needed it. We have not been since Easton's seizure because for the first couple months we were scared to not be around him, we were so shaken up by that whole event. Then we didn't want him to go and cry the whole time which is literally what he did every Sunday when we did go. We talked with the speech therapist about it because we want Easton around the other kids and we want to be in church but she said him crying the whole time isn't doing anything for anyone. So she suggested if the church would let us, for one of us to go in and stay in the room for one day...not interact with him at all, but just be there hanging out quietly in the corner. Then the next week do the same and walk out with 15 minutes or so left in church and come back to get him and work our way up each week until he goes the whole time. I know some of you think that is crazy and, "oh he will figure it out, just drop him off." But it was literally a few months of crying the whole time when we did try to do that with no progress, sometimes he fell asleep he would get so exhausted from being so upset. So, if you don't agree, you can keep it to yourself. 

Anyways, today was great! Drake went in and just ignored him the whole time but he got to where he went and played and finally started to feel comfortable. I sat in church by myself and heard some things I needed to hear and just sat there by myself with tears in my eyes. He talked about how genuine faith=abundant joy. How so many of us walk around this sinful world moping with worry. We think our life is good and we have a little Jesus here and a little Jesus there...but if we take all of him our lives will go from good to great if we have that genuine faith. I of course think about Easton and if you can't tell have been consumed by all of this speech stuff just hoping that it is only a delay that he can get caught up with. I want to have that genuine faith and know that Easton is going to start talking and telling us stories before we know it. ♥ 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

thirty and feeling purty

For my birthday present I got a photo shoot with an amazing team of photographers in Destin and I was so excited. Taking pictures would have been fun enough, but I got my hair and make up done too, so I felt great! I got some of my preview pictures already and I am in love! ♥ 

 why yes, I did come close to losing my balance on that beam and falling in the water. :)
 Something else exciting that happened this week, is that we bought a lot! We don't have plans to build on it just yet because our current house is in walking distance of the school that Easton will go to for K-2nd grade so we want to stay here for that. But, we have had our eyes on lots in this area for a while and one finally went up for sale. We are SO excited and plan to take our time and build our dream house on it one day. In love with the lake in our back yard...Easton will get to feed the ducks and go fishing! ♥ 
 Trying to remember this today...
 Easton had speech and she recommended that we get an appointment with a neurologist. I already have our pediatrician sending a referral. She sent me the name of where we will be going and it is a pediatric neurologist that has great ratings. We just want to see if there is something else that may be holding Easton back with his speech...did his seizure cause a problem? Drake is definitely my rock through all of this.  I love these two so much! ♥