Friday, July 30, 2010

The weekend is here!

Ahhhh...Friday :)
Went to the pool with the fam...
Dinner and a movie with Jenn and Ronnie...
The weekend is off to a good start! ♥

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Busy Bee

Hey! I feel like I just had the first chance in the last few days to sit down and write! I have been busy...yes working on making a baby, but other things too! :) Yesterday after work I went and did a shoot for my good friend Jenn, I hate that I can't post any pictures...they are for her husband only. :) But she looked gorgeous! We had so much fun, except for the part where I had two massive pieces of cactus stuck in my foot! It was so painful. Anyhoo, today was another busy day at work and then when I got home our new guest room furniture was here! :) So we have been putting that together all afternoon and just got back from taking Cosmo on a walk. I also just ordered our guest room comforter set...I hope we can get it all set up and ready by the time Drake's mom comes to visit in a couple weeks! Well, that's all you get for now...have a good night ♥

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm smiling...and so is my pee stick :)

So...I am ovulating! Yay! I was doubting my body after the doctor said to test so they could make sure I was not just getting positives because of clomid before. They had me start testing on CD12 and today is CD17. So every morning I have been anxiously waiting. The one I took this morning was negative, but I was having good 'ol egg whites last night and this morning (sorry) and I didn't understand why I wasn't getting my ":)" So I was kind of crampy today and I read how you can have a negative OPK in the morning and a positive by the afternoon, and that was all I needed to hear :) I popped my butt back in the bathroom when I got home from work and there she was, this beautiful smiley face looking at me.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Good 'ol Mondays...I was super busy at work today and then came home and got a workout in before Drake got home from work. Today was his late day, but the rest of the week he is off early, so I am super excited to have some time together in the evenings the rest of the week. Once he got home we went to my parents so that we could drop off my brother's birthday gift. He turned 30 on Friday! This is him giving a nice fake reaction for the camera :)

And this is the awesome t-shirt that he can now sport around town. He loved it.

After that we hung out for a little bit and played a game.

Now I'm off to bed...have a good night ♥

Sunday, July 25, 2010

no way

The weekend cannot possibly be over already?! Today we officially started turning our weight room into a guest room. I am so excited. Drake does use the weight room a lot, but we cleared out half of the garage so that he could just transfer his weights there, then we went to Lowe's for paint.

We actually picked a color pretty quick and we were both happy with it :) Once we got home, we started moving things out and just got done painting our first coat. I would normally hate painting, but when I get to do it with this guy, it's not too shabby ♥

Time to shower and relax the rest of the evening. Still hoping for my positive OPK this week. xoxo

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Slumber Party!

Last night Kylie came over for a slumber party :) It made my day hearing how excited she was when I asked her if she wanted to stay over. When she got here, the first thing she had to do was make a list of everything she wanted to do while she was here. haha She is definitely related to me :)

My parents dropped her off and hung out for a few minutes before going to spend some time together ♥

After that the playing started! A very important part of her list was doing make-up...which meant she wanted to do Uncle Wake's make-up! haha He is such a good sport :)

After that we played on the wii, watched a movie, and played with Cosmo.

Then it was off to bed. I asked Kylie if she would still come over and have slumber parties when she was a teenager or would she be too cool to hang out with me. She promised that she would never be too cool for her Aunt Racey. I will hold her to that! :) We had a fun night!

Friday, July 23, 2010


I am so glad it's Friday! during my lunch break I had my mid-cycle ultrasound appointment. They started by taking blood :( Which I better get used to because they will be doing that every appointment. Anyways, the girl came back to do the ultrasound and was looking around at everything. She said that my lining was nice and thick, ready for implantation. Something about the lining needs to be at least an 8 and mine was at 11? Then she kept going back and forth to both ovaries (not pleasant) and was looking at my follicles. She said that there was not one that was as big as she wanted it yet. This means A:I will not ovulate this cycle or B:I am a late ovulator. Now I am kind of nervous because I have had positive OPK's before, but maybe I only did them when I was on clomid and I am not ovulating on my own?! I guess if that is true the good news is that I did ovulate while on clomid, so they could just pop me back on those and hopefully fix that. I am hoping I am just a late bloomer :) So now I will be taking my OPKs and waiting anxiously for that ":)" If I do not ovulate, I go back in next Friday for more blood work and another ultrasound. If I do...I call when I get the ":)" and go in that day.

Anyways...sorry that is not the most exciting post ever, but that is the update with my RE. Oh, my sister-in-law Briana sent me the article from Self Magazine about Infertility, and if you have not read it, it starts out talking about how fertility offices are filled with women going through the same thing, yet they sit there in silence. A lot of them not even telling family they are there. So, I was inspired to break that mold and when I went in today there was me and this other girl sitting there pretending to read one of the magazines from the crappy selection, when you know we are both thinking about what is about to be done. Anyways...I started talking to her and we had the best conversation :) She was so sweet!

Well, I am off to get some things done before Drake gets home from work. I hope you all have a great weekend! xoxo

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hey guys! Today was a busy and fun day. It was a pretty standard day at work...then I came home and got my stuff together to go take pictures of my friend Danielle and her daughters. They are a birthday gift to her husband :) We went downtown and had a lot fun taking pictures.

Sisters ♥

Kaylee is always entertaining!

Hot momma! :)

After we were finished we went to a little bistro place downtown and grabbed dinner. Drake and I had never been there before, it was really good!

While we were there I ran into one of my old students from when I taught ESE kids at the high school. His name is Patrick and he is the funniest, sweetest kid you will ever meet. I had to get a picture of him and Drake...he always loved when Drake would stop by the school to see them :)

Now I am off to shower and get to bed, it is way past my bedtime! Tomorrow is Friday!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We are so proud of daddy...he got a raise today! :) Talk about perfect timing. God is Good!


So, I had my HSG this morning, first things first- my tubes are clear! :) But here is how I got to that conclusion...I went in at 7:30 and they called me back to put on the hospital gown and the nurse explained everything to me and what to expect. She was so down to earth and hilarious! :) Definitely helped calm my nerves...I am the queen of making the bark so much worse than the bite. Anyways...once they were underway, they do what they would do as far as a pap smear to get in and do their business, but then they put a tube up in your hoo ha and fill up a balloon (it was uncomfortable but not bad) Then she scooted me back for the moment of truth...shooting the dye. She explained that I would not feel much of anything if they were clear, when there is a blockage that is when the cramping occurs because the dye builds up and your uterus starts contracting to get rid of it. Crazy! Anyways, she moved the screen towards me and I watched as the dye went through my tubes...cheering it on in my head. All clear! :)

She also mentioned to me that even though there was not a blockage that the dye can help push through any mucus build up that can just naturally happen in your tubes, meaning my tubes are crystal clear and now there is even more room for a super sperm to win the race. Yay So I am glad that is over and it was good news, now I just have to wear a stupid panty liner for the day while dye leaks out of me. Ewww weird...don't worry it's clear, not like a slimy green or blue dye like you would expect haha Sorry for TMI xoxo

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Big Day

So I just got home from our first appointment with our RE. I had no idea what today would consist of. When we were called back, I had all of my vitals checked and then Drake and I both went back to meet the doctor. He was awesome. He got caught up on what we have been through so far and explained to us what to expect from him. He was very positive overall talking about how we are young and how good it is that the tests so far have all been normal. The doctor raved about Drake's sperm...he was proud :) Now I have a whole list of what I need to do and when, starting TOMORROW! They were able to call over to the hospital and have me squeezed in for my HSG tomorrow morning. Oh, if you do not know what that is, here you go... (Hysterosalpingography, HSG, or "dye test" is a diagnostic test to determine if the fallopian tubes are open. Pictures are made with X-Ray after the uterus is filled by "dye" or with ultrasound after filling with saline.) So I am scheduled to do that at 7:30 in the morning. I am also scheduled for a mid-cycle ultrasound on the 23rd...oh and do ovulation kits again and call the doctor when I get a positive. It was a very overwhelming appointment, for me at least. It really hits you that you are truly onto the next level.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Jonah!

Today we went by the hospital to see Joe, Rachel, and baby Jonah! He is such a cute baby :) Rachel is the friend who referred me to the specialist we will be seeing. Here is Drake holding Jonah wearing the onesie we bought him ♥

He is adorable! Congrats you guys!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lucky Number 7

Happy Birthday Kylie!! :) Today we celebrated my niece Kylie's 7th birthday. We had such a great day. I hope she had a birthday to remember :) The day started with us heading to Chuck-E-Cheese to meet everyone...

When we got there, Kylie was already hitting up the games. Here she is playing deal or no deal with by brother...

This was the best token spent all hold on to the bars and the voltage goes up higher and higher and you hold on as long as you can. It was hilarious to watch everyone try it...

After some games, we went to eat and watch Kylie open her presents :)

Blowing out the candles...

And then we were back to the games...

I love her! ♥

So after we left, we went to my parents house and Kylie played with some of her new toys, this is her new zoo zoo pet that moves around like a real hamster, and Cosmo was freaking out. It was hilarious :)

Pop, Kylie, and Nanny peeking around...

After playing with toys, it was off to the pool where we played and played. Kylie is such a good swimmer and was having fun jumping in over my head :)

AANNDDD finally we left the pool and it was time for dinner, so we went to Chick-Fil-A with the fam...and let's just say it involved lots of laughing and my mom shooting coke out of her nose. haha We had a great day! xoxo

Thursday, July 15, 2010


So, I just got a call from the receptionaist for my appointment with the RE on Monday to remind me of my appointment, and also to give me a heads up that my insurance will be covering 0% of our fertility visits/treatments! That's just messed up.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

things that made me smile today...

finding $1.00 on the ground...

purple polish...

sharing my popsicle with my best pal...

watching a 4 year old fall in love with my husband...

and taking pictures of her sweet little sister :)