Friday, July 14, 2017

Soaking up Summer

This Summer is flying by-of course...I have 3 weeks left of my break and then it will be off to Kindergarten for Easton, back to daycare for Emerson, and I will be starting my new job! I finished my online training and I know it will take some time to get in my groove, but I am feeling really excited about the new job! I started working on my class from the student's point of view, and I am excited to be teaching PE and Health! Grading papers will be reading from my students about their wellness goals, workouts, etc. So excited about that! 

Since I wrote last, Easton went to VBS. He had a blast! He was in class with one of his best buddies Logan, so he was loving his week there. 
Then at the end of the week they performed the songs they learned ♥ 
We had about a week straight of bad rain, so we weren't able to do much out and about and then we got to the point where we needed to fill sand bags just in case. Easton was a good helper :) 
So we played inside several days, 
and painted rocks. The new thing in our town is to paint and hide rocks. Easton gets so excited when he finds one!
{Rock randomly in my shopping cart}
Once things cleared up, we were out and about enjoying pizza
and ice cream. 
We had a beach day with friends
and enjoyed a fishing trip. 
Easton officially caught his first fish ever :) 

Drake and I had a date night and went to eat on the water downtown.
During the weeks I am trying my best to mix running errands in with fun. It has been tiring keeping up with this sweet, stubborn girl...who now knows how to open the doors on her own and gets into everything! haha
During the weekends we soak in our family time while Drake is off. We went downtown and have enjoyed the splash pad, beach and lots of pool trips. 

We had a great 4th of July, we did some cheap fireworks here and took the kids to their first real fireworks show. It was crowded, but luckily we had my dad to take care of the traffic situation for us! :) 

Also, every year during 4th of July time, the Blue Angels have their hometown air show here. My mom kept Emerson and me and my dad were able to take Easton out. It was fun! 
Love this picture ♥ 
I've also tried to get up with some friends during our break, meeting up for lunch...
and meeting up with my UCF soccer girls that were in town! 
I think other than that, we have done church, Easton started swim lessons last week and is doing great, and I have set up my at home office for the two days a week I get to work from home! Woo hoo!! 
Happy weekend!! xoxo