Sunday, November 29, 2015

last day

Well, it's officially the last day of fall break. always I get to look forward to another awesome break not too far away! 3 weeks of work, and then Easton and I will be off for 2 weeks together for Christmas break! :) With it being the last day of fall break, it was also Kylie's last day in town before my brother had to drive her back to Jacksonville for school. She had a riding lesson this morning, so we all tagged along and made a morning of it. 

My brother and his adorable family ♥ 

 Our family ♥ {bump at 19 weeks}

 When we got home, I went ahead and used one of the pictures from today to make our Christmas card for this year. :) This is a picture of it from my phone, but I wanted to share. 
So cool to see 4 names on the card! ♥ 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

It's been such a nice fall break! The weather has been amazing all week! Easton and I did some Christmas shopping, went to the park a few times, met up with my brother and Kylie at Sam's Fun City, 
 Took Mickey on our adventure trail, 
and hosted Thanksgiving at our house. I wanted my mom to not worry about anything this year. We enjoyed sitting outside and watching the kids play :) Easton loves playing with Kylie and Georgia. Overall we had a great week and this weekend started out on a good note...a trip to the beach :) 

 We went to play and ended up trying a new spot for lunch and it was awesome! Games and activities set up in the sand to keep Easton entertained while we were able to eat. 
Feeling refreshed today ♥ So excited for the holiday parades/displays/activities coming up over the next few weeks. Have a great weekend! xoxo

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fall Break!

We are enjoying our fall break so far! I am so thankful for this week off with Easton! We ended last week with a family craft day/party at his school. I love when I get to go see him at school, just a look into a different area of his life. 
 We also ended the week with our anatomy scan, look at that beautiful girl! :) We have decided that Emerson Wade will be her name ♥ (Still figuring out the middle name) My little Easton and Emerson ♥ I love it! 

 So...the other day Easton was not listening, so I had my Santa app. call him saying that he saw him not being a good boy...and this is the reaction it caused. Ha!!
But no worries, he is definitely on the nice list this year :) Here are some things he asked Santa for, and a couple extra I made note of that he has pointed out in the store this year:

1. Trampoline
2. Paw Patrol Pups racing game
3. Mouse trap
4. Mickey's cherry board game
5. Bunchems
6. Paw patrol bath set 
7. piggy bank 
Look at that big cheese! I love it. 

So, I am ending with a prayer request if you can add my family to your list...and I'm sorry to be that vague person who just says they need prayers but doesn't say why. Just know that we are going through some heavy stuff as a family right now and I would appreciate it so much. This Thanksgiving I am realizing what really matters in this world more than ever, and I pray that God gives someone very important to me determination and strength right now. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Confession: I will just go ahead and throw this out Christmas stuff is already up. I couldn't help myself! I have always been one that waits until after Thanksgiving to start thinking about Christmas, but Easton is SO excited this year and it just carries over to me. Every morning he asks how many more days until Santa comes. I am looking forward to a ton of fun this holiday season! 

This past week was nice since we had Wednesday off...Easton had a play date with Millie and Jude and had SO much fun! 
 We only have one week of work/school and then we get a week off for fall break! We don't have any plans yet, but I hope the weather is as nice as it has been lately so that we can spend a lot of time outside. Kylie will be here all week as well, so that is always fun!

Today after church we took Easton to Sam's Fun City. He loves that place!
 He even did the go-cart track by himself! I was just waiting expecting him to drive straight into the walls, but he did awesome! There was even a little girl that came on mid-way through and he would look over his shoulder to try and make sure she couldn't pass. :)
 Today was a good day. Ready to take on another week. 


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

It's a....

Well, if you have me on facebook or instagram, you already know the news...but baby Wade did cooperate and we were able to find out the gender last Friday at just 16 weeks. 
 We are SO excited that our family of 3 will now be a family of 4, with a sweet little...

I am so excited and Easton is slowly bringing up the baby more now that my belly is popping. I can't imagine getting to see them together! So much fun ahead!! Now...onto the name game! We have one girl name that was mentioned over the weekend we are really liking, but nothing official yet. :) Have a good week! 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

kicking off November

 Hey guys! My last couple posts have all talked about life being hectic lately, and in some areas it definitely still is, but in a couple areas it is starting to settle down which I am thankful for. I am determined to have an awesome November! :) October ended with Halloween and Kylie was able to come in town. It ended up raining not long after we started trick-or-treating, but Easton was loving it this year! Running from house to house and so excited at how filled his bucket was. 
{creepy ventriloquist doll}
Easton is doing great in preschool, it is hard to believe that he will have another year of pre-k after this year, since he is a September baby...he is going to dominate Kindergarten by the time he gets there :) This year he was successful (yet again) in taking the most awkward picture. haha Hair sticking up, Elvis can't plan this stuff. He is still oh so cute though! 
We have not done much lately in the evenings, just hanging out as a family...we went to Toys R Us the other night and Easton was quick to make a list for Santa. :) I am turning into one of those people who could pop the tree up the day after Halloween I'm so excited for Christmas this year! It will be so fun! 

Finally, I am VERY excited to share that this Friday night, as long as the baby cooperates-we will find out if Easton will have a little brother or little sister! 
Pink or Blue??!! Either way, I am just so excited for Easton to have a sibling to play with!