Sunday, February 22, 2015

feeling better

Well, we had a full day planned yesterday, but Easton was up about 2am throwing up and running fever :( So yesterday our plan of t-ball practice, going to the zoo and a play date/dinner with the Griffins were all cancelled and we did absolutely nothing all day while Easton rested. He had fever off and on all day and just wasn't feeling it. Lots of gatorade and watching Despicable me and playing with his minion play-doh set. 

He slept good last night and was up and feeling better this morning :) It was supposed to be raining all day, but it looks like it is going to wait until later this evening to make an appearance, so we were able to make it over to the zoo. :) We had a great morning and Easton loves the train, feeding the giraffe and watching the otter swim. 

Headed out to do a photo shoot soon...Drake's new job and back to work tomorrow! 
{3 weeks of work until spring break!}

Friday, February 20, 2015

short week

TGIF! Yay for 4 day work weeks! It was a good week at work with my kids, but we did find out our principal is being promoted and will be moving to a position at the county office by the end of this school year. I am so bummed! He is by far the best boss I've ever had. Super laid back and down to earth, came to see me in the hospital when Easton was born and really cares about his teachers. Hoping for a smooth transition to a new boss. 

Drake starts his new job Monday. He is actually being paid through next week for his current job because of his leave time and had his last day Tuesday, so he spent the last couple days running some errands and catching his breath before this new chapter starts. 
I got my new key chain in the mail ♥ Easton's handwriting engraved on it-I will cherish this forever!
 Yesterday after work a group of us grabbed a quick dinner together for Gina's 30th birthday. We ate at Dharma blue and I even attempted sushi. :)
This evening we will be bumming in PJs, unwinding and I always watch my Friday night Shark Tank! :) Busy and fun day planned for tomorrow...excited for the weekend!

Monday, February 16, 2015


I feel like a handful of changes have been happening lately-all good ones. Yesterday morning I asked Drake if he wanted to attempt church again. We haven't been since last summer. We had several attempts at going, but Easton cried screamed the whole time, so it was hard to focus in church. He is used to being dropped off now that he is in school, so we thought we would give it another try. The only possibility was that he might resist since it was an unfamiliar drop off. On the way there, I told him we were going to church and he would get to play with a lot of new toys and make new friends. I went to walk him back, and he went right in and started playing, I was so excited! Drake went about midway through the service to look at the TVs and they were sitting down starting to color. We are both very excited about being able to get back in church. 
 Last night Easton got to play with Georgia while we went to dinner with Kathryn and Matt. Our cute dates ♥ 
 We had a good dinner-celebrating Drake's new job and Kathryn just got a job as a vet tech. 
Today we are enjoying our day with no school-so far just bumming around the house since it is cloudy outside. Getting caught up on some laundry and cleaning...going to go play with my buddy now ♥ Have a good week. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015


First off...Drake got a new job!! I am so happy for him and he seems really excited about this new chapter he is about to start. The best part-his schedule is Mon-Thurs 6-4! Three day weekends. So, during the summer time we will have 3 full days together every working weekends anymore! I truly believe God had something better planned for Drake, so he had to close a door to force him to go find it. 

So far, our weekend has been good. We took Easton to maritime park this morning and he rode his bike around and we ran up and down the big hill there over and over. Kathryn and Matt got in town last night, so we had plans to go see them this evening and Easton got to ride Kathryn's horse. It's been too long since we have seen each other! We are doing a double date tomorrow night, it will be nice to catch up!

Happy Valentines Day! xoxo

Saturday, February 7, 2015

ups and downs

The last week and a half has been pretty busy, so I will try and play catch up. It's felt like a very long week and a half for us overall. The biggest reason, Drake found out that he has until the end of the month with his current job. Always so stressful to go through this as a couple, but this is the first time we have dealt with a lost job with Easton around, and it definitely makes it sting a little more. I feel confident with Drake's resume that God closed that door to send him another direction and just like every other big heartache in our lives, we will look back one day and see the blessing in disguise. 

Besides that big blow, we have had a handful of boring adult errands this past week-getting car stuff fixed, grocery shopping, Easton had a neurology appointment and I had workshops and things to stay late at work for. But between all of the hard, tough or boring things we have to do...all of the fun stuff in between makes up for it and helps you push through the not so fun days. So now... on to the awesome stuff that has been going on :)

We hung out with the Bennett family last weekend. Easton and Millie are on the same page with their priorities during a play date which include: running circles, hide and go seek, running circles, swinging and more running circles. 

Sweetest baby boy ♥ 
We also stopped by my grandma's house this week and her sister was in town visiting. Easton LOVED being there. 
and drum roll please...pre t-ball started this week! :) 
 Easton had his first practice Tuesday and has been asking to go back all week. I'm so excited he is enjoying it. We had practice again this morning and he was rocking it! 
After practice, we came back and grabbed some lunch and got cleaned up before heading to the zoo. We went ahead and got annual passes. :) Easton is so into it, I figured with spring and summer break ahead we will get a lot of use out of them. 

Looking forward to enjoying the rest of our weekend before re-focusing and taking on another week. 

♥ Jeremiah 29:11 ♥