Thursday, December 31, 2015

2105 re-cap

Time for 2015 recap! Crazy!! 

In January we played with friends,
 Easton was in his first commercial ♥ 
 I had a weekend trip to Gainesville to visit Sydney, 
 we got a zoo membership for the year, 
 went to the circus with cousins, 
 and enjoyed the beach like we try to do anytime we get the chance :) 
In February Matt and Kathryn came to visit and we enjoyed horseback riding, 
 and overall our month was filled with a ton of t-ball! Easton's first season ever. 

In March we played golf, 
 went kayaking, 
 Easton had his first visit to the dentist, 
 we had an awesome spring break, 
and hunted Easter eggs :)
In April played outside a lot, 

 I celebrated my 31st birthday, 
 we went to home depot workshops, 
 the splash pad, 
 celebrated Easter with the family, 
 I took my students to Orlando to compete, 
  and Easton went to Disney on Ice. 
 In May we kicked off summer break!
went to concerts at the park, 

went to Sam's Fun City,
and wrapped up our first season of t-ball, which meant gymnastics was next on the agenda :)
In June we watched the blue angels fly, 
 spend a lot of hot summer days outside playing and trying to stay cool, 
 had beach days with friends, 
and a lot of pool days and popsicles :)
I went to gallery night with Gina, 
 oh and I can't forget that Easton started shaving ;) 
 In July summer break continued to be awesome hanging out with my boy. He played with his cousins, 
 dominated laser tag, 
 enjoyed days downtown, 
 evenings at the beach, 
 more pool days, 
 we spent a weekend in New Orleans going to the zoo and aquarium, 
 and Easton loved our new weekly routine of gymnastics followed by a slushie :)
In August I ended up randomly in the hospital for 4 days :( 

totally unaware at the time that I was pregnant! 
I started back to work at what has been a very tough year for me, as Drake was getting settled into his new job that has been a big blessing for him this year! He finally enjoys what he does everyday and it looks like he has a bright future ahead with them. 
Overall August was a big roller coaster of emotions going on. 

 In September we enjoyed a date night,
 had an awesome time at Disney for Easton's 4th birthday!

 we had our first ultrasound
 Easton did awesome in soccer for his fall season! So cool to see his confidence go through the roof this year. He had 8 goals.
 And we had fun at birthday parties.
In October we started to enjoy the fall weather and events in our area. We went to the peanut festival, 
 I was offered the girl's golf coaching job, which turned out to be a blessing! As we were away at Regionals, that is when I got the call that Easton had another seizure. That was such an awful feeling not being here when it happened. Two years to the day of his last one. I hope that was the last one he will ever have to experience.
 We went to the fair,
 and boo at the zoo. Easton was a minion for Halloween this year.

 In November we found out that we were having a little girl!
 went on adventures,
 rode go-carts,
 enjoyed family time,
 and fall break,
and started to gear up for the holidays. 
Finally, in December we enjoyed Christmas parades, 
 played tennis,
 went to see Christmas lights riding the train at Sowell farm,
 enjoyed brunch downtown,
 went to zoo lights,
and had an awesome Christmas day!
This year has been a huge blessing overall for us. I have no idea what lies ahead for us, but I know God already has it planned out ♥ Looking forward to making a lot of memories in 2016 and welcoming our baby girl into our family ♥ Happy New Year!!